The Coming Elections

Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc examines polls, the Herschel Walker debate, governor elections, and Robert Reich defense of Dems on crime, inflation, and 87,000 new IRS agents.

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8 thoughts on “The Coming Elections”

  1. Vis-a-vis “Build back better” and all of the infrastructure projects that President Biden likes to speak of, it is useful to remember (or learn, in the case of liberal progressives) that asphalt is a petroleum product. And what is asphalt used for?
    Airport runways
    Footways and pedestrian ways
    Car parks
    Tennis courts
    Damp proofing
    Reservoir and pool linings
    Pipe coatings
    Cable coatings
    Building water proofing
    Tile underlying waterproofing
    Newspaper ink production
    and many other applications

  2. Victor has got things figured out, not only because he understands modern US and world politics, military warfare history, and the history of the classics, but human nature. That seems to be the linchpin that hooks it all together; the predictability of human nature which can’t be denied. It is why comedians are funny, while we all laugh at certain things regardless of our political persuasion, and I think, why history seems to repeat itself. Thank you so much Victor for your insight.

  3. Love to listen to your podcasts. Have been listening since back during your NR days.
    I want to read your articles but can’t subscribe. Don’t/won’t use PayPal. Can I use a credit card somehow?

  4. Another rock solid commentary by Victor. Much appreciated. As unsettled as things currently are socially and politically, Victor’s content and delivery help settle the mind and emotions.

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