The World in Revolution

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they talk about the Durham investigation, revolutions and revolutionaries, the Buffalo shooting, and diversity oaths in colleges and universities.

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5 thoughts on “The World in Revolution”

  1. Durham is doing what the rest of our “justice system” is so good at: dragging things on until either the statutes have run, or until our memories have faded and the criminals have another precedent on their side in their quest for unlimited power. Obama’s appointee and the D.C. jury will ensure that.
    And this will continue until it blows, which it must unless we want to live our our lives in chains.
    Patrick Henry got it right.

  2. Because you asked – I am just a layperson (no degrees but an intense interest)

    We are ‘fatheads’ / our brains require fat…Omega 3’s will shutdown the inflammation that occurred from your bout of COVID…Omega 6’s generate it (I call them the partiers and the cops – parry’s are great but the cops have to come when it gets out of hand).

    We are just a big bag of bacteria with legs (our health comes from our microbiome) eat both soluble and insoluble fiber (the insoluble feeds our gut bacteria). Slightly green bananas are great, they have Inulin. As a farmer / military historian you know the importance of fertilizing your crops and destroying the weeds – likewise – feeding your army/starving your enemy.
    Avoid all processed foods i.e. sugars/flours/refined oils/additives (preservatives, enhancers, colorings, etc)
    You might want to stop the supplements for a little while so that your body only has to deal with what you eat and the lingering inflammation.

    3 doctors that are well worth anyone’s time to listen to are:

    •Dr. Robert Lustig – Emeritus Professor head of pediatric neuro-endocrinology UCSF (he has many videos but one in particular explaining SARS, CoV-2)

    •Dr. Pradheep Jamnadas
    A cardiologist/surgeon (30yrs)

    •Dr. Alessio Fasano Boston U – he and his team discovered Zonulin (the protein that leaves the ‘drawbridge’ open – allowing/causing leaky gut.).

    I am an ardent fan, I wish you the very best. I learned that I’m a product of the Oklahoma diaspora from you :).

  3. @34:00 ff on what Joe Biden should have done in the wake of the Buffalo shootings.
    Yes, as president, he should have broadcast that message, that we are all Americans, and we should talk to one another, as Americans. Unfortunately, he is incapable of saying that. He’s a mean, corrupt person, and thinks only of his own power and enrichment.

  4. I would propose we add the term ‘devolution’ as an alternative analytical term for which we currently can only use the term ‘revolution’. What we are seeing and have been seeing in this country – and in much of the West – in the past decades is not quite revolution, nor is it regression backwards toward some familiar or imagined past, but is rather de-volution, a change neither forward nor backward but fundamentally DOWN-ward.

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