Russia, China and Other Global Players

Listen to Sami Winc and Victor Davis Hanson as they discuss and analyze recent events and policies in Ukraine, Taiwan, Cuba, Sweden and Finland.

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7 thoughts on “Russia, China and Other Global Players”

  1. James Harrington

    Victor ‘s preferred outcome in Ukraine is at least a Korea style ceasefire with status quo ante bellum. What is the endgame if the Russians won’t come to the table and bring up the fleet to besiege Odessa?

  2. Steve MacDonald

    I couldn’t agree more with your “uneasiness” with the direction being taken in the Ukraine conflict. I would add:
    1. This was a completely avoidable war. The focus on escalation rather than moderation will at a minimum, prolong the conflict. A global food crisis will be one of many results. I am not at all sure that the world at large will hold the USA & NATO as blameless as we apparently hold ourselves.
    2. Our Senate Minority Leader recently called Republicans against the $40 Billion Ukraine aid bill, “isolationists.” Clearly, the ratcheting up of immoderate and dishonest debate (like this) heightens the chance of substantial miscalculation.
    3. Any non-NATO or non-directly USA aligned country is going to be actively working at non-US$ alternatives. What will the ultimate price of this be? Will the Petro-Dollar significantly decay?
    4. The USA has minor direct national interest in Ukraine. This is not the case with Taiwan, where our interest is huge, with a potential enemy significantly stronger. Will this Ukraine involvement negatively impact our ability or willingness to help defend Taiwan?

  3. Denecker Robert

    Very primitive and hatred reactions from all sides.. ( European Union, USA and Russia) Time to negotiate!.. open the doors and stop the nonsense of punishing each other…not much has changed since the last thousands of years. The entire world is in conflict with each other.

  4. Ukraine simply cannot stand away from Russia’s Black sea fleet and their weapons depots in Russia; Russia has been directly targeting innocent Ukrainian civilians. Russia has been getting its butt kicked by Ukraine and does not dare strike at the US or NATO even if Ukraine uses our weapons. Allowing the Russians to keep any land just postpones the War again.

    1. There’s also what the European states do. Denmark’s sending Ukraine anti ship missiles whether we do or no.

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