The Westernized Anti-Westerner

What accounts for hatred of the West by people who voluntarily spent years here?

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online
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20 thoughts on “The Westernized Anti-Westerner”

  1. This is the fruit of allowing virtual all K-12 and all universities in the US be worldview propagandists for Progtard Control. The Progtard Control worldview is adolescent, self-destructive and promulgates chaos.

    If a poor soul going thru these institutions mistakenly has an inborn love in his or her heart for the worldview of Liberty’s Freedom, then that person will fail school and be removed. In his or her place will perhaps be a foreign student who will learn the Progtard Control worldview, later rise to highest positions in their foreign government, and use everything they ever learned about the Progtard Control worldview to destroy the US.

  2. Call me simplistic…. The explanation I offer is that we are seeing evil. Evil smiles and has a sweet voice. Evil looks sophisticated and dresses nattily. Evil loads the gun and helps up point it at our head.

    1. Irresistible Divine Will, The Law mandating the Souls evolutionary march over a period of inconceivable time. Hedonist, selfish, violent ideology will impede, but the Divine Will is a wave that Mankind as a whole will successfully ride.

  3. An example of this worldview fight can be had in Nevada. Our current Progtard RINO governor wants to find redemption by over-funding Progtard Education. Progtard Vegas, seeing an opening, is forcing the hand of RINO Republican Northern Nevada to inflict a Gross Receipts Tax on business, thereby ruining the state. It’s a two-fer… burn money in Progtard Toilet Ed, and increase taxes on business unto their ruin!

    Realize, that the worldview of Liberty-Freedom creates a very economical education environment. The things to learn are actually finite in number, and easily doable. Learning the multiplication table thru 12 is enough, no more is needed to confuse. On to the next math challenge. Our alphabet requires us to learn 26 letters, no more are needed. On to phonetics, never “look-see” idiotic retardation. The Gettysburg Address can be memorized, it is a short speech. Nothing is infinity complex, except Progtard Ed. (which is confounding by design, and ruthlessly cruel to all minds so subsumed.) So by comparing worldview, it is clear Progtard Ed consumes money and makes good potential rioters and cat-eating-mice-saluters of its so-called graduates.

    Liberty-Freedom worldview education is quite economical, quick and produces citizens, more like the Jedi. They love and fight for the Republic. (Progtard rube-made citizens want crazy democracy mob rule. Ugh!)

    Here is the point: Because no news agency in Nevada can explain our governor is subsumed by a worldview cult of Progtard Money-Burning-Sub-Education-Enviro-Whack-Everything… his plan to raise business taxes is simply suicide on a statewide basis. Rather, the best news agencies in Nevada argue the SIZE of business tax to feed the Progtard Money-Burning Education Beast, insuring — nay rather — Guaranteeing a rube-citizenry riot-prone.

    Sadly, no news outlets in Nevada can call out the big picture: Liberty-Freedom worldview is kind and good and beats the hell out of anything that challenges liberty or freedom or our Republic. The exact opposite: the anti-christ of all good is the mystic church-state Idiocracy of Progtard Control. So far, the Progtards are happy to see they win, because never has come the day the two worldviews are explained in the raw.

  4. Gerardo B. Reynaldo

    This article is true. But what is also true is that the State Department, many US schools and other institutions continue to accept and attract foreign students. The Fulbright Scholarship is one of them. Its core mission is the development of other countries through education of their deserving citizens. I believe that they see the value of this policy. Even if the scholars turn out to be less than friendly to the USA, the Qutbs, the Morsis and the Javids turn out to be a minority within a minority, and more of the students turn out to be assets in their own countries and promote goodwill with the USA. Are these not reasons enough to continue bringing in young people to your country?

  5. “” hillary clinton twitter””. To paraphrase— ” the clinton’s are the herpes of politics, there is no cure, only suppression”. Or jail…

  6. Well at this time it looks to be a surely free flowing ‘shooting party’ on all things ‘West’ from hypocrites who use its institutions and values to berate us interminably. I’d hope it is apparent that timidity in the face of all that is dangerous to the Western body politic.

    A few days ago the Iranian foreign minister was interviewed by Mr. Rose. A highly intelligent and educated Iranian who took from the West to ‘give’ to Iran. But it is disconcerting to know that indeed we gave him the ‘rope’ to perhaps hang us but the sad thing is that anti-Westerners know apparently much more about us than we of the enemy who pronounce from their relatively closed and autocratic societies. They then use the ‘strength’ of our societies to then inject ‘weakness’ into our affairs. It is an understatement to say that is a good ‘transaction’.

  7. What about Jordan? Abdullah and Rania have western educations and they are pretty reasonable and friendly as far as I can tell. But yeah I believe that people who are not friendly to the US should not be let in. I guess what I would say I believe you’re half right. Some people will be angered by western culture and reject it further, but some will be partially or fully converted.

  8. Westerners can no longer assume Islam is a religion of peace when the world is telling and showing us something very different. The more the left assume there is no danger to the western world from Islam and that those who kill in the name of Islam are not Muslims, the more we need to stand guard. Why? Because the left is assuring with their own actions that radical Islam is Islam.

    When terrorists are arrested the left tells us they have nothing to do with the great religion of Islam and then demand they are given a Quran, prayer rug, halal meat and be allowed to pray five times a day.

    Two Muslim males from the states try to attack civilians at a free speech rally in Texas and the liberal elite claim it was ” incitement ” by racist haters of Islam. Well, there you have it. The media will carry the TNT for the Islamists by giving them air cover for their radical causes. By not showing the cartoons in question and by saying such cartoon offends Muslims they are assuring once again that radical Islam is Islam.

    How much must we surrender to these anti Western thugs who only desire our death and destruction? Because if we don’t want to offend Muslims, we must be ready to hand over most of our freedoms in that cause. Write a book that offends Muslims, well now you asked for it. Make an art exhibit that shows the subjugation of women under Islam, you have just created one billion enemies. Teach the holocaust in European schools? You just offended Muslim students and that course must be removed. Draw a cartoon that offends Muslims, you brought it on. Stop the genocide of Christians in East Timor by Indonesian Muslims as the UN did, well they paid for it in Baghdad at their headquarters in 2003 and the Bali bombings in 2002. You see, if you don’t want to make Muslims mad and at the same time want to claim terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, each time you bend to the will of Islamists you assure radical Islam is Islam.

    1. The West w/ it’s multicultural. moral relativistic insanity, refusing to say a culture that respects free speech is superior to one that beheads you if you offend, is suffering from the sickness of hyper inflated tolerance for the intolerant. Crazy Orwellian that Pam Geller is attacked for her bravery & anti-Jihadist stand while the media defends the savage aggressors who want to silence us, submitting to Sharia Law.

  9. Mountain Maven

    Are they much different than my American born, America hating blood relatives? They never grew up past the brainwashing they got as kids thru the media and the colleges. Snotty little leftist Utopians. Most have Daddy issues. But they live like parasites off their country.

  10. “They decide that if the Americans they associate with do not defend their own culture, then that culture is not worth defending; and they eventually develop a contempt for Westerners who do not, as they do, feel proud of their own civilization.” (vdh)

    Case in point. The media’s slander against Pam Geller for courageously standing on principle for our First Amendment right, for not subjugating our constitution to Sharia/blasphemy laws, for not allowing violent intimidation to curtail the truth (the new hate speech) about Jihadists, Our enemies respect us less when we don’t stand stalwart for our cultural/Constitutional rights & identify w/ our Founding framers. Yes, wimpy, weakness provokes & the media’s kowtowing to Sharia law & the Jihadist savage aggressors who kill cartoonists only encourages more violence & tyranny against free speech, truth & our cultural heritage.

  11. Charles Gonzalez

    Jesus you people are angry….the Professor made some insightful and valuable points in his article. We have been educating foreign elites for a hundred years, and on average I will bet it serves our national interest. His point is that just because someone attends university here does not mean they morph into a Burkean/Paine lover of freedom. They are scared, jealous and intimidated by the tidal wave of individual liberty that we claim as our inheritance. It’s sacred to us, and becomes so for most who come here, just not for everyone. So the Prof is right, a smoothie does not mean a friend. I think we are grow up enough to deal with that.

  12. There is this thing called ‘stupid’. What we mostly deal with in life is simple stupidity referred to mostly as ‘kinda stupid’. ‘Kinda stupid’ undergoes a metamorphosis when a totalitarian radical religion is combined with a high level of liberal education. It then becomes ‘unbelievably stupid’.

  13. Excellent article as usual, from VDH.
    Under the same banner, another detrimental practice should be mentioned, namely, the virtually unbridled
    indeed, encouraged flow of immigrants and -theoretically- limited visa students from previous hellholes from eastern Europe and other socialist-minded nations. These people, whose views and agendas are no longer welcome in their home countries, have infiltrated most universities in parts of western Europe but mostly in the United States, generally in key administrative and professorial positions. For some reason, this trend has substantially increased in the past 10-15 years, long after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

    Many of these undesirables have been part, or their parents have been part in the failed socialist and/or
    communist experiment at home; though it must be noted that even 40-50 years ago, high level party members were allowed to send their children to western schools. Why? One needs to remember that one of Stalin’s agenda was to infiltrate American politics and education.

    And how is it important today? On one hand, the worldwide communist organizations are still following the old instruction to undermine western civilization and capitalism, and this time, very famous people with very large bank accounts help the cause. Just one example from many would be a glimpse at the Club of Rome, the Club of Madrid, and the Club of Budapest.

    On the other hand, our long-compromised university system -along with a compromised immigration system – make for an easy absorption of much the same. Whether its origins are Marxism or Islamism or anarchism, the concentrated efforts of destruction aided by our liberties will not be properly addressed, until we face the masochistic tendencies we brought upon ourselves.

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