The War in Gaza Brings Out Anti-Semitism

In this episode Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Biden’s recent speech, China’s battleships in the Persian Gulf, anti-Semitism from universities to the federal government, immigrant sympathies for a romanticized motherland, and donating to our post-modern universities.

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13 thoughts on “The War in Gaza Brings Out Anti-Semitism”

  1. Dear Dr. Victor Davis Hanson

    You are one of the most intelligent conservative…gentlemen in our generation.

    My one criticism of any of your articles is when you say you don’t understand why OBiden, Obama, Biden, any democrat would do that..regarding all the destructive things he has been doing to our country, culture, the economy, the stability of the world.

    I believe it is disingenuous for so brilliant educated and experienced a man and scholar for you to play ignorant.

    We know the democrats and Biden and all his advisors or puppet masters and are “evil” and everything they do is intentional to destroy America.

    I wish you would speak to this with authority like you do all of the topics you report on.

    1. Saying that “I don’t understand” may be a gentle or polite way to disagree with someone or it is less antagonistic than saying, “You are irrational and foolish.” It may be less hostile than saying, “You are deliberately destructive for you own selfish purposes and I resent that.”

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights. That I am able to listen to you through Truth Social is such a gift.
    My only daughter is 33 yrs and a graduate of UCSB & U of A . My only son is a veteran at 31 Sgt. USMC . I raised them by myself and gave them my best.
    At UCSB my daughter grad with honors , was in many clubs , actively engrossed in the life. Conservative club at a liberal place. At U of A that all changed . She is now on the faculty not using her degrees, well I don’t think so. She hasn’t spoke to me or her brother in 5 years. Life has been upended in my family. My mother died , weddings, her nieces born , my surgeries…, I go to sleep( very little sleep ) every night wondering what her life is and why ….
    Thank you

    1. First, I hope that Victor is able to give you a personal response to your message. Second, there is a lot of sadness in life and I hope that these feelings do not become overwhelming. I think that each person has their own griefs that no one can fully understand. Lastly, the best I can say is that God is all knowing, all powerful, and always present. He controls all things and is good. What he chooses is not always what we would want but in his wisdom and goodness, he is working out his perfect will. May God give you peace and rest. Amen.

  3. Bradley Forwell

    I think Dr. Hanson should speak with Ayaan Hirsi Ali about her concerns related to the Islamic concept of Dawa. If he does this he may better understand why many Muslims come to the West when they seem to hate the West.

    Love the show and VDH’s work.

    B. Forwell

  4. Stormy Weatherbee

    You’re wise, Professor. The duplicity and opportunism of some underdogs is what allows them to take advantage of our country. They gleefully keep count of who of their number has obtained high office in what countries and doggedly work to undermine their host countries to their advantage.

  5. Notes on Hamas:

    1. Shot 5,000 rockets into Israel

    2. Killed 1,400 people

    3. Killed 30 Americans, kidnapped 10 with 15 missing

    4. Charter is to elliminate Israel from the river to the sea (kill Jews)

    5. Coupled agenda with American Left’s Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (unite with transvestites, homosexuals, feminists, academic elites to declare an apartheid narrative in Israel)

    6. Joined DEI intersectionality of non-white, not Christian, not powerful, oppressed, victimhood against the oppressors, colonizers

    7. Anti-semitic actions are supported in the United States by the academic class, media, and Middle Eastern refugees or immigrants

  6. Notes on US debt:

    1. 33 trillion dollars ($33,000,000,000,000)

    2. 1.7 trillon dollars for this year? ($1,700,000,000,000)

    3. Solutions –

    a. Renounce
    b. Inflate currency
    c. Confiscate private wealth
    d. Reduce benefits


    American Liberals like to signal their virtue by saying, “Hate has no home here.”
    Unless it’s the Jews.
    Then Hate has its own room in their home.

    1. It’s the official bigotry of the Left.

      (Aside from white males, of course. But Jews are now honorary white people, even if they come from Syria, Iraq, or Morocco.)

  8. I have been and continue to be a supporter of Hillsdale College. I am also a supporter of another college that I suggest you investigate for your information of support.

    The College of the Ozarks, located just outside of Branson, Missouri, is a school that has three pillars as a learning institution: Faith, Patriotism and education. It is mainly a Christian School but welcomes everyone. The staff and administration is dedicated to it’s students becoming an asset
    to this country and to themselves upon graduation. The most important thing it offers though is that it offers a free education to those students who cannot afford an education but sincerely wants one. They receive a wonderful education in exchange for working full time at the school. Whether it be on the school’s farm, kitchens, laundry, restaurants etc., these students are dedicated to the school, our country and to their religion. I am not Christian but the school, its administration and above all it’s philosophy convinced me when I was there and walked the campus and spoke to the students that this school deserves my support. I have been supporting them with what I could afford for many years as I’m just an average American. But when young people are given a once in a lifetime chance for a successful future, I cannot and have not turned away.

    With schools like College of the Ozarks and Hillsdale College maybe the future of America still has a chance to lead the world again.

  9. It’s hard to keep up with your articles and podcasts, but I do my best. VDH has replaced Rush Limbaugh as my #1 goto for news, cultural analysis, and discussion of farming and living among the illegal aliens in California.

    I’m a 1959 engineering graduate of the U of Michigan, back in the good old days of education, not indoctrination. I dropped out of the alumni club in the 1990s and stopped donating to the University because of the beginning of their leftward tilt. In the 1950s, the engineering school concentrated on filling blackboards with calculus, differential equations and other ‘maths’ as needed, with nary a hint of political indoctrination. And the professors were perfectly willing to give us failing grades. I also spent a great deal of time (not-for-credit) in the music school bands. No politics or indoctrination there either. The only student ‘uprisings’ that I recall were ‘panty raids.’

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