Office Hours with Victor Davis Hanson: Part 1

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15 thoughts on “Office Hours with Victor Davis Hanson: Part 1”

  1. Michael Daughterty

    Dear Mr Hansen,
    What can be done to get the FBI to look into what is going on on the college campuses? It looks like we have terrorists groups influencing our future leaders? The FBI must be sitting on their hands based on what I see in the news. I really pray that the inactivity is not politically related!



      The FBI won’t investigate what is going on on college campuses, because the agency is highly politicized, and its worldview is that of the progressives who have taken over the academy. It’ll take a complete change in the agency’s leadership, and probably breaking up the agency to shed everything but law enforcement, which won’t occur till a conservative is in the White House.

  2. My wife and I view Dinesh DiSouza’s latest documentary last night. We had to drive 75 miles and cross the highest pass on I-5 to view it in Medford, Or., but we were glad we did. It was of a quality that we have come to expect from DiSouza.

    For those that don’t know it already its title is “Police State”. Please send a message to the deep state — view it.

    1. Admirable drive. Freezing temps nights now.
      We are heading across the 10th; med apptmts in Bellevue & Seattle.
      Saw the flick. It is very good. DB is a valuable source. So is LD.
      In fact, it’s not a good day without listening to VDH, & LD, & DB.
      85k missing kids is stunning. Someone has to have a gig going on.

  3. Notes: Successful Military Leaders…

    1. Are able to communicate orally and in writing, able to persuade and inspire.

    2. Have confidence, boldness, fortitude and poise.

    3. Make judicious decisions that advance goals.

    4. May be flawed morally and use their values to accomplish their purposes.

    5. Are visionary, have forethought, and are goal orientated.

    6. May be eccentric or different from others and can be prejudged for those differences.

    7. May be independent and have a character mix that creates conflict with others.

  4. A pastor came to candidate at my church who I objected to because of perceived eccentricities. He tended to be gruff and tough.

    One night he came to the young adult fellowship group wearing a light jacket. He was sitting down on the carpet with his jacket unzipped and I noticed what I thought was a brown colored sling across his left shoulder and I asked him if he was injured. He wasn’t hurt but was wearing a belt with a holster for his concealed handgun.

    He didn’t meet my sterotype of what a pastor should be like so when he came up for election, I voted against him. He was elected with a large majority of the congregation and turned out to be one of the finest pastors that I have ever had. He had most of the qualities mentioned for a successful military leader. He was one of the best Bible teachers that I have had and was quite visionary for the church.

  5. Dr. Hanson’s comments and characterization of Curtis Lemay are spot on. In the Vietnam War Colonel (later BG) Robin Olds was also such a character and leader. From his “illegal” handlebar mustache to his leading the spectacularly successful Operation Bolo that tricked the North Vietnamese into losing about half of their MIG-21 force, his crew force was re-energized and sparked to success after success.
    Air Force legend says that in the USAF “wing” on the Pentagon is a large glass case containing a life-sized mannequin of Olds in full flight gear. Hanging beside the case is a hammer with a sign above it instructing: “In Case Of War, Break Glass.”

  6. I wish Victor had the “moral clarity” he spoke of to support Trump now before he won the primary. It’s not pretty to see someone like him lead from behind. I get that there is no incentive to stick out his neck for Trump. But leaders lead, I naively thought.

  7. Hello VDH and company, is it possible to enlarge the print on The Blade as I read it on my iPhone 11? Thank you for educating millions!

  8. If Trump is elected in 2024 the Israelis will breath a sigh of relief. If Hamas has not yet been eradicated at that time, it soon will be.

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