The Turning Tide

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the state and study of history, Putin’s nuclear poker, the border failure, Ron DeSantis’ many fights, and Judge Mizelle’s mask mandate overturn.

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8 thoughts on “The Turning Tide”

  1. Brian O'Connor

    I love your observation that (compressed) good people can do harm.

    It is for this reason that I treasure statues of Confederate Generals who believed deep down, in their heart of hearts, the righteousness of their cause.

    That good men can do bad things serves — or should serve — as a stark warning to every individual that THEIR cause might not be as righteous as they believe it to be.

    One’s conscience is less one’s guide as one’s co-conspirator.

  2. Liberals see the horrible suffering and that Putin is totally without cause…too obvious to escape even the liberal mind.

  3. You say the Republicans are going to gain a huge number of seats in Congress in the midterms, but you also say the Democrats own California because of ballot harvesting. Why won’t ballot harvesting enable the Dems to perform better in the midterms than you project?

  4. Joseph Vasquez

    My house was born in 1870….and now I’m rebuilding…question…
    What is your preference…plaster or drywall???

    Old Wisconsin house.
    Wisconsin friends.

  5. Hunter Biden again? Is Sami planning a Lila Rose sting, infiltrating his Palace of Power beneath that jelly donut factory in Malibu? Disguised as the enigmatic Franco-Russian Madame Xenia Onnatopp, armed with a camera hidden in the rine stones of her red-rimmed sunglasses and a bottle of ruffies in her clutch, will she face off in a battle of wits as he sits amidst his cocaine chic office, man-spreading on a Venetian leather couch in his red velvet monogram bathrobe (rakeshly loose so as to show off his silver eagle chest hair)? Sami can wittily fend off his increasingly violent advances until she has secured the name of Mr. Ten Percent and then deftly dose his Hennessy and leave him sprawled in the ruins of his black lacquer coffee table with the gold embossed pyramids and pumas, a trail of donut powder smeared across his overtly sexual male Magnum PI mustache.

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