The Trumporama and Polling Big

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc examine current Trump trial shenanigans propelling the polls, voter fraud survey, the House speaker’s critics, and the strange similarity of BLM protest organization and the current protests.

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18 thoughts on “The Trumporama and Polling Big”

  1. Concerning the TRUMPORAMA, in 2016 it was the media that couldn’t let him go couldn’t let him go more free airtime millions maybe billions dollars in free advertisement. Now it is the leftist detractors themselves, which cannot let him go. Every flaming dart, every arrow, every sword they send at him bounces back in their faces, and they don’t have the sense to stop. It will be their own undoing. as the biblical premise of their thoughts will be their own tormentors, the leftist will bring demise upon themselves. But then again, I thought Mitt Romney would be the new Ronald Reagan.

  2. barbara despain

    I’m with MTG re Mike Johnson and let me tell you why. First you were very against Matt Gaetz and his attempt to get rid of McConnell. You never acknowledged that perhaps you were wrong. So until we make immediate paybacks to those like Johnson who LIED (unless I’m wrong) when he got the speaker-ship and said ‘NO more money for Ukraine until we fix our borders’, we will keep getting liars. I hear all your intellectual arguments about 1 vote out of a majority and we are toast. I’d call you an incrementalist. You want to save the country from the democrats even if it kills us in the process. I don’t. Damn full speed ahead. I’m 75…and we are where we are now because of fear. Hold on, hold on, someone (Trump) will save us the next election. Put the cards on the table, have some balls and let the chips fall where they may.
    Gaetz was my hero. And please Sammy don’t say things like (re mike johnson): I think all our listeners are with you on that (a few podcasts ago). Love your show, listen to everyone but I’d rather go down in flames now than cower for the next 10 years of my life and die with dems in control anyway. It’s not a good optic to have Johnson colluding with the democrats. He should go now! I HOPE I’m wrong!
    barbara deSpain, Phoenix
    GWP article: Hakeem Jeffries Boasts About Dems ‘Effectively’ Running House Despite GOP Majority

    1. Barbara, with all due respect, how about we win an election first! How about we win the Senate? How about we get a big majority in the House? How about we win the White House with a Congress that can actually do something? Or is it just better to cut our noses off to spite our faces? Yeah, let’s go down in glorious flames and leave the battlefield to the Left for another term that will insure we never win another election. It is time for soberness and strategic thinking. If you hand the Left the gun that “we can’t govern”, they will surely use it. Every move made in the next few months should always be weighed on whether or not it will help us win the election. The rest is noise.


      If you think that Johnson lied when he said “No more money for Ukraine till we fix our borders”, then you have little or no understanding of how the House works, or our government. Johnson can promise to work to prevent spending on Ukraine till we fix the border, but he has no power to make that happen. He must get the votes necessary to pass a bill in the House. That means he has to negotiate; he can’t just order people to do his bidding.
      And even if he can get the necessary votes to pass a bill to fix the borders, it has to pass the Senate, which we do not hold, and then Biden has to sign it.
      It’s a sign of how bad civics education has deteriorated over the past 60, 65 years, that so many Republicans and conservatives today get mad about that the Speaker can’t just wave a wand and make happen whatever they want happen.

    3. Barbara,

      I share your frustration with the House Republican leadership. As MTG has said, Mike Johnson has no spine and lousy negotiating skills. Like his predecessor, Johnson has been just one more pathetic disappointment. For some reason neither of these men can muster the courage to act like true opposition leaders even when they are dealing with a weak, unpopular president and his disastrous agenda. Why is he funding Alvin Bragg and his atrocious show trial of Donald Trump? Why did he renew the FISA legislation that has led to the unconstitutional surveillance of many Americans and has gifted the corrupt FBI with a $200 million dollar new building? Why does he wax eloquently (and rightly so) about the disgusting anti-Semitic riots on many of our college campuses but is mute when it comes to securing our own border? Why is he going along with trillions of dollars in borrowed spending when he supposed to be a fiscal conservative in charge of the congressional purse strings?

      While I agree that it would be unwise to replace Johnson before the November election, he does need to go if, God willing, the Republicans retain the House. Just like the blubbering John Boehner – “We only control 1/2 of 1/3 of the government 😭” – and the disgraceful Paul Ryan (he refused to pass any legislation other than tax reform during Trump’s first two years in office when we controlled both the House and the Senate, and then just sat in n his hands for 8 months) there has to be a way to hold…

    4. …worthless leaders who fail to perform and meet expectations. The British would call this simply a vote of no confidence and the necessary adjustments would be made. This happened most notably in 1939 when Winston Churchill saved Britain from the Nazis and in 1978 when Margaret Thatcher saved Britain from the Looney Left.

      If we want to save our country from the Woke Left then we must demand more from our elected leaders, much more.

  3. If Trump wins, there won’t be revenge, as the bully whiner’s are projecting. But there will be a reckoning. Deservedly so. It’s a natural process to restoring the justice system. You really can’t have one without the other.

  4. Soros is confirmed to be financing the riots again with $7-$8,000 same as the long ago Portland riots.

  5. As a disinterested person to the Israel/Hamas war or whatever it is, I found it interesting why the initial crackdown on the protestors were so harsh, and they were condemned across the board — by the fake new, bipartisan government, and so-call conservatives.

    Remembering the summer of love in 2020, they should have given a pass. Something very fishy. Could this be a prelude to shut down any demonstration should Mr. Trump loses a 2nd stolen election? Hmmmm.

  6. Victor are you deranged or just stupid? Johnson was just endorsed by Nancy Pelosi!!! By Jeffries!!! They are behind him because he is giving them everything they want. He wants to stay speaker and will give the left the entire agenda to do so. Pelosi would never have allowed bills that damaged Democrat interests to get to the floor . Johnson, with far let support, has now done so 3 times. Johnson lied when he took the gavel and said NO FUNDING BILL WOULD GET PASSED WITHOUT CLOSING THE BORDER! He is not conservative Victor. No conservative would vote for the government to be able to spy on an American without a warrant. Johnson did just that. I think it is you who is not the conservative. You have become 100% uniparty swamp and your support for this two faced lying uniparty loser is evidence of that fact


      That’s almost a candidate for the Angry Reader section. Ad hominem attacks, using caps for virtual shouting. You’d just need to add some profanity.

  7. Democrats endorsing Johnson demonstrates how cannily they play on Republican outrage at their own people. They play their enemies like fiddles. Fail the purity test by recognizing pragmatic reality and it’s straight to the stake, and the Dems will happily help you build the pyre. Win the election! Figure it all out when you have the power to actually do something.

  8. Thomas O'Brien

    VDH, no problem if the statute of limitations is in effect on the 2020 rioters once the conservatives finally regain power because the rioting was during the Covid pandemic. So, just pass legislation to extend the statutes; just as the left did with Trump. Easy peasy. You have said in this podcast and have written in some of your blogs ” he, she, or I could care less”. This is a common misstatement by the hoi polloi, but I am gobsmacked that someone with literary accomplishments would also misstatement this common expression. For it to have the intended meaning desired one should say “could NOT care less”.

    I suspect this is a carry over from your youth that was entrenched enough so as not to be culled by all your impressive years of scholarship. Just though, as a huge VDH fan, I would point this out to you.

    1. Thomas,

      In writing “the hoi polloi” you have used two definite articles.

      But don’t worry. It’s a common misstatement.

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