Inside the Prism: Protests, Advice and Bad Politics

Listen to the Friday news roundup. Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss handling the pro-Palestinian protestors, Blinken’s advice to Hamas, and the truth behind US support for Ukraine.

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5 thoughts on “Inside the Prism: Protests, Advice and Bad Politics”

  1. Barbara Kenedy

    Thank you Victor for articulating the reality which is so distorted in the everyday media.
    I graduated from Smith back in the 50’s and then unhappily watched that college transform itself into the radical DEI school it is today.. Of course I stopped giving to the alumnae fund back in the 90’s. I was unable to awaken my fellow classmates to what I was seeing.
    Do you believe the downward trajectory of our country can be stopped?

  2. Donald Crouch

    Thank you, you speak the truth. I feel sad that the America I grew up in is gone and will never return. I am a 100% disabled Navy veteran and 78 years old.

  3. I enjoyed reading The Dying Citizen and am encouraging others to read it. A long read but very in-depth and most likely very prophetic. It should change the public perception of “citizen” as well as several other concepts.

    I also enjoy your podcast as well as your TV interviews.

  4. Hey Victor, as a fellow California farmer and now Idaho resident I greatly appreciate your wonderful stories and insight. I thought I might give you some insight regarding MTG and MAGA views on speaker Johnson. Our mind set is that we cannot be represented by people who are not America first. We will not tolerate working with Dems without any push back on the border. Republicans need to grow a set and show us they are willing to fight even if it means shutting down the government and forcing some changes! Johnson is sharing power with the Dems, we feel we cannot wait for a greater majority to act, it must be now.

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