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The Traditionalist: Special on Afghanistan

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the current events in Afghanistan.

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4 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Special on Afghanistan”

  1. The whole of the military and intelligence apparatus of the United States (ya’ know, that stuff us silly taxpayers pay for) has been turned against anyone who didn’t vote for Joe Biden. All the top brass and spooks have come out of the woodwork and declared Trump voters as the enemy: “the greatest threat we face as a nation,” “terrorists,” “riff raff,” “white supremacists,” “losers.” racists,” you get the point.

    As such, they are to be surveilled, hounded, fired, marginalized, culled from the military and, if necessary, put into re-education (read: concentration) camps.

    Okay, we get that, but here’s the thing. At the same time, the sons and daughters of these people, many of whom are currently being held in solitary confinement, will be asked to put themselves in harm’s way to prop up the Biden regime and help ensure Kamala Harris becomes our next president.

    Sense a disconnect yet? The sons and daughters of the deplorables–the bad guys–are to be roused once again to put it on the line. No kids from Martha’s Vineyard, the Upper West Side, Loudoun County, San Mateo County, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, etc., etc. No children or grandchildren of our ineffable “elites”–Pelosi, Harris, Bush, McConnell, Clinton, Obama, Zuckerberg, et al. will be volunteering any time soon. And neither will my grandkids.

  2. I was so angry seeing all those Afghans running to the planes. Anonymous people to be flown to safety and comfort. No Americans or Europeans in sight. NO ONE should have gotten on before all Americans were out. I am enraged. Biden says Americans get no priority!!! They are now hostages behind Tban lines. And when did it become policy to resettle these people in America? Maybe 50,000. Why didnt they follow their president to the UAE? Or go to Pakistan. They didnt want to stay and fight. There’s about 300,000 Tban and millions of other Afghans. Why couldn’t they defeat them IF they wanted to? People have fought for centuries without the help of military air power.They would rather go to a cushy Western country, with a society and culture that they could not create in 10 lifetimes. We can expect terrorism, knifings, subsidizing them and more. Our country is turning into a dump with people who dont go through the immigration process. Citizenship and subsidies handed to them. AND, then from the comfort and safety of our society, some will start complaining, lamenting, attacking us. Stating that we ruined their beloved country. The country they couldn’t get out of fast enough, before any Americans.

  3. John Manspeaker

    Deterrence, a basic element of the Natural Order: a rattlesnake’s clattering warning; a skunk stamping it’s feet; a dog’s growl. Also a vital tool of Nations in the international sphere. Eight months in, it seems the Biden Admin is not content to run multitrillion dollar budget deficits, it is also actively pursuing a Deterrence deficit.

  4. Mr. Victor, you are absolutely right about what happened in south Vietnam after the war
    My family was one of the victims of the North Vietnamese

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