VDH UltraHistorian’s Corner: Ten Easy Ways to Unwind a Nation In Just A Few Months

Part Four: Steps 9-10

Erase Customs and Traditions

Ending a nation requires discrediting its past. Start with Year Zero reinvention. That is, 1776 and 1787-9 are no longer our foundational dates. Instead 1619, a made-up date supposedly when the first African-American slave stepped onto North America, marks the foul birth of the now despised country, which is to be stripped of any noteworthiness of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Make saluting the flag, singing the National Anthem, or even waving an American flag a counter-revolutionary act. Topple statues, in escalating fashion, from those of Confederate generals to any old white males in general, to discredit further the idea of a complex but positive American past.

Transform sports into Soviet-style ideological triumphalism. I mean not just that we expect some of our Olympic or professional athletes to virtue signal their hatred of the US, but in addition we assume the entire sport industry, from the announcers, to the players, to the coaches, to the marketing is all to be politicized and drafted into the greater service to Woke.

No one escapes the Sovietization of our past. Take one of the most leftwing documentary makers, PBS’s Ken Burns, who came into popular notice with a wonderful film series on the Civil War. I suggest that such a landmark historical documentary could not be made today. Narrator Shelby Foote and others would have been cancelled. The Union cause would not have been allowed to be so uniformly praised, or the Confederate cause cast as tragically ruinous, instead the latter would be portrayed as simply one-dimensionally racist. Period. There could be no nuance, no difference between a James Longstreet and a Nathan Bedford Forrest, no lamentations for all the fatalities of the bloodbath at Antietam.

The entire cargo of the Civil Rights movement has been obliterated. Think of it: “Content of our Character”–buried. Assimilation, Integration and Intermarriage—taboo. Nonviolence—passé. Uniters like Martin Luther King, Jr.—never really woke. Affirmative Action as a temporary aid—counter-revolutionary.

As Orwell warned, those who control the present reinvent the past in order to control the future.

Question All Elections

If I were to unwind a nation, I would demand that half the voting take place outside of Election Day, either by early or mail-in balloting or both. I would ensure the usual ballot rejection rate (e.g., 4-5 percent) of such non-Election-Day voting (e.g., due to improper addresses, incomplete or inaccurate names, mismatches between registration and ballots, late postmarks, ballot harvesting, etc.) dropped to .4-.5 percent. I would demand that voters be freed from presenting IDs, given voting is far less important than boarding a plane, cashing a check, or buying a car.

Better yet, I would enlist crony capitalists to flood preselected key precincts with hundreds of millions of dollars in voting “aid,” to warp turn out and the collection of ballots. I would certainly try to nationalize all state balloting laws, circumvent the Constitution, and run the 50-state voting process uniformly from a centralized Washington DC.

More importantly, I would make it a thought crime to question the legitimacy of an election–unless one was a progressive who was convinced the true vote was never cast, due to the “isms” and “ologies” of suppressionist conservatives. Indeed, I would go the full McCarthy and insist post-election employers ask their staffs, “Have you or anyone whom you know ever questioned the validity of a vote count, and if so, when, where, how, and among whom?” If a nation cannot trust its elections to be run transparently, efficiently, and promptly, then its entire governance is simply a construct. Or perhaps voting laxity is a revolutionary movement that sees democracy and voting as mere road bumps to collectivized utopia.

A final question: were these past few months just a crackpot, failed leftist experiment, or a predetermined and successful inauguration of our socialist future, or an exercise in nihilist anarchy with no rhyme or reason, or a nightmare that was never real, as we are still unknowingly dreaming all this up in our sleep?

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6 thoughts on “<span class="ultra-flag"><i class="fas fa-lock"></i>VDH Ultra</span>Historian’s Corner: Ten Easy Ways to Unwind a Nation In Just A Few Months”

  1. Thank you Prof. Hanson for your precise insight in these challenging times. I enjoy watching Turner Classic Movie (TCM) because of the cinematography, drama, tamed violence and language. However, in this wokeness (a word I still can’t explain to an 8-year old) cancel culture, I expect someday to hear the host says, “We were scheduled to bring you the film, “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – Director John Huston has just been cancelled.”

    I have a recalls sign on my front lawn for the local school board and the state governor. I’m going to fight this “nightmare” until the true Americans wake up.

  2. Catherine Leonard


    Dear Victor, Have followed you for over a year, read two of your books, etc. In short, I’m a fan.
    I attached the link, as I found the information presented by Dr. Peter McCallough to be both credible and fascinating. I would love to hear your take on it. I hope you can give it some time, perhaps not now but later?
    Thank you for your diligence.

    1. Thank you for sharing. You piqued my interest, so I clicked the link to view it. And what do you know… Youtube removed the video for violating its content policy. Typical.

  3. New member here. I met Dr. Hanson the week after Trump’s election when he, among too few others, voiced optimism toward the Trump presidency. Perhaps nothing should scare us more than hearing distraught pessimism towards our nation’s future from a classical historian who understands all too well that nothing is guaranteed to last forever. Does the American spirit which defied tyranny nearly 250 years ago still exist in enough souls to course-correct? Are enough of them even aware of what we’re up against? Are political solutions still viable?

  4. Your American Civil War analogy is spot on. I would agree there is a difference between General Longstreet and NBF, though there is nuance within nuance-these men, nor any other men, are simple 0’s, and 1’s, we can appreciate parts without throwing out the whole. I can only imagine what that superb documentary would look like today. One thing is for sure-Shelby Foote (if alive) would be out, the artistic value would have been scrubbed, and it would likely be unwatchable. We are ruled by the champagne and oysters on the Potomac crowd of 1862. Unfortunately it is worse, instead of lethargy and inactivity for the enemy, they are fully invested in defeating the country in which they fight for. .

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