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The Traditionalist: Investigations of John Solomon

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

Join Victor Davis Hanson as he interviews investigative reporter John Solomon on the investigations of FBI misconduct, Hunter Biden’s computers, the Clinton uranium deal, and the whistleblower plus Vindman and more. It’s an exhaustive conversation. Listen in.


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6 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Investigations of John Solomon”

  1. On the one hand, Solomon casually dismisses voting machine irregularities as kraken-fueled conspiracy theories, while on the other he tells us that those same voting machines allowed people to vote for both Biden and Trump over 5000 times. Why would a voting machine allow a person to cast an illegal vote? It’s because of reporting like this that some of us are left with more questions than answers and find conspiracy theories more plausible.

  2. I never understood the praise for John Solomon. He investigates issues that other people find and then digs for a couple years & reports on it long after people no longer care. He finds a little tid bit & everyone oohs & ahhs about it, while all around him are breaking real news every day.

  3. I find it interesting that VDH seems to think that we had anomolies in the election from changed procedures. No apparent curiosity on the extreme resistance to audits & examining the machines. Having spent a significant part my life preparing audits, I find this suspicious. The reluctance to examine what should be a process that is openly evaluated does a disservice to our country. I think we know that crime occurs when there are no clear consequences or controls. At the same time, VDH clearly thinks that we are in the middle of an attempted Marxist take over. Does he think election fraud is a step too far for Marxists? Wouldn’t now be the most prudent time of all to insure election integrity?

  4. I’d love to listen but the feed keeps cutting out when my screen goes dark and I have to go to my phone to start it again.

  5. Please discuss:
    Republican party must unite to win elections…..Establishment gop(Romney cheany..etc..)must join trumpsters(matt etc)to even have chance…No more in fighting!!!!

  6. He knows what others dont…Spending all our effort on nov3rd..will cost us 2022 and 2024..Maga people in Georgia were told to withhold vote to punish candidates for not dealing with nov 3rd…and it cost us Georgia and the ENTIRE SENATE!!! Focus on election 2022and the war for 2024!!!Then go after the rinos etc…VERY IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON ELECTIONS…DEMS IN TROUBLE!!!

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