Are We in a Revolution and Don’t Even Know It?

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

Institutions are being absorbed not just by the woke apparat, but by an array of ideologies that seeks to destroy them. 

The collective madness that ensued from the pandemic, the quarantine, the self-induced recession, the George Floyd killing and subsequent months of exempted riots, the election year, and the resurgence of variants of the Chinese-engineered coronavirus, all ignited the fuse of formerly inert socialist dynamite. And the ensuing explosion of revolutionary fervor in just a few months has made America almost unrecognizable. 

“Workers of the world unite!” was the old Marxist internationalist war cry. The perceived enemies of coerced socialism were nationalism— and the idea of singular countries defined by borders containing unique citizens legally distinct from mere migratory residents, and sharing ties and traditions that transcended race and class. All that is now problematic. 


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3 thoughts on “Are We in a Revolution and Don't Even Know It?”

  1. How do I (or “we”), the common sense- clear thinking conservative, voice our rage at the stupidity (sorry, too emotional) – the lack of substantive reasoning that pervades our current administration?

    How do we rationally awaken the rest of America to see the House, Senate, and White House are three sandwiches short of a picnic?


    Advice welcome.

  2. This is nothing new. Human beings, created in the image of God, and yet living in rebellion to God are constantly warring against each other. This is what comes of having trust issues with God. The only solution is to receive the only One, Jesus, who could make us new and clean. Becoming sons and daughters of Father.

  3. The Democrat Leadership has worked on the divide and conquer of American society since the 60’s & before, taking small bites of our American Dream to promote a communist platform. We can’t seem to be able to stop the destruction within our schools at every level, our borders are wide open and now we are bringing another Culture that will not be vetted. We are being invaded by Cultures that have to depend on our systems. Stand up America and be counted 🇺🇸Maverick

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