The Traditionalist: Damned If You Do…

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson speak with cohost Jack Fowler on Afghanistan, Cuba, class and the Left’s real lack of reality. Can the lack of connect to reality of racialism go on? At the end, they discuss Hunter as blackmail artist of his own father.

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7 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Damned If You Do...”

  1. I remember reading once that during the late Empire Roman fathers would cut off the right thumb of their sons to keep them out of the legions.

  2. Herbert Clark

    Would it be possible to estimate the contribution to border security if every sheriff’s office in the United States, with a staff of patrol officers in excess of 50 sworn personnel, would loan and fund the dispatch of one (1) officer to the state of Texas for 6 months to bolster security, arrest illegal aliens and drug traffickers. Could that number approach 5,000 or10,000 addional staff? Could the state of Texas hire retired military personnel and deputize and arm them with the usual protections from lawsuits for actions taken while “on duuty”? How about someone (like you), with your research capability and following, propose such a movement. Seeing as how the party currently in office seems primarily interested in (providing) a near endless supply of maids, gardeners, wait and hotel service workers to our desperate nation. I fear for the future of our republic and the rule of law – especially in the far west and northwestern states. I have always admired your learned comments. Maybe its time to become a man-of-action. Just a thought.

  3. Do we have a chance to recover from this disaster that is going on today with the administration that has taken the White House? Even is the Republicans take back the House next year soon enough to recover from this or is it going to take a Republican president?

  4. I am just so tired of the lies. Thank the Lord there are still some beacons of truth – So thank you Dr. Hanson. As a beleaguered Catholic we are getting to say like St. Thomas More: ” I die a faithful citizen of the U.S. but of a citizen of the City of God first”.

  5. Michael B Roche

    VDH speaks with such clarity on major issues of the day. He helps keep many of us optimistic. Love VDH!

  6. Ed Christensen

    Soon the Cuban’s will stop coming here since the liberals and administration seem to want to make us into that failed state. That’s one way to stop immigration, make it worse than what they are leaving. Hopefully brighter minds will prevail and they will stop the border invasion we are dealing with. Otherwise we will have to wait for the mid-term election to boot the neo- lib’s out on there assets, they have been allowed to play the system for far to long. And it is now plainly apparent why you have to have sanity/reason taking the lead in government not feelings and supposed social justice. If MLK was still with us he would be chastised by the Woke crowd when he had to remind them that true justice requires character. The woke crowd doesn’t seem to care about character only themselves and it is growing more readily apparent all the time. How to fix this problem at this point, well if the mid-term and next presidential election don’t make these idiots go away for at least a full generation or two. There’s always a 2nd way out of it, I’m reminded of the saying, “It’s easy to embrace socialism, it’s harder to blast your way out of it. Nuf said!

  7. HasTheTimeCome?

    It seems we are nearing the tipping point whereby militias from many assorted states will rally to the border, fully armed and provisioned for the duration, and take matters into their own hands. Our Constitution would support defending the homeland from invasion so when the it gets real, really real, and the bullets begin flying, lawyers will be able to effectively argue that the federal government abdicated it’s responsibility and citizens were forced to take extreme action. The 2nd Amendment would seem to provide the legal coverage for such combatants.

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