Democrats No More

J. Michael Jones // Getty Images

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

In the old days, Democrats had predictable agendas, supposedly focused on individual rights, the “little guy,” and distrust of the military-industrial-intelligence complex. 

The Left, often on spec, blasted the wealthy, whether the “lucre” was self-made or inherited. The old-money rich were lampooned as idle drones. 

If the rich were self-made, they were deemed sell-outs. A good example was ’70s pop icon Jackson Brown’s “The Pretender,” whose lyrics railed about “happy idiots” who “struggled for the legal tender.” 


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1 thought on “Democrats No More”

  1. george carlton stalker

    please excuse if this is directed to the wrong address, I want to send a thought to VHD but could not find an appropriate address , please, if possible pass this to Victor.
    My point is:
    Don’t you think that the current woke agenda is very similar to the Mao’s Cultural Revolution, with iphones being “waived about” instead of Little Red Books?
    The Mao led elite and consequently his misses with the gang of four were eventually displaced by and alternative elite and this might be the solution to the woke movement.
    I thing you are mistaken to assume there is only one elite in America, there are two elites, maybe more, the elite which can, through the various political protest systems, form the ballot to militant revolution includes yourself,
    and such Tom Sewell, Niall Ferguson, (may I add my compatriot Nigel), just carry on doing what you guys do best and for sure, “right” will triumph.
    Best wishes, and thanks, Carl.

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