The Same Old, Same Old Déjà Vu

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

Attorney General Merrick Garland has just announced the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith.

But Smith’s team will not look into the Biden family quid pro quo syndicate nor its incriminating confessionals on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Instead, it will further investigate Donald Trump’s possession of presidential records that were hauled off from Mar-a-Lago, as well as his purported role in the January 6 “insurrection.”

We know the script that will follow because we suffered through it for 22 months and spent $40 million for it under Robert Mueller’s special counsel team.

First, the Smith investigation will bear no resemblance to special counsel John Durham’s probes. The media ignored Durham. His team did not leak to the press. And neither a Washington, D.C. nor northern Virginia jury was ever likely to convict any perceived enemy of Trump.

Second, upon the announcement of Smith’s legal staffers, the media will grow giddy that their résumés portend another “dream team,” “all-stars,” or “a hunter-killer team.”

Puff pieces will blanket the media. They will attest, just like “good Ol’ Bob Mueller,” that the former Obama Justice Department public integrity unit lawyer Smith is “an old hand,” “tough but fair,” “nonpartisan,” and a “prosecutor’s prosecutor.”

Weeks into the investigation, the New York TimesWashington Post, CNN, or MSNBC will darkly inform their audiences that “unnamed sources close to the investigation tell us that “a bombshell” is about to go off.

Perhaps the “stunning development” will be similar to the fake “walls are closing in” scoop about the conspiratorial pinging in Trump tower from the Alfa Bank in Russia, or the “game-changer” Christopher Steele-fed, pee-pee, Moscow hotel room fable.

Yet one thing that will be different this time around is that the Biden Administration is in power. Attorney General Merrick Garland remains an unapologetic, embittered partisan. He is fresh off siccing a now-weaponized FBI on school kids’ parents and various MAGA enemies of the state.

After two prior failed impeachment trials, a failed special counsel’s investigation, and a failed and biased January 6 committee probe, Washington government lawyers know that their last and only Wile E. Coyote chance of catching the Roadrunner and now presidential candidate Trump is to get at least something into the hands of a Washington, D.C. jury.

We also know the script of the 2024 election from the last two elections. Election Day 2024 will be an afterthought. Election Night will be an introduction to Election Month.

Sudden ballot “drops” will start pouring in during the wee hours. Voters who went to bed watching many Republican candidates with sizable leads will awake to magical Democratic “comebacks.”

We will again suffer through early voting, mail-in voting, ranked-choice voting, and majority-only voting. The more who vote, the more we will be warned of “voter suppression” and “election deniers.”

“Get out the vote” left-wing, electronically fueled projects like this year’s “Mind the Gap” involving Sam Bankman-Fried’s family, or Mark Zuckerberg’s 2020 $419 million de facto absorption of balloting collection in key precincts, will merely be replaced by new names.

There will be new, even richer virtue-signaling billionaires. But otherwise, the same old Silicon Valley-Wall Street font will vastly outraise pathetic Republican efforts.

Unfortunately for Americans, the 2024 economy will likely still be wounded by nearly four years of inflation. High-interest rate correctives will still have choked off the housing market.

Unemployment and stagflation will still be termed “transitory.” Growth will continue to be slow but dubbed “steady.” High gas and energy prices will be near permanent but “coming down.” A wide-open border will still be termed “secure.” Talk of historic crime rates will still be “racist.”

Joe Biden will still shake imaginary hands, talk of passing legislation through the Congress that he bypassed with executive orders, and still claim gas was $5 a gallon when he entered office. Fact-checkers will ignore all that mythology and still obsess over Republican “lies.”

The left-wing nexus will still warn of back-alley abortions that threaten millions of women, of children still likely to die if “Mega-MAGA” voters win, of yet another January 6 in the wings, and of the dangers of “semi-fascist” Donald Trump.

There will be more pre-election October surprises, such as the spurious narrative that the man who assaulted Paul Pelosi, David DePape, was a captive of right-wingers. Who knew that the hemp-jewelry maker, illegal alien, nudist, and resident of a BLM/Pride-flagged commune was supposedly addled by “un-American” Trumpism?

There will also be more post-election, November surprises—like the mysteriously sudden discovery just days after the voting that Sam Bankman-Fried was a multibillion-dollar con artist and huge Democratic Party donor, and the appointment of special counsel to investigate Trump.

Who would have known that prior to November 8, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago presidential papers proved neither “nuclear secrets” nor designed for his personal sale after all?

Yet the only mystery will be why Republicans will still be shocked by déjà vu.

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26 thoughts on “The Same Old, Same Old Déjà Vu”

  1. Yes, “the only mystery will be why Republicans will still be shocked by déjà vu.” Is there any chance they will take advantage of a House majority to investigate the Biden syndicate and FBI, DOJ, IRS crimes against America? Certainly the media buys by woke democrat billionaires is a massive roadblock to electoral rationality. Could the House consider equally massive taxpayer funding of other parties’ ads at election time to counter the Democrats’ massive propaganda machine ads? Including their cynical primary promotions of lesser parties’ candidates to ensure easy Dem wins in elections? Actually, why couldn’t the House go for Open primary debates (all parties), Final Five elections, and Ranked-Choice or Approval Voting to encourage voters to think carefully about all rational candidates in any election? Finally, the rest of us are thankful today for all your deeply researched rational thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It’s like watching the old Meadowlark Lemon- Curly Neil led Harlem Globetrotters (as the Democrats), cheat, mock and laugh their way to another preordained victory over the Red Klotz -led Washington Generals, those hapless, straight-laced, dupes the Republicans play so well.

  3. Well, it looks like Republicans, some at least, are already dreaming up excuses for not providing a suitable response to the Left’s on-going assaults. It’s becoming comical theater.

    Many of these same individuals readily come up with multiple reasons to not form a new political party in light of the weaker horse in the race. It makes me wonder at times whether the Union is beyond the Founders’ admonishment. Their repeated pattern is boring.

    Prof Hanson’s writings on our nation’s passages are an oasis in this desert.

  4. Dan Bongino says the reason for the Red trickle is Americans just aren’t hurting enough. Just as much as we want Republicans to win for reasons like common sense and greater adherence to the Constitution, we don’t want America to hurt more. We want a good life for our children and grandchildren.

    Maybe the future will be as Professor Hanson predicts, more of the same. But maybe the future will bring more hurt. What if violent gangs of illegals form, organized in secret by Leftists? What are their free cell phones for? What if the Dollar goes full Venezuela or 1923 Germany? We refuse to be that pessimistic. It’s not our nature. Who can imagine more smash and grab. More shooting. Riots and martial law. What kind of comeback would be possible then?

    So Professor Hanson’s vision of the future isn’t so bad after all. Things might be worse but we hope not.


      “We want a good life for our children and grandchildren.”

      Excellent point. Most people follow that part of human nature that craves security at any cost, even at the cost of personal liberty.


      “Just as much as we want Republicans to win for reasons like common sense and greater adherence to the Constitution, we don’t want America to hurt more…”

      You overlook the fact that the Constitution IS America. America “hurts” because we started moving away from adherence to the Constitution, when the progressive movement first achieved real power under Wilson. And I don’t mean just strict adherence to the Constitution, but the values it represents. We long ago passed the point Franklin implied when he said, “A republic, madam, if we can keep it.” We are no longer the virtuous adults the founders thought of as necessary for a republic to succeed. We’re the adolescents on which tyrants thrive.

      We should just take our soma and go to the feelies, and Our Ford will take care of us.

  5. This reads like a menu downloaded from the future, or a reprint of the menu from the past. That’s my “fancy” way of saying: Yep!

  6. Michael Faraday’s prayer was on the internet mid 2021 and now it seems to have been wiped.

    “Lord, help me to think only of others,
    To be of use to mankind.
    Help me to be part of the great circle that is your work and love,
    Lord, I am your servant.”

  7. Enjoyed this article. Big fan of your critical thinking but believe your articulation could be improved and have greater impact by being more punchy, memorable and action oriented.

  8. Lady Justice had been sneeking peeks under that blindfold or decades. Within the past decade the blindfold has slipped further and further down. First it was just a sliver of an opening as Lois Lerner targeted conservative 501c groups. A little more so Eric Holder could ignore a congressional subeona. Another slip as Clinton’s plane parked next to Lynch’s to discuss their “grandchildren”. Then it fell off one eye completely as the taxpayers got a $40M bill for a bogus investigation into a known fake dossier. Half the other eye was uncovered while a sitting president gets impeached over a phone call; remember when a blue dress could not get a conviction?
    The blindfold has been tossed into the waste bin since 50+ so called Intelligence officials and the media lay cover for a candidate’s criminal dealings; which may turn out to be treasonous acts.
    Professor Hanson may have presented the only solution to getting that blindfold back on Lady Justice. It is time to get her out of the DC swamp and place her somewhere in middle America. Justice cannot be served while she resided in the crime infested DC quagmire.

  9. Shirley B Gohner

    Huge problem for Republican party is Democrats control:
    – Virtually all media except Fox
    – 5 out of the 6 largest “social media” platforms
    – The largest search engine on the planet
    Good luck tying to get your message out.

  10. The Republican controlled House must use their slim majority in a two-pronged approach:

    1. Pass common-sense legislation that 80% of the public support. They have a lot of options from which to choose.

    2. Meticulously, fearlessly, and most of all convincingly, blow the lid off some of the many Biden and Obama treasonous scandals. Only this will awaken the complacent masses.

    Here again, they have many options from which to choose for these investigative targets.

  11. Republicans thought common sense would naturally prevail in the recent midterm elections, especially given the daily shocks to the flesh of stubborn inflation, high gas prices, and rampant crime.

    Results, however, fell far below expectations. Why?

    (1) They were vastly outspent by their opponents. This meant that hack incumbents could pretty much coast on auto pilot and either do minimal campaigning or sit out the election entirely.

    (2) The Media and most of the social influencers of our society are rock-ribbed progressives who promoted lies (eg. Anyone who questions election results is just parroting dangerous rhetoric) and suppressed the truth (eg. The frightening scope of the Biden’s DOJ/FBI corruption). This meant winning messages such as returning to energy independence and developing our own abundant resources were either drowned out and rendered moot or became lenticular images that scared voters into believing they would be literally destroying the planet.

    (3) The Republicans’ failure (yet again) to play the nascent ballot harvesting/voting month game with just as much skill and cunning as the Democrats do. This meant that despite having a raft of winning issues they could only eek out a razor thin majority in the House.

    (4) Mitch McConnell AND Donald Trump withheld money in key races – eg. Arizona. This meant if you were either unwilling to kiss the ring of Don McConnell or foolishly trusted your orange mentor you were SOL.

    Are we approaching critical mass?

    1. You are exactly right. Our(Rs) biggest problems are our so-called leaders. We need people who are smart and cunning- not go along to get along. Seems like this is beginning to happen outside DC, but I hope the pace picks up. Otherwise I fear we will be too late

    2. “Orange mentor” really? You reduce the one person who has suffered the greatest attack in American government history and reduced your evaluation to a poorly thought out comment. I make no apologies for supporting the one president who demonstrated excellent judgment for four years with American interests and the Constitution first. While I agree with much of what you write I think DJT and a strong VP choice such as Sen. Ron Johnson, would begin to set us back towards a restorative course in 2024. I like DeSantis and believe his run will be best in 2028.

  12. Professor Vic I hope you’re feeling better, until the state laws of early voting is reversed the shenanigans will continue with the early morning shift of ooops another Republican loss.

    1. It’s my hope that VDH beats this illness. I worry about those that believed in the jab. For those that don’t know what is happening to the vaxed I suggest going to Rumble and watching Died Suddenly. My prayers are with you

  13. There is too much money in the hands of politicians. DC has become fat and happy and this is leading us to terrible places. At one time, politicians were paid a salary and begged the public for additional support on campaigns. Citizens United changed all that. Now, politicians are funded through corporations. They offer favorable regulations, in exchange for money. When this funding runs out, they stick the public with endless bills for foreign wars or political investigations.

    Waste, fraud and abuse used to be the mainstay of American journalism… but not anymore. Now, DC grabs the corporate and tax money and decides which media sources it will fund. Journalists gladly take the money to be quiet about unsavory topics (waste, fraud, abuse aka corruption). Hence, there is no ethical wall left, between journalists and their funding. This loss of ethics has changed everything. Corruption is everywhere and it is leading to our downfall. The media is merely complicit in the politicians fall from grace.

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