The Culture of Wealth and a Selma Thanksgiving

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for talk about Thanksgiving in Selma. First, they explore the recent case of Samuel Bankman-Fried and Klaus Schwab’s remarks at the World Economic Forum.

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26 thoughts on “The Culture of Wealth and a Selma Thanksgiving”

  1. Prof. Hanson, the audio has been difficult on your side. Mr. Fowler’s audio is fine. You sound garbled and like you are in outerspace.

  2. I am “addicted “ to VDH !!!! He teaches me all day long as I listen to him through my hearing
    Aids!!! That way I never waste a moment of driving, cooking, dressing…! He has my attention. And he is the wisest person I know! Thank you!!!!!!

  3. I just listened to Victor’s latest: the Culture of Wealth. For those of us who dwell on his every word it was a painful experience. In the future please pay better attention to the quality of Victor’s microphone. His precious words were muffled and garbled and difficult to listen to. There’s got to be some “expert” nearby that can clean this glitch up. Jack’s end was much clearer.

  4. Appreciated your Thanksgiving story, there is a huge chasm in society and in young peoples development with the loss of that experience. The result is a degenerate misfit like SBF raised by 2 Stanford leftists emulated because he funds leftist causes. Watch to see if AG Garland criminally charges him, I doubt it , but if so , he will be sent to a club fed. The guidelines for a fraud this large should be on the madoff level (25-life) , but because of who he donated money to (laundering to Dem causes). He will get a slap on, the wrist.

  5. This podcast seems to be a very important one (they’re ALL important!). The elite have plans for everyone; If they can just get rid of the US constitution and that annoying concept that the rights enshrined within it come from God, and can’t be taken away. Night and day the world works to get around that: flood the US w people who don’t believe that. Change it to a “living/breathing” doc. How about a global govt w power over the US? Change the courts/use their systems to take their systems down. Corrupt them. Play the long game w/a 1000Y plan/we’ll never fire a shot. Corrupt their children. Infiltrate the government & education matrix. Buy them. Bribe them. Drug them. Starve them. Sicken them. Kill their crops. Hurt them. Destroy US culture & history. Take away their God. The elite have plans for everyone. Happy Thanksgiving from SC y’all!

  6. Barbara Humphreys

    I’m sure Mommy is just so proud of her son. My, the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree! Will she and hubby suffer the indignities that Scott Atlas or Jay Bhattacharya or their colleagues were put through for speaking truth publicly? No, no chance. Where is the Stanford faculty outrage? Will SBF get Jeff Skilling treatment? Not one chance in hell.

  7. Victor, you brought back great memories of Thanksgiving past where as a boy, we had an army of relatives around the table. This was also true on Christmas in that I married into a Hispanic family and we made tamales by the dozen of dozens. We would then drive around and drop them off to relatives, and friends. We still make them (Tamales) but on a small scale now.
    I fear the the multi family nucleus is lost in this age but those past Thanksgiving’s were great.

    Mark from Colofornia

  8. This only second best to my afternooncoffe klatch with my geezer buddies3 old farmers in there 90s 3 occasional college professors,a truck driver and guy who for a time worked as boiler guy and school custodian.and me a former pharmacist among other undertakings….insight,humor,mostly conservative. Victor would fit right in and you too,Jack.

  9. Thomas Churchill

    Sammy has repeatedly told VDH not to move too much as it creates unbearable audio. I was so pissed. This was a significant podcast, and someone should have paid better attention to it! VDH talking about generations of old are compelling as they teach lessons many could use today.

  10. Easy for me to be a back seat podcast producer…but…I can enthusiastically say without any doubt or hesitation, I would have easily made the decision to not publish this podcast because of the poor audio. Period.
    Jack? Sami? Everybody? Circle up and have a meeting so this doesn’t happen again. Period. And as for you Professor Hanson?
    Invite them for a quick visit to your wood shed! That’ll fix it!😉
    Love to all!

    Justin Ryan
    Lagrange KY

  11. Some excellent information here as usual. Perhaps you guys can redo some of these points again due to the garbled audio.

    I am very thankful for the work you all do.

  12. Dear Mr. Hanson

    I have learned so very much from your great podcast. The way you present the information is so clear. Many of my questions have been answered.

    I have been discouraged since the 20’ election. If we are saved as a nation, it will be because of you and others like you.

    I pray for you every day.

    I voted in my first presidential election in 1964 for Barry Goldwater. The left did the same thing to him.

  13. Michael Fleharty

    Audio is terrible. I can’t understand what is being said. Jack’s audio was fine. I would like to hear the broadcast over again because I missed almost all of it.

  14. Is there a way to fix this recording? I couldn’t understand VDH. Audio was garbled for most of the recording. I really wanted to hear VDH’s wisdom over this Thanksgiving weekend.

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