The Outsiders: Against the Mainstream

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss upcoming Republican debate, Oliver Anthony’s persecution, the pathology of being Joe Biden, and appointing special counsel Weiss.

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14 thoughts on “The Outsiders: Against the Mainstream”

  1. Charles Carroll

    About two weeks ago I heard a conservative pundit warn about Vivek Ramaswami, that we had better watch him closely. Is he faking the love-starved conservatives? He lost me when he said that we need to decrease the money we give to Israel and give it to Arab countries, instead.

    One thing that Victor does that frustrates me incredibly, is to ask OBVIOUSLY disingenuous questions, e.g., Why wouldn’t X want to know the truth about Y? Because they are not interested in the truth, in supporting America, etc. They are interested in winning in order to retain/expand their power. How can you not know that?

    1. He lost me at the same time. Up to then, I was impressed by his ‘promised’ policies. I’m just naive enough and jaded enough to both hope for the promises made by politicians to be kept..and know that they won’t be.


    Regarding pronouncing Ramaswani’s first name, it’s the sound used for the letter “e” found in many of the European languages, Professor: “vih-vayk”, with the accent on the second syllable. Like “Weh” in German, or “Que/Che” in Spanish and Italian.
    Not sure if that’s native to Hindi, or how else “e” came to be pronounced that way in a Hindu name. But by his own explanation, it’s “vih-vayk”.

  3. I’d like to see Victor address the angle that hundred of prosecutors would be watching the debate, where it is more likely he might say something at variance with “whatever” so they could get perjury cued up.

  4. Victor and Jack please change your music on your intro and coming back from commercials, it is loud and annoying. Love the discussions.


      Is it the tune itself, the “Garyowen”, that you don’t like, or is it simply the volume of the recording?
      It’s far better as a theme song than that goofy tune used in Sami’s segments. That tune sounds like the intro to a children’s story hour show.

    2. Being hard of hearing and having an adequate computer, for me, it would be good if they kept the volume of their broadcast up and even make it louder.

  5. I have great respect for VDH but now that it’s the day after the debate, DJT’s skip was genius. Vivek is now 2nd and stronger and the rest are irrelevant. Millions have and are watching Trump/Tucker.


    “Homophones” is the word you’re looking for, I think, Professor. Words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. “see” and “sea”, for example. Though his title line, “Rich men” and “Richmond” isn’t a true homophone, just a rhyme.


    As far as answering listeners’ comments goes, it’s always, iTunes, iTunes, iTunes! How ’bout reading a comment now and again from us folks who are loyal members of the website? What are we-chopped liver?

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