Actually, Joe, All Your ‘Objectives’ Were Failures

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

“Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we’ve failed on. Name me one, in all of our history. Not one!”

-President Joe Biden, August 16, 2023 

Joe Biden in one of his now accustomed angry “get off my grass” moods dared the press to find just one of his policies/objectives that has not worked. Silence followed.

Perhaps it was polite to say nothing, given even the media knows almost every enacted Biden policy has failed.

Here is a summation of what he should instead apologize for.

Biden in late summer 2021 sought a 20th anniversary celebration of 9/11 and the 2001 subsequent invasion of Afghanistan. He wished to be the landmark president that yanked everyone out of Afghanistan after 20 years in country. But the result was the greatest military humiliation of the United States since the flight from Vietnam in 1975.

Consider the ripples of Biden’s disaster. U.S. deterrence was crippled worldwide. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea almost immediately began to bluster or return to their chronic harassment of U.S. and allied ships and planes. We left thousands of allied Afghans to face Taliban retribution, along with some Western contractors.

Biden abandoned a $1 billion embassy, and a $300 million remodeled Bagram airbase strategically located not far from China and Russia, and easily defensible. Perhaps $50 billion in U.S. weaponry and supplies were abandoned and now find their way into the international terrorist mart.

All our pride flags, our multimillion gender studies programs at Kabul University, and our George Floyd murals did not just come to naught, but were replaced by the Taliban’s anti-homosexual campaigns, burkas, and detestation of any trace of American popular culture.

Vladimir Putin sized up the skedaddle. He collated it with Biden’s unhinged quip that he would not get too excited if Putin just staged a “minor” invasion of Ukraine. He remembered Biden’s earlier request to Putin to modulate Russian hacking to exempt a few humanitarian American institutions. Then Russia concluded of our shaky Commander-in-Chief that he either did not care or could do nothing about another Russian invasion.

The result so far is more than 500,000 dead and wounded in the war, a Verdun-stand-off along with fortified lines, the steady depletion of our munitions and weapon stocks, and a new China/Russia/Iran/North Korean axis, with wink and nod assistance from NATO Turkey.

Biden blew up the Abraham accords, nudged Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States over to the dark side of Iran, China, and Russia. He humiliated the U.S. on the eve of the midterms by callously begging the likes of Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and Saudi Arabia to pump more oil that he had damned as unclean at home and cut back its production. In Bidenomics, instead of producing oil, the president begs autocracies to export it to us at high prices while he drains the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve for short-term political advantage.

Biden deliberately alienated Israel by openly interfering in its domestic politics. He pursued the crackpot Iran Deal while his special Iranian envoy was removed for disclosing classified information.

No one can explain why Biden ignored the Chinese balloon espionage caper, kept mum about the engineered Covid virus that escaped the Wuhan lab, said not a word about a Chinese biolab discovered in rural California, and had his envoys either bow before Chinese leaders or take their insults in silence—other than he is either cognitively challenged or leveraged by his decade-long grifting partnership with his son Hunter.

Yet another Biden’s legacy will be erasing the southern border and with it, U.S. immigration law. Over seven million aliens simply crossed into the U.S. illegally with Biden’s tacit sanction—without audits, background checks, vaccinations, and COVID testing, much less English fluency, skills, or high-school diplomas.

Biden’s only immigration accomplishment was to render the entire illegal sanctuary city movement a cruel joke. Given the flood, mostly rich urban and vacation home dwellers made it very clear that while they fully support millions swarming into poor Latino communities of southern Texas and Arizona, they do not want any illegal aliens fouling their carefully cultivated nests.

Biden is mum about the 100,000 fentanyl deaths from cartel-imported and Chinese-supplied drugs across his open border. He seems to like the idea that Mexican President Obrador periodically mouths off, ordering his vast expatriate community to vote Democratic and against Trump.

Despite all the pseudo-blue collar dissimulation about Old Joe Biden from Scranton, he has little empathy for the working classes. Indeed, he derides them as chumps and dregs, urges miners to learn coding as the world covets their coal, and studiously avoids getting anywhere near the toxic mess in East Palestine, Ohio, or so far the moonscape on Maui.

Bidenomics is a synonym for printing up to $6 billion dollars at precisely the time post-Covid consumer demand was soaring, while previously dormant supply chains were months behind rebooting production and transportation. Biden is on track to increase the national debt more than any one-term president.

In Biden’s weird logic, if he raised the price of energy, gasoline, and key food staples 20-30 percent since his inauguration without a commensurate rise in wages, and then saw the worst inflation in 40 years occasionally decline from record highs one month to the next, then he “beat inflation.”

But the reason why more than 60 percent of the nation has no confidence in Bidenomics is because it destroyed their household budgets. Gas is nearly twice what it was in January 2021. Interest rates have about tripled. Key staple foods are often twice as costly—meat, vegetables, and fruits especially.

Biden has ended through his weaponized Attorney General Merrick Garland the age-old American commitment to equal justice under the law. The FBI, DOJ, CIA, and IRS are hopelessly politically compromised. Many of their bureaucrats serve as retrieval agents for lost Biden family incriminating laptops, diaries, and guns. In sum, Biden criminalized opposing political views.

Biden has unleashed the administrative state for the first time in history to destroy the Republican primary front runner and his likely opponent. His legacy will be the corruption of U.S. jurisprudence and the obliteration of the American reputation for transparency permanent government that is always above politics, bribery, and corruption.

If in the future, an on-the-make conservative prosecutor in West Virginia, Utah, or Mississippi wishes to make a national name, then he has ample precedent to indict a Democrat President for receiving bad legal advice, questioning the integrity of an election, or using social media to express doubt that the new non-Election-Day balloting was on the up-and-up, or supposedly overvaluing his real estate.

The Biden family’s decade-long family grifting will likely expose Joe Biden as the first president in U.S. history who fitted precisely the Constitution’s definition of impeachment and removal—given his “high crimes and misdemeanors” appear “bribery”-related. If further evidence shows he altered U.S. foreign policy in accordance with the wishes from his benefactors in Ukraine, China, or Romania, then he committed constitutionally-defined “treason” as well.

Defunding the police, and pandemics of exempted looting, shoplifting, smashing, and grabbing, and carjacking merit no administrative attention. Nor does the ongoing systematic destruction of our blue bicoastal cities, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. All that, along with the disasters in East Palestine or Maui are out of sight, out of mind from a day at the beach at Biden’s mysteriously purchased nearly 6,000 square-foot beachfront mansion.

Biden ran on Barack Obama-like 2004 rhetoric (“Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America).”

And like Obama, he used that ecumenical sophistry to gain office only to divide further the U.S. No sooner than he was elected, we began hearing from the great unifier eerie screaming harangues about “semi-fascists” and “ultra-MAGA” dangerous zealots, replete with red-and black Phantom of the Opera backdrops.

What followed the unifying rhetoric was often amnesties and exemptions for violent offenders during the 120 days of rioting, looting, killing, and attacks on police officers in summer 2020.  In contrast, his administration lied when it alleged that numerous officers had died at the hands of the January 6 rioters. In addition, the Biden administration mandated long-term incarceration of many who committed no illegal act other than acting like buffoons and “illegally parading.”

The message was exemptions for torching a federal courthouse, a police precinct, or historic church or attempting to break into the White House grounds to get a president and his family—but long prison terms for wearing cow horns, a fur vest, and trespassing peacefully like a lost fool in the Capitol.

Finally, Biden’s most glaring failure was simply being unpresidential. He snaps at reporters, and shouts at importune times. He can no longer read off a big-print teleprompter. Even before a global audience, he cannot kick his lifelong creepy habit of turkey-gobbling on children necks, blowing into their ears and hair of young girls, and squeezing women far too long and far too hard.

His frailty redefined American presidential campaigning as basement seclusion and outsourcing propaganda to the media. And his disabilities only intensified during his presidency. Biden begins his day late and quits early. He has recalibrated the presidency as a 5-hour, 3-day a week job.

If Trump was the great exaggerator, Biden is our foremost liar. Little in his biography can be fully believed. He lies about everything from his train rides to the death of his son to his relationship with Biden-family foreign collaborators, to vaccinations to the economy. Anytime Biden mentions places visited, miles flown, or rails ridden, he is likely lying.

Biden continues with impunity because the media feels that a mentally challenged fabulist is preferrable to Donald Trump and so contextualizes or ignores his falsehoods. Never has a U.S. president fallen and stumbled or gotten lost on stage so frequently—or been a single small trip away from incapacity.

So, yes, Biden’s initiatives have succeeded only in the sense of becoming successfully enacted—and therefore nearly destroying the country.


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71 thoughts on “Actually, Joe, All Your ‘Objectives’ Were Failures”

    1. 👍 Thanks for spelling everything out so eloquently that is often on my mind. I appreciate your dedication to sharing the observation you have made and the details that I don’t have but suspect.

      May God Bless America,

      “Without God, there is no virtue, because there’s no prompting of the conscience. Without God, we’re mired in the material, that flat world that tells us only what the senses perceive. Without God, there is a coarsening of the society. And without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure.” – Ronald Reagan

      “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under.”
      Ronald Reagan

      When I was newly a programmed adult living in my own in a state that declared itself a sanctuary state, I felt bad for the persecuted that we were told to welcome I to our country, but something in me questioned, “what happens to a country that you don’t vet and acclimate into your country? What happens when you bring people who have much lower standards for Truth and morality. What happens when you allow people in who want to kill you for your spiritual beliefs? They don’t acclimate that isn’t the goal. Then a society that has been programmed to feel bad for those who hate what America stands for. How great America is and wants to destroy the strength of the constitution.

      It takes strong and courageous people to stand up and fight for freedoms and liberty for all. But US citizens dont know much about their history, their rights, or the consti

  1. With respect for one of the greatest minds of the 21st century….

    And yet he received over 81 million votes in the freest and fairest election ever. Wake up and smell the coffee Dr Hansen. If you chose to write ( however accurate and brilliant it is/you are) about anything other than election integrity you are participating in a distraction. Look, over there, a shiny object. When is enough enough?

    1. Lew,
      Your failure to even spell Victor’s name correctly (it is Hanson, not Hansen) illustrates your ineptitude. I will grant you Biden probably got 81 million votes. I am absolutely convinced (and so are the majority of Americans) that this was NOT the “freest and fairest election ever”.
      The 2020 election was a debacle and the resulting presidency has been even worse.

    2. You can’t really believe that? As technology becomes incorporated into voting, so do new opportunities for corruption (corruption having always existed). The simple fact is, were it not for Covid, Trump would have skated to re-election.

      1. LeRoy Wayne Clark

        The breadth of the corruption suggests otherwise. Aside from the evidence of corruption, the left skated along the edge of legality sometimes dipping into straight illegalities. Possbily covid allowed the corruption to hold sway, possibly they would have had sufficient irregularities to take the seat without additional anomalies. Witness D’nish D’Souza’s documentary’s cell phone tower patterns in addition to videos of ballot stuffing in the wee hours of the night.

      1. Charlie that is for damn sure. They stole the ballots and illegally sent them in and counted them!! We were duped! They are preparing as we text for the next round of corruption in 2024 I am sure. What a sad state of affairs for this country. God help us.

    3. Yep, enough is enough. If you believe that 81 million actual, separate people voted for Joe Biden, YOU believe in the tooth fairy. There is documented evidence (may I say “Incontrovertible proof” without fear of being accused of plagiarism) that many of his votes were bogus. Blinders off!

      1. Ray & Jerry & Mike & Steve & Bob & Charlie & Charles & Pasquale,

        First apologies for spelling Dr. Hanson’s name incorrectly.

        Second my comment was facetious. Sarcastic too. I believe that with the status quo in place it will be very difficult for anyone with an R beside their name to win 270 Electoral Votes. Ever again.

        Third, a plea that election integrity become a major & ongoing theme on this site.

        1. Thanks for clarifying that your post was sarcasm. I’ve learned that writing sarcasm (as opposed to speaking sarcasm face to face with another person) can lead to confusion. When writing sarcasm, it is wise to give a sarcasm alert. You still make your point without alienating your allies.

      2. 80 million + one… Biden voted for himself. Sorry I wasn’t sure if I should have included him in the walking dead count or not.

    4. This article is more entertainment value than it is into the real hard nosed reality check we’ve been given. The fact is that nobody is going to show up to the polls thinking they’re getting a fair election unless they wave a banana around because that’s what this next election is going to be and it’ll be so predictable that you won’t even be able to finish with setting your watch.


      “And yet he received over 81 million votes in the freest and fairest election ever.”

      That only proves that people don’t pay attention. No mature, sober adult who has followed Biden’s public career could have voted for him.

      That 81 million voters voted for Biden also proves that we long ago passed the point Ben Franklin meant when he replied to Mrs. Powel, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.

      A postscript-the election may have been free, in that no one was coerced. But it wasn’t fair. Read Mollie Hemingway’s “Rigged”.

    6. so, lew, I guess you’re just a lot smarter than the rest of us right-wing deplorables. but, gosh, I find it difficult to believe, aside from the massive evidence of election fraud, that a guy who spent most of the campaign year hiding out in his basement, had difficulty putting together one coherent sentence absent his prompter, and the few “rallies” he held had trouble drawing more than 100 people, actually received more votes than any president in history? but that all makes perfect sense to you.

      1. Steve, I was being facetious. What part (& I paraphrase) of ” if it’s not about election integrity it’s a distraction” makes me a condescending twit?

        I post here frequently, almost always make the point ” if it isn’t about election integrity it’s a distraction”

        Please reconsider your rather harsh judgement.

  2. “Bidenomics is a synonym for printing up to $6 billion dollars…”

    Trillion dollars, professor. Trillion.

    “The Biden family’s decade-long family grifting will likely expose Joe Biden as the first president in U.S. history who fitted precisely the Constitution’s definition of impeachment and removal—given his “high crimes and misdemeanors” appear “bribery”-related…”

    Not a single Democrat will vote for impeachment or vote to convict. Not one. Democrats don’t care plus they need to maintain Watergate as the standard of corruption.

    1. Nixon’s Watergate hotel mess isn’t even close to the level of corruption the Biden family headed by Joe have been able to accomplish. I agree with the professor, treason should be the charge against Joe and Hunter Biden. But that would require a DOJ that is not as corrupt as the Bidens, that unfortunately does not exist.

  3. Marvin L Weaver

    One thing on his agenda that he successfully has done right, his screwup entire United States, and brought fire storm on Donald Trump. Everyone knows this is the truth.

  4. There is a difference between what we might hope the Left’s objectives are (or what they claim they are), and the reality. Power is their only objective.

  5. The Democrats are often flummoxed by how unpopular Biden’s policies are, and they argue that people just need to understand at how successful he’s been in implementing them. However, it’s that success that makes them unpopular. As people have come to understand that Biden envisions a largely poorer society controlled from the top down, they want less and less to do with it. Biden won because enough people were sick of Trump and thought that in Biden they’d get a sleepy old man who’d sit in a rocking chair and drool. Had he done that he’d have an 80% popularity rating. As it turned out, he (or perhaps his minions) decided that they are going to transform us, and about half of us don’t want to be transformed.

  6. That what’s been happening under Joe Biden for the last two and a half years – Obama warned us, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

    Meanwhile, the evidence and witnesses to Joe’s involvement as Obama’s VP with the family’s lucrative foreign business dealings continues to pile up. It’s becoming unsustainable IMO.

  7. Identifying all of Joe’s objectives as failures omits those objectives not discussed. Their war on fossil fuels in America, for one, was/is quite successful.

  8. To say that Biden has failed to meet any of his goals assumes that his real goals were the stated purpose. Perhaps his actual goals in many cases were the exact opposite – to bring down and destroy our country. It reminds me of polls that say something like “68% of Americans believe our country is on the wrong path.” That statistic could include a high percentage of liberals who believe we are not liberal enough. Without knowing the actual polling question or the real goals of a program, claims of success or failure are useless.

  9. TELL IT LIKE IT IS, Professor Hanson!  All your shots make a tight group within the “X” ring.  Surely, history will record this man as the very worst POTUS in American history.  This Essay is a Hanson Classic.
    I see RED when “Whispering” Joe  leans into the microphone and whispers to us with his sneering, condescending smile that his Bidenomics are working…..
    I give that notion a Loong, Loud, Echoing and Reverberating BS!  This man is working hard to destroy America and  I think that most hard working American families will agree.


  10. I asked chatGPT to give a reasonable rebuttal to VDH’s article.

    Anybody reading this knows that these are not my viewpoints, but it is instructive to understand how the left-minded robot “thinks”. The response is in multi parts.

    ==== Rebuttal ===

    Certainly, here’s a reasoned rebuttal to the points made in the article:

    1. **Afghanistan Withdrawal:** The withdrawal from Afghanistan was undoubtedly challenging, but it was based on a long-standing bipartisan agreement to end the war. The difficult situation was exacerbated by the Trump administration’s deal with the Taliban. While the immediate aftermath was chaotic, the administration swiftly evacuated thousands of Americans and Afghan allies.

    2. **Foreign Relations:** Biden’s approach to international relations has aimed at restoring alliances and multilateral cooperation, which were strained during the previous administration. It’s essential to view the diplomatic efforts in the context of long-term goals, not just short-term outcomes.

    3. **Economic Policies:** The article criticizes Biden’s economic policies, but it’s important to note that the economy’s recovery from the pandemic is a complex process. His administration has sought to address inflation and supply chain disruptions through various measures, showing responsiveness to economic challenges.

  11. 4. **Justice System:** The assertion that Biden criminalized opposing political views lacks substantial evidence. His administration’s focus on justice reform and equal treatment under the law aligns with a commitment to uphold constitutional values.

    5. **Administrative State:** It’s crucial to differentiate between holding individuals accountable and targeting political opponents. If there’s credible evidence of wrongdoing, it’s the duty of law enforcement to investigate, regardless of political affiliations.

    6. **Immigration:** While the article criticizes immigration policies, it’s worth considering that comprehensive immigration reform is a complex issue that requires legislative action. The situation at the border has been a challenge for administrations of both parties, and solutions require cooperation across the aisle.

    7. **Bipartisanship:** The assertion that Biden’s presidency has led to further division contradicts his calls for unity and his efforts to work with Congress on issues like infrastructure and COVID relief.

  12. 8. **Media Treatment:** It’s a generalization to claim that the media portrays Biden’s statements inaccurately. Media outlets provide diverse perspectives, and public discourse includes a range of opinions on his policies.

    9. **Personal Attacks:** Criticizing Biden’s behavior and mannerisms detracts from substantive policy discussions. Focusing on his ability to lead effectively and make informed decisions is more relevant.

    10. **Overall Assessment:** While no administration is without its challenges, it’s important to consider the broader context of each policy decision and its intended long-term impact. It’s also worth acknowledging areas where progress has been made and where more work needs to be done. Blanket statements about destroying the country oversimplify the complexities of governance.

    In evaluating any administration, it’s important to have a balanced and nuanced perspective, considering both successes and areas for improvement.

    1. I feel like like all of these responses from chatGPT will soon be in the KJP handbook, and at some point soon will be repeated!

  13. Billye Miles-Seale

    “The Lord saw that the wickedness (depravity) of man was great on the earth, and that every imagination or intent of the thoughts of his heart were only evil continually. The Lord regretted that He had made mankind on the earth, and He was [deeply] grieved in His heart.”
    ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭6‬:‭5‬-‭6‬ ‭AMP‬‬

  14. Billye Miles-Seale

    At this point in time, the members of the “Democrat”-ic Party are particularly egregious in their corruption. Citizens must wake up and stand up against all corruption. I am praying for a mighty movement of the Holy Spirit across our nation.

    Thank you, Professor Hanson, for so clearly articulating what we are facing.

  15. Biden is the biggest embarrassment this country has ever seen, and perhaps the biggest criminal. He can’t speak a coherent sentence and is in no way leading the country. He has been successful in hardening his opposition and dividing the country, finding innovative ways to lie about everything. And he is certainly incapable of responding to a question without a prompter. He has a hard time staying on his feet and riding a bike. He does his best work while on vacation; he should just stay there.


    I hate to disagree,, but I’m afraid I must. If you consider Biden’s* actions by the lights of the activist-Left animating the Biden* presidency, then Biden* has achieved a lot of his policy goals.

    If you believe, as the Left does, that the US is too powerful and intimidating on the world stage, then then the clumsy witdrawl from afghanistan is just the thing to degrade the aura of invincability the US military cultivated. The stacks of military equipment left behind function as generous back-channel contributions to the Afghan cause to show them we are friendly because of course they will return out generosity. Further back-channel aid would be forthcoming via the practice of paying ransom for hostages so of course US citizens had to be left behind to be ransomed. And third-party efforts to extract them had to be harassed, shut down where possible and otherwise minimized. as we have seen the US State dept do.

    If you believe as the hard-Left does, that the US is flawed from the beginning and the only way to fix it is to burn it down and start over, every effort across a borad range of issues will be made to wear down support for the status quo and ultimately destroy it. Inflation does this, as does defunding the police, as does the Left exploitation of transsexuals. Transofrm the US into something so ugly nobody wants to save it when the time comes to burn it down.

    The same reasons we think Biden* is failing are reasons he is successful in his own world.

  17. I feel deep empathy and anguish for our increasingly burdened “establishment” media. Consider the increasing demands on selectivity and ingenuity they face. They must find more and more ways to ignore or avoid, dismiss or minimize, spin or ignore mounting anomalies to their beleaguered ideological narrative.

  18. I feel deep empathy and anguish for our increasingly burdened “establishment” media. Consider the increasing demands on selectivity and ingenuity they face. They must find more and more ways to ignore or avoid, dismiss or minimize, spin or recast mounting anomalies to their beleaguered ideological narrative.

  19. Thank you Victor for another excellent summary of the failures and corruption of the Left. It is astounding that most of the news media do not cover these events. This lack of coverage reveals their mindset and the destructiveness of our times. (Romans 1:18-32)

  20. Spot on Dr. Hanson! I recently spent a week with a family member that has diametrically opposite views of President Biden. He is so far down the liberal rabbit hole that he refuses to distinguish fact from fantasy and gets heated when presented with the actual record of what Joe Biden has said (lied about) in the past, and has done in his 50 years in government. In his world, Joe Biden is the source of everything noble and good in the country, and Trump is the source of all the country’s troubles and woes . In other words, Orange Man bad – Joe Biden good. He, refuses to research the record, and like so many of his ilk are blinded by the mainstream media (MSNBC, CNN, NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, etc.) who attack Trump and shield Biden.

    I am thankful for your viewpoint and writings, as they assist me with articulating my position with those willing to respectfully and honestly debate the issues facing our country. Sadly, many in my family refuse to discuss, let alone debate, my thoughts/opinions on policy matters pertaining to Trump vs. Biden…

  21. Don’t forget rallying against usuary laws and encoraging predatory lending, forcing Obama to embrace gay marriage and openly defying the teachings of Jesus Christ all the while claiming to be a devout Catholic. He is the true King Merdis turning everything he touches into pure s..t!

  22. “All our pride flags, our multimillion gender studies programs at Kabul University, and our George Floyd murals did not just come to naught, but were replaced by the Taliban’s anti-homosexual campaigns, burkas, and detestation of any trace of American popular culture.” VDH

    That is hilarious. Obama was right Joe Biden is the master at f-ing things up. He is single handedly destroying the Woke agenda. Racism and sexism were their first claims of the moral high ground, but these have been weakened because America is not a racist or homophobic society. Now, the Marxists have turned to global warming, as their core position. If they can convince us that we are evil doers, hell bent on living in a robust, modern society, then they can take away our power and leave us in the dust. Biden is unconvincing however. His arguments are weak and counterproductive. He has no science to back up their claims and people have become skeptical of their intentions. In the end, Biden is destroying the Marxist game plan, of building a hierarchical society run by the priestly elites. Watching this disaster unfold is a beautiful thing.

    Biden nearly fell down a set of stairs today.
    Tomorrow, his managers may ask him to cross a busy 8-lane highway.

  23. I love reading Mr Hanson. If having long covid does this kind of work then we all need a dose.
    We truly have a ruined country and when someone like VDH puts it to words we can only ask God or mercy. Its definitely not the same American of only 25 years ago. My only disagreement is that this should be laid at the feet of woke and voting americans. These people cannot ruin our country without many on board. Thanks again. I read and listen regularly .
    C. M

  24. One disagreement here, the Afghanistan surrender was worse than our withdrawal from Viet Nam in 75. Similar, but worse.

  25. “The more he proclaimed his honesty, the faster we counted our silverware.”
    Or words to that effect…

  26. Limited Government

    Joe Biden doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on in this country. Obama is on his third term and busily accomplishing his “Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America.” We either get Trump in 2024 or we’re done.

  27. “Bidenomics is a synonym for printing up to $6 billion dollars…”

    Yes, it was trillions. No it was not printing dollars, it was borrowing of dollars.
    VDH has repeatedly shown himself ignorant of mathematics, science, and economics.

    Fiscal decisions are made by Congress and involve borrowing through the issuance of debt.
    Monetary decisions are made by the Fed, which creates reserves, i.e., printing money.

  28. James Howard Sherrard

    The upcoming Presidental election will be looked at from both sides, the election of the lesser evil. I think both men are only supported within their party by 33% It may be another election cycle in 2028 or even later before Presidental politics returns to some kind of normalcy. By then both OLD men will have aged out, or in a home playing checkers.

    1. The “lesser evil” scenario will definitely play out, UNLESS one of the other Republican candidates can get the nomination. In a hypothetical head-to-head poll, Nikki Haley beat Biden by 6%.

  29. So, is 2025 looking any better because technically, Trump should be finishing out his last term in office next year and technically, we the voter voter him in fair and square only to have it all taken away from us by co conspirators in both party or should I say the same incestuous molded party. Well, all that’s past and nothing has changed other than Americans remaining stupid to the fact we’re the sting, not Trump or the clowns who puppet around him.

  30. The only objectives that Mr. Biden has succeeded in are those that are not permitted by the Constitution, from which he derives his power. Sadly, there are not enough patriots within the beltway – at least, not in positions of power – to keep a tyrannical movement in check.

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