The New World Disorder

To Obama, the retrenchment of the West was not only inevitable but to be welcomed.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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6 thoughts on “The New World Disorder”

  1. As long as we have a delusional megalomaniac in the Oval Office in the likes of Pres. Obama, who seems to be convinced that the cosmos re-calibrates its drift to the next equilibrium by taking an inventory of the pulse of whimsies that happen by between his ears, there is no hope for our universe to attain any kind of harmonious stability. The only hope for humankind is to be rid of this abomination sooner than provided for by the laws of the land.

    Unfortunately, he already has successfully transformed America into a nation of eunuchs and castrati and the preponderance of low information voters just about guarantees there is no relief for the weary American people any time soon.

    1. Obama pointedly appointed an all-woman, more “sensitive” foreign policy team:
      Clinton, Rice, Power, Harf, and Psaki.
      Products all of liberal educations bemoaning U.S. imperialism, militarism, sexism, Islamophobia,
      Israeliphilia etc. etc.
      Their demonstrated self-appointed mission for a President more concerned with birdies than
      geopolitics has been to take their country down a notch.
      As secularists, their determination has been to deflate the power of the Judeo Christian West
      in favor of Palestinians, predictably first blaming Americans for Middle Eastern strife while
      in policy apologizing for terrorist groups like Hezbolah and Hamas.
      Re Iran, the US has retreated from any confrontation, and their nuclearization is a necessary concession to these women’s antipathy to Israel, as evidenced by their boss’s disgust with
      No clearer look at the State Department’s intentions is needed than observing Ms. Clinton’s dismissal of Benghazi.
      More troubling is the fact those running our foreign policy, knowing both Iran and Isis were on the ascendancy, made two decisions that may prove fatal to their guilty country:
      1) they favored Muslim Brotherhood control of Egypt, which would have completed a
      black-flagged crescent for ISIS sympathizers stretching from Turkey to Libya.
      2) they favor a nuclear-armed Iran next to a disciplined Israel.
      The party line to avoid “Boots on the Ground” has been blindly extended to avoid arming Syrians and Kurds willing to fight for their countries against those Iran funds as proxies.
      The beheadings Obama’s women quietly witness are on their watch, and are a portent of things to come.

  2. Removing Barack Obama from office, by whatever means employed, will not solve the problem presented by the people who elected and re-elected him. Never forget: Democracy is the best means yet devised for ensuring that people get the government they deserve.

    1. Correctamundo! Some Americans thought getting rid of Kennedy would change the trajectory of progressive politics. We got the “great society”. Even with Nixon we got the creation of the EPA and other expansions of government. Removing Obama from office does nothing long term. There is no silent majority left to stem the tide of bigger and bigger government. Cut out all welfare, ALL GOVERNMENT WELFARE, require 6 months bootcamp from all citizens before being allowed the right to vote and mandate term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court. This would go a long way towards repairing our society and country.

  3. For several years this thesis has been proffered by many pundits including Dr. Hanson. It will continue to be appear in print and the broadcast media for many more years. The thesis is spot-on.

    For all the hyperbole that the world is a quagmire because of President Bush the reality is that an idyllic world only exists in Obama’s mind and the minds of the mediocre people Obama finds to employ in his administration.

    The West has managed the quagmire that is the human condition to the point that Americans enjoy a life of liberty, education, health, wealth, and safety unimagined by Hobbes when he wrote mans’ life is “nasty, brutish and short.”

    Life in America will deteriorate as the world returns to being more nasty and brutish.

  4. Professor Hanson’s comments on water, California, immigration, debt etc show that the people of the US no longer have any real control over events in their own country. Why would anyone think that there is any ability to influence other countries? It is correct that the removal of the current president and a shift to another, male, female, white, black, democrat, republican will make no difference. The country is in the grip of an oligarchy.

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