The New Children’s Crusade

Almost everything we are told about illegal immigration is both a lie and amoral.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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12 thoughts on “The New Children’s Crusade”

  1. Philip Smeeton

    Open the border to Mexico and it will be the end of America. Open the borders to any country and you will invite in conflict and poverty. It is rich stable countries against instable overpopulated poor countries. Immigration will not solve the global problem of overpopulation but it will destabilize countries that have achieved a balanced population and economy.

    1. By some twisted “logic” we’re supposed to open our arms to foreigners who are delighted to destabilize our countries. These are the oddest of times. In times past, humans sometimes supported or ended up with some oddball and/or atrocious rules. I know of no people in the past who made a fetish of worshiping and importing foreigners. Large numbers of foreigners in your midst was as consequence of catastrophic failure of the armies. In the West, the identical situation with identical eventual consequences is ardently pursued and celebrated. Citizens of the first rank positively wet their pants with delight as each new regiment wave of foreigners cross the border.

      Then we give them money.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Hanson, for articulately explaining the illegal immigration problem and the motives behind it. One silver lining to this current tragedy is that it is raising awareness of the problem for the folks living outside of the Southwest. When the feds tried dumping the children & young adults in Baltimore and then in rural Virginia, the citizens said loudly & clearly: NO!

  3. A couple of points seem to be missing. For one, the kids swarming the borders are reportedly coming mostly from three countries: Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. They are not coming from Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize or apparently even Mexico. It really does not make sense to think that Hispanic parents send their kids on an epic journey of over a thousand miles because they hear a rumor that if they enter the US as youths they will be permitted to remain. Some reports state that these kids are fleeing the violence in those three countries, and this perhaps puts them into a different legal status than those who cross the border illegally for economic reasons. I’ve read that treaties governing refugees don’t permit the US to simply deport them back home, and they can’t simply be deported to Mexico if they aren’t Mexicans. I wonder how many can actually document their nationality in any event. There is much to criticize in the both the US and Mexico about illegal immigration, but I don’t think that as yet we have a grip on what has caused this sudden flood of young Central Americans, but it may be brewing catastrophe that will continue to get worse. While this is being figured out they need to be cared for, and at the moment t hose efforts seem pretty makeshift at best.

  4. What impress me the more with the US immagration problem is the absence of the rise of far right wing political party like we have here in Europe.
    Despite massive immigration, the US seems to be immune to extremist like the Front national we have in France ( Pauvre de nous )

    You american are really trully exceptional in the moderation of your political respons.

    Et voila, i hope my english was understable to you.

    1. Doctor Falco, you do not know the meaning of “extremism” or “far right.”

      Some of you French are exceptionally strange to lick the boots of foreigners the way you do. You will eventually join the ranks of those who do not wish to see the extinction of France and her true people.

      When you do it will be too late, of course, for in the meantime you will have given your enthusiastic but naive support to the current regime of lies.

      The naifs today are doing the most damage. And, pray tell, who are the “extremists”?

    2. If the American people don’t wake up this country will break up in 50 years. Both Party’s have sold out!

  5. Mon très cher Monsieur Bunny,

    As an european i know very well the meaning of far rigth och extremist. The french Front National is a nationalist party with a socialist agenda.
    What France need is less state intervention, less taxes and less rules for doing business.
    And nobody in France is licking the boot of foreigner except the main stream media.

  6. Bill O’ once had a couple Latino professors from Texas on his show once discussing immigration matters. One Prof. said that national borders were meaningless because “our Anazasi forebears did not believe in borders.” and the other Prof. contended that Latino immigration should destroy Yankee “corporate culture” which is exploiting Latino people. Some interesting thinking from disturbing angles.

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