The Manic Methods of Mad Democrats

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

For all Joe Biden’s talk about “semi-fascist” and “un-American,” “ultra-MAGA” Republicans, it is the Democratic Party that has far more radically changed. It is descended into a woke, neo-socialist, radically green party. And it is committed, as Barack Obama once promised, to fundamentally transforming America. How it proceeds with that agenda is now as entirely predictable as it is creepy.

Election Warping

Before any presidential or midterm election, strict news suppression ensures that all bad news will follow, not precede, the voting. The Twitter files, Project Veritas ambush interviews, the Podesta emails, and occasional left-wing braggadocio like Molly Ball’s now infamous post-2020 election revelations in Time magazine, confirm the fusion between the media and the Democratic Party.

To the degree there is any independent journalistic inquiry about Biden—such as we are only now seeing with Biden’s security violations—it is likely only because the party wants the 80-year-old enfeebled Biden out of office.

The Democratic-media-deep-state nexus quashed all 2020 pre-election revelations about the embarrassing Hunter Biden laptop. Its contents more or less proved that the Biden family was corrupt.

Twitter and Facebook confessionals show how, in lapdog fashion, social media forbade coverage of the truth about the laptop. More than 50 former intelligence officers, organized by the confessed liars John Brennan and James Clapper—both of whom have admitted to deceiving Congress while under oath—used their former titles to fortify the pre-election lie that Hunter’s laptop was likely Russian disinformation.

A poll conducted after the election revealed that those voters who knew of the story might have changed their vote had they known the truth. Neither Clapper nor Brennan nor any of their subordinates has ever apologized. Their lack of contriteness recalls the late Senator Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) post-election brag about his effective pre-election lies concerning candidate Mitt Romney’s taxes: “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Joe Biden, his lawyers, and the Justice Department likely knew that Biden had violated national security laws surrounding classified documents. Yet they suppressed that information until the 2022 midterms were over. The same is true of the pre-midterm news blackout of the massive fraud of mega-Democratic donor Sam Bankman-Fried. In close Senate races, where Democrats often referenced the Mar-a-Lago, it might well have mattered if they were confronted with Biden’s Garage-gate scandal, and the Madoff-like albatross of the obnoxious Bankman-Fried and his enabling family.

The list of 2022 pre-election gambits is endless. Biden offered amnesties for both student-loan debt payments and federal marijuana convictions. But perhaps the most flagrant Biden pre-midterm contortion was his sudden interest in flooding markets with oil and gas, hitherto reduced in supply within the United States due to his own green handlers.

Biden requested the Saudis to postpone OPEC cutbacks until after the election. Prior to the midterms, he begged illiberal regimes like Venezuela, Iran, and Russia to pump more oil as well. They were not keen to help him out, so, in the weeks leading up to the midterms, Biden began draining millions of barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to reduce gasoline prices, even as he lied that his own policies were bringing down oil and natural gas prices. Then shortly after the midterms, Biden announced he would cease drawing down the reserve that was banked at low prices under Trump and instead would buy a few million barrels at sky-high prices.

Since the election’s conclusion, he has been silent about concerns for the voter’s gasoline and natural gas price woes. Why the change?


The Democratic Left has mastered the art of projection. Most of their own nefarious activity (now soon to be revealed) will be recalibrated as the crimes of their opponents.

Hillary Clinton used three firewalls to conceal her employment of the fabulist Christopher Steele. He, in turn, never set foot in Russia to do any research. Instead, Steele, via money from the Clinton stream, enlisted a Moscow-based Clintonite Charles Dolan and Russian Brookings Institution analyst Igor Danchenko, either to invent fantasies, or pass on real Russian disinformation.

Clintonites in and out of government then released the resulting concocted “dossier” to the media on the eve of the 2016 election, supposedly proving that Trump was, as James Clapper would later lie again, “A Russian asset.”

In truth, Hillary was a colluding conduit for Russian disinformation and tried to warp the election by spreading Steele’s lies among top government officials to lend authority to preplanned media leaks, as the FBI deceived FISA court judges to spy on Clinton’s political opponents.

Then we come to election denialism, which began in earnest in 2000 when, almost immediately after the final Florida count, the Democratic National Committee pushed the lie that the Electoral College vote was illegitimate, and George W. Bush was “selected not elected.” In 2004 it was Senator Barbara Boxer’s (D-Calif.) turn. She, along with the recent chairman of the January 6 committee, U.S. Representative Benny Thompson (D-Miss.) and 31 other House members, voted to refuse to accept the Electoral College vote from Ohio.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton led the charge that Trump was “illegitimate” and had stolen the election. She never recanted and was soon joined by scores of Democratic officials, including perennial election-denier former President Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden. Her surrogates like Jill Stein sued to invalidate the election on the premise that computers were rigged, while has-been Hollywood actors peddled videos begging the electors to renounce their state popular vote tallies.

As a rule, leftists who most ardently denied the 2016 election—current House Minority Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) is the most notorious example—were the most vigorous in attacking conservatives for “denying” the 2020 election.

Stacey Abrams, who lost the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election by more than 50,000 votes but who described herself as the “real” governor, created a lucrative career barnstorming the country and lecturing Democratic audiences about how “voter suppression” had “robbed” her of the governorship.

Since 2000, as a general truism, the only presidential elections Democrats did not deny were those they won.


We now know that prominent Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), along with the FBI, successfully used Twitter and Facebook to ban bothersome news stories and silence political opponents. The locus classicus of such efforts was the left-wing banning of the president of the United States from social media platforms while Iranian theocrats, ISIS, and the Taliban freely used them.

The reading public is only now learning through the Twitter disclosures of the accurate Nunes House Intelligence Committee majority memo, and the utterly fraudulent Schiff minority version—truth that was self-evident, but mostly suppressed by the media.

Again, Molly Ball outlined how Silicon Valley poured hundreds of millions into selected precincts to warp the voting turnout, how it suppressed unwelcome news, how the Democratic elite modulated the 2020 violent street demonstrations to fit Biden’s advantage, and how corporate America help to fund and advance what she called variously a “cabal” and a “conspiracy.”

Changing the Rules

It is hard to determine any major constitutional norms or long-held customs and traditions the new Jacobin Party has not sought to alter or junk to its own advantage. Remember there is no consistent policy concerning any of these proposed changes. Radical demands for reforms from the Left hinge only on their perceived short-term temporary political advantage.

In the House, Democrats destroyed the old idea that the minority leader was granted his own party’s selections to serve on congressional committees simply to stack the January 6 committee. They also recalibrated congressional House subpoenas as matters of criminality and staged performance-art arrests of anyone who resisted—the antithesis to the manner in which the subpoena denier and former Attorney General Eric Holder simply ignored all summons with impunity.

Jacobins normalized the idea of impeaching a first-term president the moment he lost the House, and to conduct such a proceeding without a special counsel’s report or serious cross examinations. They also introduced the new idea of impeaching a president twice, and then once he left office to try him as a private citizen in the Senate.

Thanks to Democrats, we have a new custom of raiding a former president’s private home in search of classified presidential papers, on the allegation that said president had not yet used his legal authority to declassify them.

The Democrats predictably want to end the filibuster and destroy the Electoral College—but predicated in the former case only on whether they currently enjoy a Senate majority, and in the latter only when it lost the Electoral College vote but won the popular balloting.

The Democrats wish to bring Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. into statehood. Were it a matter of adding new conservative states, and with them four additional conservative senators, they would abort the idea in its infancy.

They want to stack the court by enlarging it to 15 justices. Had any conservative voiced such “reforms” during the heyday of the Warren Court, he would have been denounced as an insurrectionist nut.

To ensure nationwide outlawing of voter IDs, Democrats tried to pass a national voting law to surpass the constitutional directive that the primary responsibility to establish voting laws remains with the states.

In just four years, the Left engineered the most radical changes in voting laws in U.S. history. The result was that in many states, under the excuse of COVID, some 70 percent of the electorate did not vote on Election Day—even as the rejection rate of improper non-Election Day balloting plunged.

The Left clamored for extended balloting because it had mastered the arts of mass-mailing absentee ballots, third-party ballot harvesting, ballot curing, and relaxing rules on authenticating addresses, and signatures, and matching ballots with registrars’ lists.


One overriding principle of the new Democratic Party is asymmetry—or the notion that the Left’s moral superiority earns absolute exemption from the very methods they employ against their opponents.

Disproportionality explains why the historic Mar-a-Lago raid was constructed in bogus fashion as a legitimate search for “nuclear codes.” Yet it would have sparked outrage had the FBI, on rumors of Biden sloppiness, sent armed agents into Jill Biden’s underwear drawers looking for classified papers concerning Ukraine and Iran, or towed away Joe Biden’s Corvette to get access to a garage full of unlawfully stored classified papers, or strewn Biden’s papers across the floor for an FBI concocted photo-op.

The buffoonish protestors and rioters of January 6 were to be jailed for months without formal charges, put in solitary confinement, and often sentenced to the maximum punishment possible. But the rioters, shooters, and killers of 120 days of mayhem and violence during summer 2020 were calibrated as “summer of love” rowdies. Antifa and Black Lives Matter sort of, kind of got a little bit out of hand in torching a police precinct, a federal courthouse, and an iconic Washington, D.C. church, as well as trying to storm the White House grounds, sending the president into an underground bunker.

That Antifa and BLM plotted much of their anarchy and violence on social media unimpeded was unremarked upon. That fact mattered not at all in comparison to the illegal paraders and rioters of January 6. Police who shoot unarmed protestors usually have their identities immediately revealed; yet when they lethally shoot the likes of an Ashli Babbitt, their identities are suppressed, and their questionable conduct lauded.

The Left destroyed the southern border to attract 5 million illegal-alien and impoverished future constituents from Mexico and former Third World Latin American and Caribbean countries. Had conservatives fast-tracked a massive legal immigration program to attract 5 million skilled and degreed immigrants from Europe or the former British commonwealth, the Left would have gone berserk in their cries of “racist,” and their current “demography is destiny” boasts suddenly would be replaced by the slur of “Great Replacement Theory.”

Donald Trump was deemed crazy. A Yale physiatrist made the rounds on television and in Congress to claim he needed an intervention and straitjacket. The FBI and an interim attorney general discussed wearing a wire to entrap Donald Trump and convince his cabinet he was nuts. If the FBI and the Justice Department did the same to Joe Biden, the Left would have claimed a coup was in progress.

Ditto if a major former Bush official wrote, in Rosa Brooks fashion, 11 days after the inauguration of Joe Biden, that he should be removed by either the 25th Amendment, impeachment—or a military coup.

Would anything be comparable to the twisted genre of murderous fantasies among has-been politicians, Twitter creatures, and grade-C actors—competing to dream up how Biden should be torched, stabbed, decapitated, hanged, dismembered, and shot, in the manner of the four-year venom from Trump haters? Would the FBI investigate all that if there were?

What would the Left have done if a conservative version of Madonna had screamed on Inauguration Day that she dreamed of blowing up the White House, as rioters flooded D.C. streets?

Joe Biden daily forgets where he is and what he is doing. Someday historians will fault those who knowingly used a non compos mentis septuagenarian, without regard for the interests of the American people, to mask a radical neo-socialist agenda.

Biden shakes imaginary hands. He insists his son died in Iraq. In his mind, Brian Sicknick was murdered on January 6. In Walter Mitty-style, he brags that he has been a semi-truck driver, an arrested civil rights activist, a major college football prospect, a U.S. Naval Academy scholarship prospect, and on and on. If Biden was given the Montreal Cognitive Test, as was Trump, he would likely flunk it outright.

Conservatives should be aware that they are not dealing with the party of JFK and LBJ. The Democratic Party has nothing in common with the agendas of a slick Bill Clinton and is well beyond the “fundamental transformations” of arch-narcissist Barack Obama.

We are faced with a strictly disciplined, no-nonsense revolutionary party, well known from history that aims to change the nation into something unrecognizable by most Americans. And it feels that it has now created the means to do it.


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18 thoughts on “The Manic Methods of Mad Democrats”

  1. “Radical demands for reforms from the Left hinge only on their perceived short-term temporary political advantage.” – this statement by VDH in a nutshell sums up the modern-day Democrat Party.

    “One overriding principle of the new Democratic Party is asymmetry—or the notion that the Left’s moral superiority earns absolute exemption from the very methods they employ against their opponents.” – this statement sums up the modern Democrat Party’s sense of principles.


    “Conservatives should be aware that they are not dealing with the party of JFK and LBJ. The Democratic Party has nothing in common with the agendas of a slick Bill Clinton and is well beyond the “fundamental transformations” of arch-narcissist Barack Obama.”

    I disagree that the current Democrat (not “Democratic”) party has nothing in common with the party of JFK and LBJ or of Bill Clinton. It is indeed a party of revolutionaries, but the Democrat party of today wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for their Statist ancestors. The party has been on this path ever since Wilson.

  3. Well put Mr. Hanson and spot on.
    I would like to know who and how Biden’s puppetmasters were put into place and perhaps more importantly how do we stop them. There was an interview with Trevor Noah in which Obama said, “I still have a lot of influence and clout”. This does seem quite obvious.
    Also, the voting “rules” they have put in place will make it quite difficult to change those rules if they keep re-electing themselves. Here in Oklahome as in Florida we show ID, mark a paper ballot which is scanned and all votes are counted before midnight. My wife has health conditions and voted absentee. She requested, repeat requested, a ballot, received it and took it to a notary to have her signature and ID verified before mailing it in.
    We seem to be at a tipping point and I thank you for an excellent essay covering the many points that I feel are the TRUE threat to our democracy and republic.
    Thanks again, VDH. You are one of the best!

    1. One possible puppetmaster is Obama’s former henchwoman, Susan Rice. I remember reading early on that she joined Biden’s administration. Since that time I have heard nothing, zilch, nada about her.

      Considering how her ultra low profile contrasts with her former high profile when she was in Obama’s administration, I suspect she may well be moving the chess pieces behind the scenes. Just speculation, of course.

      1. She is a highly placed do-nothing (Director of the Domestic Policy Council?) in the Biden regime and was reportedly one of the “official” Davos representatives at last weeks event. As an Obama confidant, I believe these people take orders from others as necessary, just like Biden. Obama is the same really, just a more slippery slick political persona and never reported on by media either.

    2. I certainly do not have all the answers but I believe we must begin with an Article V Convention of States (CoS) if we are ever to begin to deplete the powers of the Federal Government. The current CoS Action is focusing on 3 main tenent.
      Fiscal Restraint – that would lead to a balanced budget in the near future
      Judicial Review – to limit the courts from making laws/regulations
      Term Limits – to eliminate lifetime incumbency in Congress (I would like to see it also apply to civil service above the GS15 grade)

      I believe Oklahoma has passed it in the state legislature, 19 states have so far but it requires 34 states to call for a convention.

  4. An excellent piece, Dr Hanson. So clearly and succinctly defines the crimes of the Democratic Party, it should be required reading in universities and for all citizens- well, a girl can dream. Specifically wish I could get my totally brainwashed older brother to read it. If only, if only… thank you for helping me see I’m not crazy. It’s lonely out here in red state.

  5. Reads like a call to arms, figuratively, of course.

    We can’t claim that we weren’t warned.

    We are putting our faith in the House.

    Will they make a difference or just disappoint us, once more.

    If Comer et al prove to be toothless or compromised, we’ll know it fairly quickly.

    But here is the real question: Do you really think that the intel apparatus will give up its power?

    Likely, not. They may throw us a bone but they have no intention of giving up control.

    They are masters of weapons-grade persuasion and manipulation. They control everything, including voting.

    Have a good day. Mine is looking fantastic.

  6. TY, Dr. Hanson, for this great list. The mega-wealthy leftist shot-callers who have injected billions of non-regulated money into Democrat-party politics have distorted our elections and our entire political system–without consequence. Who will stop this?

  7. Excellence as always Dr. Hanson! The key question is how do we, realistIcally, combat the democrats radical agenda(s)? The elections don’t appear to be the only answer…

  8. “The Gestapo has the task of investigating all intentions which jeopardize the State and of combating them, of assembling and exploiting the results of their inquiries, of informing the government, of keeping the authorities informed of facts of importance to them, and initiating action as required.” The Gestapo A History of Horror. Jacques Delarue pg 138. From the Fundamental Law of the Gestapo, Article 1 2/10/1936

  9. Might there be a latent undercurrent of distress and revulsion among (perhaps older, classically liberal) members of the Democratic Party?

  10. The modern Democrat is essentially the “child tyrant” without the special abilities. That lack has been offset by their press buddies and their marxist academic overlords. They are a very nasty lot of people for sure.

  11. For sure, VDH is the best. His prolific writings are greatly appreciated. Reading and listening to them is like returning home after a very long absence.

    In my little view, VDH describes a sinking ship whose bow points skyward at ~45 degrees.
    It appears the rot is just too widespread to clean out without ruining the Constitution.
    Does anyone really believe the State or County will clean-up the debris tossed into Fresno’s once productive countryside or straighten up the lawlessness of those nearby illegal commerce gatherings? Nevertheless, it is better to understand than to not understand the how and why of the loss of a civilization.
    Thank you.

  12. It’s all so disheartening. And what makes the current situation feel so overwhelming to so many of us is the complicity we see among corporations, big tech, the universities and others, all happily in bed with the hard left. And many of these people pursuing their well-planned destruction of this country no longer mind that this grand collusion is finally becoming well-known. They don’t care, as they believe the momentum is with them, and they’re correct. When I turned 18 (1973) I joined the Republican Party. I also convinced my parents to leave the Democratic Party by reminding them they always voted Republican anyway. But that was another world compared to now. My hope is that somehow this madness is exposed for what it is, and the national “air” will once again clear.

  13. Rush said years ago that the fringe lunatics in this country have become the democrat base……and that losing elections never stops them from the endless pursuit of their agenda.

  14. I haven’t the erudition to add substantively to VDH’s multitude of writings, so I’ll merely post the salutation and conclusion from my appreciative E-Mail of this morning.

    “Yo VDH,

    You Da Man ✊🏽!

    You Sir are clearly the love child of a Rhetorical Lady Ninja and an Aristotelian Navy SEAL.
    You are Spring Water to a man dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean.”

    [Apologies for using a nom de plume. Retired IT Guy that is cognizant of digital security threats.]

    1. Anon,

      Retired software developer here. I live in the mountains, far from the crime, filth and wokeness of the urban lifestyle. I feel for those who do not have that living option. The founders warned us about the corruption of big cities.

      I say pretty much what I want to say and let the cards fall where they may. My connections to corporate life are completely over. In fact, I totally disavow everything woke that my former Big Tech employer promotes and stands for.

      Hard to think that the government would pursue a free spirit up here, but you never know.

      It’s always a possibility.

      What is stopping the feds from shutting down free speech altogether? Isn’t that the next logical step? They keep inching their way towards that obvious goal. Would we all just sit and watch that as it went down?

      W/o honest sages like VDH, we would all be stumbling around in the dark, wondering what the hell is going on around us.

      For that, I am thankful.

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