Investigating Agencies, Turkey’s Diplomacy, and Culture Wars

Victor Davis Hanson and Sami Winc examine the recent rhetoric from the Left as the House begins its investigations, Turkey’s current political ambitions, going to university or not, and anti-white rhetoric escalating.

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14 thoughts on “Investigating Agencies, Turkey's Diplomacy, and Culture Wars”

  1. Listened to your comments about Turkey with great interest. For the past decade I have wondered about the apparent paradox of Turkey being in NATO given so many examples of Turkey acting against the interests of the “west”. So two questions I have are: 1. Is there a mechanism to revoke NATO membership, and 2. Is this a classic example of keeping your friends close but your enemy closer? I would like to understand what meaningful geopolitical and tactical advantages NATO retains (esp the US) by keeping Turkey in NATO when it seems to me that they represent a risk and unreliable partner should a legitimate need for the power of a NATO response be needed. Can I request that you have a follow up podcast on the historical context of NATO and what it really means today. Etc. thank you.

    1. I am not as informed on this as I’d like to be. I do know that Turkey is a developed country with an educated public. Some of its allegiances seem reasonable given its geographical location. It is the second largest standing military force in NATO. I had always thought of NATO as a force for global peace. If we are for that, perhaps we should consider the viewpoints and interests of responsible countries in all parts of the globe.

  2. Victor’s comments on Turkey are most timely. No need to apologize. One of the interesting things about WWI was the Ottoman’s difficulty in dealing with Lawrence. A key element of their weakness was the delay in completing the Berlin to Baghdad railway. The Armanian/Christian genocide cost the Ottoman’s dearly in this respect because the workers who were capable of completing the railway were fleeing (unsuccessfully) fo their lives.

    And yes, lets get those nukes into a safe place … or disable them in a very permanent way.

  3. Most kids don’t go to universities to be branded, or to networking. Most of us don’t even have the grades, or the intellect to go to top universities that Victor are talking about. Nor do we have the background, brain, and eyes/hands coordination to be an electrician, carpenter, or welder. We just wanted a chance in high paying jobs like in finance, tech, government, etc. to realize our American dreams. If you don’t have at least a BA/BS you aren’t going to get this kind of jobs. That’s just the fact.

    1. What Phil says is an important balance. That was also most boomer, exer, and early millennial’s parents’ understanding of college. I always wanted to go to Yale since I grew up nearby and was often on campus for museum trips, big brother programs, or just because that was my hospital. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I finally understood that people like me weren’t wanted there no matter how hard working or smart we were -it wasn’t for uppity Irish one step out of the ethnic ghettos of Massachusetts. No one except my academic aunt even knew how to get in. Go UCONN!

  4. The comments at the end about being ill-liberal and race are, to me, the last gasp of the old left, which is who VDH really is. I still find VDH simping for MLK jr, the commie lover he was, to be pathetic. This idea of a melting pot which became a centrifuge now were quaint but frankly it’s too tempting for non whites to want to go to the well of racism no matter how much you give them. I think the embarrassment a lot of us have now is we did know some old racist relative and in the end, post Obama, when we all earnestly thought we were moving to a post racial world we realize deep down old racist grandpa was right. Certain communities are more dangerous, it doesn’t matter how much money, college, jobs you give them they will blame you for everything, you likely didn’t come from the bad whites of the past, and frankly what benefit does our society get from bringing in more fifth columns? Cheaper labor? What good is cheap labor when the rest of society can’t buy the slightly products the cheaper labor is there to make anyways? Yet the blame every white person game never ends. I personally apologize to my old racist grandpa and say to people like VDH to give us a explanation why the West was best and prove that it isn’t tied to something with european culture. Maybe it’s time to end the social experimentation of mixing all the races pretending we could get along.

  5. The U.S. should not only push to oust Turkey from NATO, it should also suspend diplomatic relations altogether until Turkey rescinds its $535,000* bounty on the head of an AMERICAN CITIZEN (Enes Kanter Freedom). That is totally unacceptable.

    * That was 4 days ago; because of Turkish inflation, it’s now quite a bit less.

  6. James (last name omitted for the protection of friend's jobs)

    Sorry, Jack, known too many people in successful mixed marriages and frankly known too many Nigerians, Cameroonians, Kenyans, Eretrians, Lebanese, Syrians, African-Americans, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Cambodians, and Japanese to buy into a word of what you said. What actual experiences can you cite to back your claims? I’ve lived in the financial corridor, L.A., and the Deep South with some limited time in Mexico, Cameroon, England, Ireland, and Italy. Put up, or shut up.

    1. Just ask yourself: what is the net migration of “migrants” in the world? Why do so many Nigerians, Cameroonians, Kenyans, Eretrians, Lebanese, Syrians, Africans, Mexicans, Salvadorians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Cambodians, and Japanese come to the United States of America and/or Europe, Australia, NZ, Canada, etc., freely and welcomely, and increasingly without vax passport or legal immigration status?

      As a sarcastic white male, can I just move to Japan and become Japanese? Maybe Mexico would let me walk into their safe and drug-free country and collect welfare there? Or is it more likely I would be detained and deported immediately?

      Why did East Asian countries modernize before African countries, despite industrial Europeans making contact and keeping contact with African ones much earlier than with the Asian ones? Why the present state of development across the oil-rich Muslim states compared to the sub-Saharan Muslim states? Is say, France, any less interested in the uranium cake in Niger than the oil from Iran? Would the Iranians wish to put to use these radioactive products any more than the Nigerians? And would that benefit Israel to allow Iran or Niger these materials, given the French helped Israel build their nukes? Why South Africa can no longer afford nuclear weapons while Pakistan or North Korea can?

      1. V.N. what is the point of your response? Are you defending the commenter’s assertion that “racist grandpa was right”? Are you arguing against allowing non-Europeans to come to the United States, as the commenter appears to? Those are different arguments from asserting that Western Culture TM is globally prefered to the alternatives. I asked Jack for anecdotes and examples drawn from experience. Do you have any to offer?

        Also, remember that the United States “brain drains” most countries. Those who are most capable of addressing problems in the developing world come here rather than face the arduous and often dangerous task of building up their country of origin. Our elite of all races behave the same way as soon as they get to a nicer neighborhood.

        So, point being, please clarify your response so I can engage with it the most thoughtful and productive way possible.

        1. The US government will never restrict immigration, just like the Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction Amendments will never be repealed. The “brain drain” argument itself would seem to support a prohibition on immigration — especially from those “developing” countries which never really stop developing, by the way, such as Communist China.

          The Great Replacement is the official policy of the elite, the ruling class, which never wants to replace itself and give up its private jets, mansions, billions, investments, offshore and foreign accounts, etc. but tells us to eat bugs and own nothing.

          Even on Fox news every other word uttered is migrant, migrant, migrants. Migrants. The programming is replete. Not once have I heard the i-prefix! It started in the Obama years with the term: illegal aliens, which became illegal immigrants, now to migrants, soon to be ‘most favored subjects.’

          If McConnell could, he would vote with the Dems to pass an amnesty, and it would be deemed a great win for “the adults” who “govern” aka. uniparty Repub. and Democrats, and President Biden going into the next election.

          Dems in Davos are discussing the amnesty right now, and they are laughing at us, and at our antiquated notions of borders and self-determination. They believe in a borderless, lawless world, ruled by the might of street cartels and the economic interdictions and sanctions of bankers, a neo-feudalism which rejects the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

          1. Ok. This is opening up other issues and moves away from my request for clarification. It favors increasingly apocalyptic statements with only one link to anything I said (re brain drain -thanks). So, are you saying that you want a general ban on people coming to the U.S? Do you want a ban only on people from developing countries because they “never develop” and that’s the fault of all their citizens and is some sort of “innate trait”? Are you against the mixing of the races as Jack originally stated? Do you have any personal experiences that might serve as anecdotal evidence of Jack’s points? Do you have any evidence at all to back up Jack, who you originally seemed intent on defending, or are you merely asserting your fears that immigration is part of an anti-Christian one world government scheme (an interesting topic, but one that begins a totally new conversation). Thanks!

  7. Well, seeing as you’ve answered none of my questions, it’s best to leave it to your interpretation – just food for thought, really – or for anyone else who is in the thinking mood.

    Also I don’t find it appropriate to post so many comments getting too off topic of the podcast because this is Prof. Hanson’s personal website and business.

    I have plenty of personal experiences, though not as many as my elders. So take what I say with a grain of salt? I avoid certain parts of town — not for lack of friendly people, or nice old buildings, or cultural amenities or thriving businesses — but because it’s not safe there. I wouldn’t go walking in certain parts of town after dark – or during the day. Sometimes I even read the police logs in the newspaper (which publicly removed a Christmas poem because certain people took grave offense!).

    My friend is a teacher in the public schools now for couple decades. The stories of daily fights, drug use, violence, disobedience, the blatant disregard for teachers, administrators, and fellow students – are these just so commonly accepted now no one bats an eye? And yet the complaints I hear from this friend are almost invariably about the “redneck rifle team” or “racist Trump supporter kids.”

  8. Thanks for the examples. What conclusions am I to draw from them? Be explicit!

    I haven’t answered your questions because they are off topic, insinuatory, and vague and cannot be prudently answered apart from clarification. I asked for clarification and you continue to obfuscate. You are not offering food for thought but attempting to make traditional Racism seem plausible while avoiding making the direct statements and arguments that would nail you to the mast as an actual, old fashioned Racist. As in the past, VN, you come to the aid of someone posting blatant extremist tripe and attempt to make their views seem more palatable through deflection and obfuscation. Fly your true colors!

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