The First Gulf War and Middle East Diplomacy

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the First Gulf War under George Bush Sr. after some news about new evidence on Hamas killings, China’s interests in the Middle East and Newsom’s interest in China.

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6 thoughts on “The First Gulf War and Middle East Diplomacy”

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    1. Marge Desiderio

      Like Phil who comments on regular articles, you express my views. I am getting tired of it is the tweets.
      And every morning I have my tea in my “mug shot mug” and say a little prayer for the “Orange Man”.

  3. Hey VDH.

    When talking about the Republican House, what brand are you referring to?
    The same leadership that could never deliver a repeal of Obama care, or fight going 15 rounds to pick a speaker but not 1 round to cut taxes and rein in Biden inflation? Or the same people who hysterically stated that Hamas attacked Isreal because there was no speaker. Or was it the same brand that said nothing and did nothing when 13 soldiers where killed and a van full of children bombed in a riotous attack?

    Please Victor tell me what brand are you talking about. Because we’ve lost the Senate twice and barely the house once. You yourself said that after 2023 the Scotts’ should be gone. And when the steps are taken you complain. I’m confused?

  4. Edward F Ehlenfeldt

    I thought H R McMaster was an O6 COLONEL during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. But if he was only an O3 Captain, all I have to say is WOW! No wonder he made it to Lieutenant General in what seems to me to be record time.
    Your loyal follower,
    Ed Ehlenfeldt
    Red Lodge MT

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