Speakers, Terrorist and Opportunists

In this news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc review the speaker choices, diplomatic tarrying with Israel, Hamas the death cult, Iran’s strategic interest and the Jewish left obsession.

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10 thoughts on “Speakers, Terrorist and Opportunists”

  1. “No one thought they would do it.” No one also thought guys like victor would sit around and strenuously trying to replace the front runner with his favorite guy. Trump will be the nominee whether you like it or not.

    No one talk about next step, because talking heads, including Victor want Trump to disappear. It ain’t happening.

    Mike Johnson is the new speaker. Once again, this podcast is one day late, and a penny short.

    There was no GOP leadership until Trump show up. Last great GOP leader was Reagan, whom they tried to assassinate.

    1. If you go to his web site The Blade of Perseus you could listen to these episodes when they are originally broadcast. I chose to wait and listen for free.

      1. You can listen to the podcasts for free on the Blade of Perseus. The monthly – yearly charge is only for the ULTRA articles. You can also find the podcasts on ART 15 and they usually appear there before getting on the web page.

    2. I can always count on Phil to echo my views about Victor’s obvious choice of his favorite guy. Long Live the Orange Man.

  2. I find the UN’s response disgusting. They really are a collection of some of the worst people on the planet. They need to be defunded, kicked out of the USA, and disbanded. Perhaps we can replace them with a neutral organization for multilateral diplomacy, but the UN are no longer true to their charter.

  3. It’s funny how suddenly everyone is white in America to the Trump Nazis. Jews, Arabs, Italians, Polish, Greeks, French, Spanish, etc. As late as 1965 Italians were described on their U.S. naturalization papers as Southern Italian next to race. Shouldn’t all races be rejecting this racial identity obsession? I mean wealthy Americans call poor people “white trash” for God’s sake.

  4. We truly live in terrifying times to think that the chocolate messiah and Dr Jill and all the left wing loons control pudding brain, and waiting in the wings is your 10 yr old granddaughter chomping to take control…..Yikes! The nightmare scenario that haunts you also resonates with any clear thinking human being! All I can say is God be with Israel and the USA, and Save Us Now for I believe it might sadly be too late………

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