The Fall of the House of Presidential Persecutions

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

None of the five civil and criminal cases currently lodged against former President Donald Trump have ever had merit. They were all predicated on using the law to injure his re-election candidacy—given a widespread derangement syndrome among the left and a fear they cannot entrust a Trump/Biden election to the people.

These criminal and civil trials are merely the continuation of extra-legal efforts of the last eight years to destroy a presidential candidate in lieu of opposing him in transparent elections.

As such, the current lawfare joins the Mueller investigation of the Russian-collusion hoax. It is a continuation of the laptop disinformation caper and the “51 intelligence authorities” who lied about its Russian origins. It logically follows from the two impeachments, the Senate trial of Trump as a private citizen, and states’ efforts to remove him from their ballots.

The E. Jean Carroll case, the Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Fani Willis local and state trials, and the Smith federal indictment share various embarrassments.

Suspension of statutes of limitations: Carroll and Bragg could only go to court through the legal gymnastics of enlisting sympathetic judges and legislators to change or amend the law to suspend the statute of limitations as a veritable bill of attainder to go after Trump.

Violations of the Bill of Rights: In the Bragg case, Judge Merchan’s selective and asymmetrical gag order likely violates the First Amendment (prohibiting “abridging the freedom of speech”). Bragg violated the Sixth Amendment by denying Trump the right “to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation”. Judge Engoron, in the juryless James case, violated the Eighth Amendment (“nor excessive fines imposed”) in assessing Donald Trump an unheard of $354 million fine for supposedly overstating the value of real estate collateral for loans, while violating the Sixth Amendment as well (“the accused shall enjoy the right … to trial by an impartial jury”). The FBI likely violated the Fourth Amendment (“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures”) by raiding Trump’s private residence, seizing his papers and effects (many of them private), and then lying about its own shenanigans of rearranging the seized classified files to incriminate Trump.

The invention of crimes: The indictments of Bragg, James, Willis, and Smith had no prior precedents. These cases will likely never be seen again. Bragg bootstrapped a federal campaign violation allegation onto a state crime. Yet still, he has never explained exactly how Trump violated any particular law.

No one had ever been tried in New York for allegedly inflating real estate assets to obtain a loan from banks, whose auditors had reviewed favorably the applicant’s assets. Thus, the lending agencies issued the loans, profited from the interest, were paid back in full and on time, and had no complaint against the borrower, Trump. Nonetheless, James indicted Trump and convicted him of a non-crime without a victim, due the New York combination of a politicized left-wing Manhattan judge, prosecutor, and juror.

No local prosecutor until Willis had ever indicted a presidential candidate for calling up a registrar and complaining about the balloting or alleging that some votes cast were not yet counted, followed up by an additional request to find supposedly missing ballots. If such criminalization was the norm, a local Florida prosecutor in 2000 could have indicted both the Bush and Gore campaigns.

Prior to Smith’s federal indictment, all disagreements with presidents about the classification and removal of their private papers were handled administratively, not criminally, much less inaugurated by a staged, performance-art FBI swat-like raid on an ex-president’s residence.

Equal justice?: These indictments are asymmetrical, hounding Trump when other prominent left-wing politicians have been far greater violators of the same alleged crimes and yet were given exemptions. Special prosecutor Robert Hur found Biden culpable for removing classified files for far longer, in more places, in less secure circumstances, and without the presidential authority to declassify them. Yet Biden was not indicted on the Orwellian excuse that he, as president, was so mentally challenged no jury would convict such an amnesiac and debilitated defendant (who otherwise apparently can exercise the office of President of the United States.)

Tara Reade was as believable or unbelievable as E. Jean Carroll. Far poorer, and without Carroll’s New York elite connections, Reade alleged that Senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her at about the same time as the Carroll claim. Yet Reade was written off as a nut, ostracized, and felt to have opportunistically piggy-backed on the #MeToo movement.

James and her predecessors were aware of hundreds of New York City developers who submitted loan applications with property assessment at odds with those of initial bank appraisals. She knows the solution is that either the bank’s sophisticated auditors refuse the loan or the disagreement is deemed not sufficient enough to sacrifice profit-making by offering a loan that will likely be timely paid back.

Willis knows that Stacey Abrams, in her own state, claimed herself the winner of the 2018 gubernatorial race (she lost by over 50,000 votes). Abrams then declared that the actual winner, current governor Brian Kemp, was and is an illegitimate governor. She further sued to overturn the election in the manner that Jill Stein had tried to overthrow the 2016 presidential election.

In a similar fashion of election denialism, Democratically-funded ad campaigns and sycophantic celebrities hit the airways in 2016 to flip the electors to become “faithless,” thus renouncing their constitutional duties to reflect their own states’ tallies and instead voting according to the national popular vote.

Bragg knows that Hillary Clinton was fined over $100,000 for 2016 campaign violations after she hid the nature of her illegal payments to foreign national Christopher Steele to collect dirt on her opponent Donald Trump. Barack Obama was fined—five years post facto!—by the same Federal Election Commission a whopping $375,000 for improperly reporting nearly $2 million in 2008 campaign donations. In neither case did a federal prosecutor, much less a local district attorney, seek to criminalize what was customarily considered an administrative or civil violation of federal law.

Bias: Never has an ex-president and leading presidential candidate been targeted with promises of indictment by candidates running for state and local offices. Yet that is precisely what Bragg, James, and Willis have done, fueling their campaigns for offices by promising to find ways to go after Donald Trump and subsequently raising money from such boasts.

Willis’s paramour, fellow prosecutor Nathan Wade, met with the White House counsel’s office. One of Bragg’s prosecutors, Matthew Colangelo, left his prestigious job as a senior federal prosecutor in the Biden DOJ temporarily to work on contract with Bragg’s Manhattan office to go after Trump.

Jack Smith was appointed by the Biden Department of Justice; his left-wing filmmaker spouse helped to produce a puff-piece documentary on Michelle Obama.

The judge in the Bragg case, Juan Merchan, donated to the 2020 Biden campaign. So did one of the lead prosecutors, Susan Hoffinger, who gave generously to Biden in 2020. Merchan’s own daughter, Loren, has made a small fortune as a Democratic campaign consultant, having guided her left-wing clients’ fundraising efforts to the tune of $90 million.

Given these egregious violations of the law, abject political bias, conflicts of interest, asymmetrical application of the law, and manipulations of the statutes of limitations, the public has slowly grown incensed. They rightly conclude that the lawfare is a left-wing coordinated effort to destroy candidate Trump by exhausting him physically and psychologically in five separate cases at the height of the campaign season, bankrupting him with what will likely be $1 billion in legal fees and fines, silencing him with gag orders, defaming him with salacious and sensational but irrelevant court testimonies, and keeping him off the campaign trail.

And now? The sheer preposterousness has resulted in two unexpected developments. One, the more the left tries to subvert the legal system to emasculate Trump, the more the latter wins popularity, especially in traditionally non-Republican constituencies, even as Biden slumps in the polls. And two, the four criminal cases are starting to fall apart because of their sheer ridiculousness and abject bias.

Willis and her boyfriend, prosecutor Wade, likely lied under oath about both their covert romantic relationship and the money that fueled their global junketeering. A Georgia state appellate court is reviewing Willis’ suitability to continue the prosecution. One might ask, “How can a prosecutor who lied under oath while trying a case retain any credibility?” Whatever the state court’s findings, a state appellate or federal court will eventually exonerate Trump. No other prosecutor or jurisdiction would likely take over Willis’s tainted indictment.

Smith’s indictment is in limbo, largely because: 1) in unusual and partisan fashion, he sought to rush the prosecution to coincide with the 2024 campaign; 2) the Supreme Court is determining to what extent a president either has immunity or can be hauled into court by a special prosecutor appointed by the opposition party; and 3) his office lied to the court about the condition of the Trump files they found at his residence, collected, and then took possession of—in a fashion that was intended to prejudice the case in the government’s favor.

Bragg’s gambit of putting Stormy Daniels on the stand to offer irrelevant but lurid testimony to hurt candidate Trump may have backfired, given she proved unstable, narcissistic, unreliable, hateful, and promised to break the law and refuse a legally ordered payment to Trump after losing a defamation case against him. Convicted felon and liar Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s key witness, has already hit the internet trying to get rich and will have less credibility.

James’s civil conviction of Trump and massive fine (originally $450 million with interest) may also be overturned on appeal, given it violates Eighth-Amendment protection from “unusual punishment” (“bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed”), in addition to the selective prosecution of Trump where there is no criminal act and no victim.

So what will be the endgame of all these attacks on the American legal system and the warping of it for blatant political purposes?

One, we have entered new territory. There will soon be hundreds of local and state prosecutors who feel they have now been given license in election years to go after national presidential candidates for political advantage, both local and national.

Two, conservatives are in a dilemma: whether to restore deterrence by boomeranging the left’s extra-legal effort to ruin a candidate and president or to refrain from what would be a descent into third-world, tit-for-tat criminalization of politics.

Three, the persecution of Trump, coupled with the derelict candidacy of Joe Biden, threatens to erode the traditional base of the Democratic Party and redefine politics in terms of class rather than race. Minorities are beginning to empathize with the gagged, railroaded, and victimized Trump while distancing themselves from the victimizers, who are using their “privilege” to warp the law on behalf of a bullying president.

Four, the U.S. has lost a great deal of credibility abroad due to the erosion of what was once seen as the greatest system of jurisprudence in the world. No longer.

Enemies like China and Russia now boast that America’s new political prosecutions are similar to their own systems, or even more egregious, and will welcome us into their own customs of bastardized justice.

Latin-American, African, and Asian dictators are delighted that the U.S. has lost the moral authority to lecture them on the need for a disinterested and independent judiciary and the rule of law.

Our democratic allies in Europe and Asia are increasingly disturbed that the instability and unlawfulness apparent in the current lawfare put into question the reliability of the United States and its adherence to a rules-based order—whether at home or abroad.

Any president who would sic the justice system on his opponent might be equally vindictive and lawless to his allies abroad.

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50 thoughts on “The Fall of the House of Presidential Persecutions”

  1. Robert Likins

    Spot on as usual. This is a continuation of the George Floyd and subsequent BLM riots and the Covid “pandemic” inflated bioweapon outrages all attempting to undermine Trump’s presidency. The DC bipartisan swamp will stop at NOTHING to retain their corrupt power.

  2. At some point people will realize that if you are not talking about election integrity you are talking about a distraction and are part of the problem.

  3. Craig Edmundson

    While I appreciate the Professor’s optimistic outlook, I can’t quite shake the feeling that he is “preaching to the choir” here.

  4. Thomas Herring

    Thank you for all you do, Victor.

    From what I can see, the people who are running the current regime are deadly serious, competent and in power across multiple sectors of our Government and Economy.

    They will go to any and all lengths to prevent another 2016 actual democratic election while providing enough gaslighting to convince the majority of us it was ‘legitimate’.

    Thomas Herring, PE

    1. It’s almost as if someone once said “fundamentally transform America.” Looks like he meant it.

  5. Politics has always been a nasty fighting sport but never the likes as it has become the past 15 years.
    As the left has become empowered, having an issue like Abortion to solidify their base and making it a freedom issue (although the child loses all freedoms) they feel free to push their Marxist agendas. That includes becoming downright beligerent with their Trump Derangement Syndrom as they shred the US Constitution!
    I’m afraid that if saner heads on the left do not prevail soon, this nation will have only two options.
    1. total loss of freedom under a Marxist dictatorship.
    2. Civil war leading to a 2 nation solution.

  6. William E. Rollins


  7. DemonicRat Corruption on a Massive Scale continues on and on. President Trump is the only national Republican Leader that can have any hope of flushing DemonicRat Cesspools across the Country.. Many Politicians, Educators, Judges and Law Enforcement leaders have Sold Out America for CCP CA$H

  8. “So what will be the endgame of all these attacks on the American legal system and the warping of it for blatant political purposes?”

    The purpose is to make Trump hideous in the eyes of enough of the electorate that he won’t win the election. This is all about PR, sound bites, and optics.
    Yes, it is disgusting.
    But I think it ends — if Trump loses — in quite a different manner for many of his tormentors.

    1. You say:
      You think it ends – if Trump loses – in quite a different manner for many of his tormentors.

      Are you saying what I think you’re saying?? It sounds to me like you’re talking about hig life! I sincerely hope I misunderstood your comment!!

  9. Marc Swerdloff

    The decent in America have to rise against these injustices. American is the last best hope of mankind. I pray she will rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Surely there are ten righteous men left in authority. If not, fire and brimstone.

  10. Stephen A. Hill

    “Equal Protection Under the Law” is the true inheritance of our Revolution, and it has been squandered

  11. Peter Patterson

    I think in some cases Trump will take great delight in dishing up some cold revenge but mostly he will try to move forward. A restoration of civility is what is needed. The minions will fall by the wayside, disgraced, never to be heard of again.
    There is still a real worry there might be a semi-sanction, last ditch attempt to stop Trump permanently. Desperation hangs in the air around the Democrat Party and I hope they don’t unleash a ‘crazed gunman’, MK Ultra style on him. The four years he has in the Presidency maybe enough time to rebuild America’s standing in the world from the lawfare and gutter scrapping to the gold standard it once held. But still the ‘deep state’ and the ‘swamp’ will be there. It’s a long road ahead. And it’s a long way to November.

    1. Well, scary as it is to say it, I’d not say BOO except that I fear it is accurate. But it certainly does seem the Dees have a long history of “taykin carra bidniss” in some nasty ways. I do have this strong conviction (for whatever THAT might fetch on the open market) that if THAT push comes to the shove, they may THINK they’ve beaten the game early on, but the backlash will be far beyond anything they re capable of imagining. it will blindside them.

      What ended the war aling the shores of North Africa under Jefferson? Ports locked up, shipping captured, we REFUSED to pay tribute or back down. Again total domination. We still sing about that one today.

      What was the real end of the War of Northern Aggression? Sherman and Sherridan marching through Georgia to the sea, utter desrucion still visible oday.

      How about the Spanish American War? Utter subjugation of the Spanish forces round the globe.

      Then there was Japan….. A little visit by the Enola Gay to deliver an “encouragement” Not a clear enough message, so her sister ship paid another visit days later. Next thing ya know there was a tble on the foredeck of the USS Missouri riding to her hook in Tokyo Bay. Where do I sign?

      Soon after that a hard push to finish the job in Germany, their “supreme” ruler dead on the floor in his bunker, no replacement in sight. The total shambles that Europe hd become left little hope of normal any time soon.

      “They” have had their way long enough, their end must be soon

  12. Thanks to VDH for a complete and ongoing accurate summation of the current state of election tampering lawfare foisted upon the American public by the Democrat party, lead by derelict and corrupt President Joe Biden. The 2024 Presidential Election is already tainted by it.

    It is quite possible that there will be no remedy available from the justice system in time for the 2024 election season – a fact calculated by the Democrat party, and Joe Biden. This is not the first time Joe Biden has strategized ignoring the law on the premise that it won’t catch up with him in time to stop him – like ignoring a Supreme Court ruling that he can’t selectively forgive student loans in order to buy votes.

    Joe Biden has also warped foreign policy (Israel-Hamas) to support his re-election, by tacitly supporting rioting Hamas supporters in key voting districts – much like what he and others did (VP Kamala Harris) during the 2020 Antifa riots – also an election year.

    Corporate media is all-in on the above in their support of Biden and the Democrat party. They give full throated support to most, if not all forms of election tampering – but only tampering by the Democrat party. Shame on them!

    The only thing that can conceivably stop Joe Biden and the Democrat assault on democracy is the public vote in 2024. Let’s hope it happens.

    1. Pretty close, but I cannot believe that Dopey Joey is actually running this three ring circus OR the subordinate clown show. Nope. His handlers are the ones with their hands on the levers. I picture in my mind’s eye the penultimate scene in the Wixard of Oz, where the little dog Toto draws back the curtain and reveals the Wizard at work, pulling all the levers that make the puppets do his bidding. Biden is merely the lead puppet outfront, the front face of tthe whole shebang. I won’t mention any names as to whom the Wizard might be, but I most often refer to him as “the kinyun”. Since he “went stealth” after his last season show, it is more now the show of the Kinyun and his Minyuns.

  13. I had no idea the law could be applied so asymetrically. These shenanigans are causing me, and I know others, to lose faith in our system of justice. Victor, thanks for all the hard work outlining this band of criminals. I’m buying my father a subscription for Father’s Day this year. 

  14. Tim Garvin Sr.

    Spot on as usual. I think these same things and then move on. Terrible of me. You remember those times and put it in words. Good job.
    My Very Best Regards, Tim

  15. William Thompson

    Leftist/Marxist/tyrants always behave thus. The early days of the Russian Revolution were marked by Bolshevik (Lenin, Stalin et al) vs Menshevik riots, killings, and social coercion as much as rebellion against the Czar/royalty. A small, savage, lawless, dedicated and rabidly tyranical cabal killed everyone in sight who opposed them and quite simply assumed control of an entire nation. We are seeing the same things happening today, just not as far advanced as of yet. Blood will continue to be spilled and lawlessness reign in cities who permit it. Areas which resist will under intense attack in due course and we will see how an armed, largely dedicated to liberty and justice populace will respond when attacked.

    1. Yes we SHALL see how that goes down.
      I may be deluded but I tend to thin it will go down much as it went down back when an out of control English general, Thomas Gage, decided HE would disarm his “loyal subjects”. To “keep the peace”, you understand. His first atemempt appeared to have succeeded, until the townsmen whose powder and shot Gageseized came back after Gage was gone and relclaimed it. Next attempt was a standoff, and Gage’s men threw in the towell thinking they’d come back anoher day. Third attempt was foiled in that his cover was blown in time for the townsmen to “disappear” all the powder before his men arrived to seize it. Then there was my favourite, whereupon Gage’s men ended up firing upon two different groups of the Colonials, who fired back and pressed the fight. Gage lost near half his officers and a third of his Foot in one day, and came back witth nothing to show for their well planned top secret sortie to snaffle a little powder from Lexington and then on to Concord. Things went from bad to worse over the next years and the entire British Army, the mightiest, best equipped, most feared military force on the planet had to surrender totally, board some ships there lying at Yorktown, and sail back to England, tails twixt legs.
      Next year will be 250 years since that came down. I hope and trust a rerun is not in our future, but if it is… let it be so. And let us prevail once more.

  16. Rhett Boudreau

    Interesting points of view to say the very least. Bias, you say? Well, if bias is our system of justice simply responding to his various decisions, corresponding actions, open contempt for our Constitution and subsequent rule of law then I would suggest that your understanding of bias is a bit skewed.

    These indictments emerge from various levels of government. Even if Biden wanted to he lacks the power and authority to “pull levers” to make it so. Trump and only Trump is responsible for the legal mess he’s in. And the sad irony about all of it is that had he:
    1. Carried forth the peaceful transfer of power like all his predecessors and not openly lied about election interference about which no evidence has ever been brought forward.
    2. Not taken classified documents, withheld them, lied about them and given them back when asked.
    3. Not called the Sec. of State of Georgia asking him to find votes.
    4. Not tried to write off hush money payments as a legal expense.
    5. Not abdicated his sworn responsibility as president to up hold, protect and defend our Constitution by sitting idly by watching as insurrections stormed Congress trying to stop our presidential electoral process.

    Had HE not done all these things there would be absolutely no reason to convene grand juries, hold Cong. hearings, bring forth indictments, etc. and he would be enjoying a run up to the general election in November, and for all intensive purposes probably be the next president. But he CHOSE not to.

  17. As a long term member of the Republican Party I have a problem if a respected member of the Hoover team like Victor Davis Hanson loses his common sense.
    Victors position is that if somebody is a candidate for the Presidency of the USA he is not liable for any crime he has committed.
    Donald Trump can only blame the sentence in the Jean Carroll trial on himself. Any normal person would have worked it out without going to trial and it proves Trumps incompetency in such cases. It makes him unfit to be President.
    That Donald Trump screwed a few attractive ladies when his wife was pregnant is not a legal problem. That he paid them off before the election to buy their silence and deducted the expenses for as business expense is. ( we indirectly share in those expenses). It makes him unfit to be President.
    That Trump kept documents with National Security implications hidden when he was asked to return them makes him unfit to be President.
    I know that all developers try to inflate their assets when they go in for a loan. But if you hide aspects from your auditors in order to get favorable loan conditions such as development restrictions and
    size of properties you commit fraud. ( The auditors in question resigned and declared their audits invalid). That makes you unfit to be President of the USA.
    As a converted Dutchman I can assure you that Donald Trump is seen as an “ugly American” outside the USA.
    It is sad we have a choice between unfit and too old.

    1. Kindly refrain from speaking for all non-Americans in regards to how President Trump is perceived outside America. I have read literally 100s of opinions contrary to yours from the years that President Trump was in office, and especially in the years post 2020, when his absence became more keenly felt by the day.

    2. You are exactly what is wrong with the republican party. Ignoring the blatant bias involved in the “process is the punishment” approach of corrupt Leftists hell-bent on destroying a rival is pure cowardice. Bringing a debate coach to a fight. There has never been a perfect candidate. Trump is clearly the candidate we chose if, for any reason, his courage. Get some.

  18. Thomas W. Ittig

    Excellent commentary! Hits all relevant points. Unfortunately, those who most need to read this likely won’t.

  19. Victor – Thanks for keeping track of these cases. Leftist politics have destroyed our judicial system and country.

    On a human level, Republicans and Trump must win elections to save the country.

    On a spiritual level, Americans must repent from their sin and seek salvation in Christ as Lord. (Romans 1-3)

  20. Michael Lapasinski

    Thank you Victor Davis Hanson for the well explained article in layman’s language. Really appreciate your time and effort on it . I seen you on TV and really respect your opinions on the different topics you talk about. I hope that Donald Trump asks you to be on his Cabinet And be one of his advisers. The country needs people like you .

  21. We all walk this treacherous road together, we all need to achieve the removal of the enemies that lunge at us with intent to destroy every portion of us. The even greater crowds call for DJT to achieve the Presidency give me hope that my fellow Americans are heeding the call. I especially gain strength in my hope for good outcome through the words of Victor Davis Hanson. More and more people are hearing you and consider deeply what you explain. I will continue to forward your words to all I encounter and thank you endlessly for your excellent information of our plight.

  22. Oh how I would love this to be required reading for all media reporters and Ivy students! VDH puts the nonsense into perfect sense!!

  23. Jim j Hoffmann

    Victor: Although all of these horrific tactics by these pseudo-intellectual lemmings on the left seem to be bolstering Trumps position, my fear is that the left will do anything to re-elect a man and administration with no moral fiber, integrity and most frightening of all…a modicum of leadership. It’s very sad to witness those individuals in our society who just “Don’t Get It!” and will vote their emotions and could care less about right v wrong. Frankly, at this point in our country, I fear for Donald Trump’s life as I would put nothing past the Democratic party now.

  24. Literally everything that Victor Davis Hanson said in this article is a lie. Especially comical is his claim that minority groups are supporting Trump because of his criminal prosecutions.

  25. Charlie Welch

    Please see the comments of RHETT BOUDREAU, MAY 13, 2024 AT 9:10 PM, and HANS KEMPERS,
    MAY 13, 2024 AT 9:17 PM above. I’m afraid their observations more accurately portray the situation than most of what else was written here.

  26. Edward McFarlane

    Well the fact that all these trials are bogus, which they are, and in the end may result in nothing but lost legal fees, which will be a lot, does not change the fact they are still happening. True – some public opinion may be swayed due to the unfairness of it all, but some of that will be offset by some holier than thou voters on the right that will say they cannot vote for a criminal (especially if he is convicted since it is almost certain any appeal will be done after election day). But, fair or not, or convicted or not, can any change in public opinion offset the likely election irregularities we are about to see. 2020 was just a dry run. They will be even more viscous and blatant than last time, Trump will need to win by >10 points in any swing state for the count to say he won by 0.5 points. Please note, all swing states but GA are wholly run by democrats – and in most cases by the same democrats that ran the 2020 election.

  27. “might be equally vindictive and lawless to his allies abroad.”

    Biden has already been vindictive and lawless to Israel. He has done what Trump was impeached for. Biden negated what Congress overwhelmingly voted for.

  28. Commodore Perry

    VDH continues to try and bring social discourse back to historically sound, reasonable and factual bases.

    However the other side, including several commenting on this article continue to conflate DJT–the man and his behavior, with the points being made. There are a lot of people who may dislike how DJT behaves and has conducted his life, but still think he is subject to the same constitutional protections and rights as everyone else. What is noteworthy about the current administration is the extent to which the so called “democratic norms” and institutions have been actively used to punish and attack DJT and others, while those same institutions are silent and norms being ignored for anyone deemed to be part of their progressive vision for America( which they never fully articulate,…by the way….)—like BLM, Antifa, SJP and many other anti American organizations.

    DOJ, FBI, DHS in particular are exemplars of the selective application of law and justice. On the issues highlighted in this particular VDH note, what has AG Garland had to say about any of these issues, which are completely in his bailiwick???? Crickets…. he is too busy going after other priorities,…very curious what they are other than soccer moms, catholics, white supremacists, etc…..but not criminals, drug cartels, human trafficking, Campus pro-terror protests, etc……

    Weird times, and with so few real journalists providing objective, critical commentary, we should thank VDH

  29. Michael Joseph

    While I believe President Trump is guilty of mishandling classified information, I can recognize that the legal system is being used as a political tool. It was found that President Biden had classified notes and documents from when he was a Senator. In that capacity he did not have the legal authority to possess them outside of the Senate. Just like Hillary Clinton, those documents could only have been removed by copying them and smuggling them out. That shows intent which is punishable under the espionage laws. In Hillary Clinton’s case, either her or most likely her staff, someone would have actually copied the information and scanned it to the lower classified network. Classified networks do not have easy methods to move from one to another. Once again, deliberate actions. Choosing to prosecute based on anything other than the law is wrong and has completely undermined my faith and trust in the United States government. And based on what is being taught in our higher education institutions, we are looking at this getting worse before and if it gets better.

  30. Juris Prudence be damned, along with congress.

    ”When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty,” Thomas Jefferson.

    I think we are about 10 years past that point.

  31. VDH again nails the issues. Personally, I am sick of the current politics and am less than enthusiastic about the coming election and the two candidates. It would seem we now have two very different thinking Americans. One group ignores Biden’s faults and actions, applauds the progressive ideas we have now courtesy of Sanders, OBama, the Clintons and others and see no fault in what the Dems are doing to our country. The second group includes many who follow VDH and are of the mind that Trump is the greatest or alternatively he is not great but is the last hope to save the Republic and return to sensible governance. I pray that the second group prevails in the coming election.

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