Feminizing Pro-Hamas Protesters and Losing-Leaving California

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss the disproportionately female Hamas supporters, Hillsdale-Hoover models of what to do, Biden’s lies, California’s black market and insurance industry, and forcing teachers to take DEI courses to continue employment in California K-12 schools.

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7 thoughts on “Feminizing Pro-Hamas Protesters and Losing-Leaving California”

  1. Charles Carroll

    I have seen suggestions for punishment of antisemitic riots and violence. I recommend making some of these people act as guides in a holocaust museum or traveling exhibit, if one is close enough. Alternatively, make them travel around showing the graphic films taken on 7 October. Of course they will not want to do this so the alternative needs to be an appreciable incarceration in a real jail.

  2. The reason for the number of women leading the pro-Hamas troubles is reflected in a PEW study. “Liberal white women, ages 18-29, were given a mental health issues diagnosis from medical professionals at a rate of 56% while their conservative sisters number was 27%.”

  3. Although not an OB-GYN, I have noted that hysterectomy is not touted as a cure for hysteria.

    It matters little that folks don’t speak English in America. My parents were commissioned officers in the Royal Indian Army in the Second World War: my father’s language was Bengali and my mother’s Talegu – from different and mutually unintelligible language groups, so their common language and my first language was English. When I came to ‘mericuh I had to unlearn it.

  4. thebaron@enter.net

    Jack, for your relief, as of today, 17May24, X has formally replaced the old Twitter URL with the X URL.

  5. thebaron@enter.net

    I agree with the theme of the radicals as overgrown children. I’ve come to that thesis through my own reading of history. I put it this way: Leftism/Progressivism is immaturity expressed as a political philosophy.

    When someone remarks on the behavior of college students today, rioting over this or that, and calls them crazy, I reply that they’re not crazy. They’re not mentally ill, they are immature. Perpetual adolescents is a good way to describe them. They are still in a stage at which if they do not like something, if they don’t get what they want, and immediately, they throw a tantrum.

    This started with the Boomers, but I blame their parents, the Greatest Generation, for letting it happen. Somewhere, there is a “Patient X”, a father who waded ashore on Omaha Beach, say, or fought on Okinawa, survived to come home, and started a family. He sent a kid to college, where that kid was exposed to radical Leftist academics. That kid came home and told his dad what a fascist he was, a racist, a homophobe, etc. Right at that point, that dad should have put his foot up his kid’s ass. But he didn’t, and it spread from there.

  6. thebaron@enter.net

    Putting it more seriously, the Greatest Generation sacrificed to survive the Depression, to fight WWII and defeat Nazism, Fascism, Japanese imperialism, and eventually, Soviet communism. And when they had won, they started families. And they said, “We want to give our children everything we didn’t have.” But in doing so, they failed to give their children the one thing they did have: their values. That generation failed to pass on its values to the next.
    Our society has unraveled ever since.

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