The Downfall of the Ivy League | Victor Davis Hanson | EP 325

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8 thoughts on “The Downfall of the Ivy League | Victor Davis Hanson | EP 325”


    Outstanding interview, and I’m glad it’s posted here now, too.
    I hope you and Doctor Peterson will have more such interviews in the future.

  2. Great discussion about the failure of brand name educational institutions who are likely (I hope) to disappear – both Jordan and Victor have significant experience with same.

    Expanding the conversation on the destruction of merit to other institutions e.g. the military also enlightening.

    Closing points on the (almost) inevitable end and trajectory of Wilsonian (Woodrow) politics are prophetic.

    Look forward to more discussions like this between these two reasoned protagonists.

  3. Ooh! VDH and Jordan Peterson on education! This is a bigger bomb than when “Black Athena” dropped on Classics! Huzzah for heresy in the University! Fight the Man! We need a VDH stencil so we can tag some DEI office walls!

  4. Outstanding discussion between two of the most analytic minds currently. The education system is the root cause of the direction of our culture. A must watch.

  5. Just listened to you two and it was excellent.There was an article by Robert Bortin on americangreatness about school choice that was discomfarting.

  6. I enjoyed this discussion so much. You can see the demise of this country and I also see how it begins gradually then like a snowball going downhill. You described me accurately by saying as a conservative, I don’t trust any of the institutions. I am an older person who will not see the end product of this cultural change, but I can imagine that we will all be under the thumb of some corrupt individual. Those who embrace the corrupt institutions will regret it as much as the conservatives will in the future. Thank you for sharing this discussion.

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