The Dangerous and the Deadly

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler look at the ever-changing Biden files, what is going on in Ukraine, Dqobbs opinion leaks, and Alec Baldwin‘s manslaughter charge.

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5 thoughts on “The Dangerous and the Deadly”

  1. Why when Republicans have any sort of power, there’ll be this kind of headline? Is this fake news? When Trump was president. He always say it loud, clear, and often that there will be NO social security cut. He made it look so easy. We love Trump!!

    Republicans’ plans to slash Social Security and Medicare are becoming clearer: ‘We have no choice but to make hard decisions’

  2. Victor wants Ukraine to win, but he doesn’t want anyone to lift a finger to help them -it might interfere with his death-struggle with Progressivism. Besides, the US lacks sober and judicious leaders like Patton, “Butcher” Grant, Sherman, and Donald Trump. Interestingly, the other nations choosing to aid Ukraine with tanks and air defense systems (Spain, Morocco, England, France, Germany!, Finland, Poland, etc.) All must be crazy too. No one, of course, in Victor’s book, is crazier than Zelenskyy, who he seems to imagine runs Ukraine as a dictator, forcing his people to fight against their will and would never say “thank you” more often or purge his gov of corrupt officials. If only Z had run like an Afghani admin, millions of Ukrainians could have been raped, enslaved, and slaughtered (like their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents) instead of mere hundreds of thousands and they could have waged a decades-long guerrilla wore that would have cost the US virtually nothing and denied the demons of the Bay Area a chance to virtue signal. Of course, even that would be hard since we know Ukrainians and their supporters are just a bunch of excitable Athenians trapped in Syracuse Bay -no sober staying the course for them over the past year.

    Seriously, Victor’s take on Ukraine sounds like a whitewash of Matt Walsh and Michael Brendan Dougherty without the the Putin-soft-because-only-he-and-Orbin-are-legitimate-rulers-(kinda)-in-the-Aristotilian-sense Catholic Integralism.

  3. The war in Ukraine was over before it started because of various facts that Mr. Hanson lays out in this podcast. The war can still can be drawn out with ever more tragic results. That appears to be where it is headed. The only ‘game changer’ has nothing to do with throwing more weapons and cash into the black hole that is one of the world’s most corrupt regimes. The only way to change this game is to get on with negotiating a cease-fire and ultimately a settlement of the grievances between Russia and Ukraine. The same way that all wars end. A war fever has gripped most of Europe as well as the U.S. Anyone who has ever opened a history book will have observed that this same mania took hold at the outset of WW1. It took the better part of four long years before the world had its’ fill of the slaughter. What is worse today, is that this conflict involves the prospect of nuclear annihilation. Ignorance and hubris have never come with a more destructive and potentially deadly cost. The idea that feeble Joe Biden, as Commander in Chief, along with the dynamic duo of Gen. Mark Milley and Def. Sec. Lloyd Austin can succeed where Napoleon, Hitler and Charles X11 have all failed is a fantasy. Exhibit ‘A’ is their performance in Afghanistan, where these 3 stooges could not even manage an orderly retreat. Have all members of Congress completely forgotten that debacle already? It happened roughly only two years ago and the same incompetents are still running the show.

    1. So, when did ANYONE who supports the war say that an allied coalition should attempt to invade Russia with the goal of capturing its major cities and decapitating its government by military force? Have the British committed to sending an expeditionary army to Ukraine as they did for the poor Belgians? (Something Victor admires them for doing?). Your line of opposition to supporting the Ukrainians is a classic straw man. You claim that the war can ONLY be waged on apocalyptic terms and focus on critiquing that false position instead of engaging with the arguments for a successful LIMITED support of Ukraine that your opponents are actually putting forth.

      That said, this comment is superior in content and martialed reasoning to prior comments that sounded like Russian propaganda, so credit where credit is due. The game had be upped! Incidentally, it’s a mistake to think the Americans are running the show. Sleepy Joe is a lagg-er on this issue, not a leader. What is your assessment of the Ukrainian leadership (who just fired a slew of officials to combat corruption), NATO’s, and the members of the alliance? What do you think about the decisions of minor players, such as Morocco or the ‘stans to send tanks and generators? Are they all incompetent?

      Victor has for almost a year now consistently omitted dealing with actual counter arguments to his position on this podcast as well as omitting reams of information that contradict or present challenges to his meta narrative. That he h

      1. …that he continues to do so mystifies me as it is at odds with the careful analysis and numerical evidence he marshals when analyzing past wars. It is also odd since he works in the Hoover Tower with several supporters and critics of US support for Ukraine who present nuanced arguments on their podcasts. Finally, there is always a plethora of doom saying, but a dearth of arguing for concrete, workable solutions. The best we get is an occasional fanciful assertion that Putin has always been willing to cut a reasonable deal (plebecites or some such thing) without any evidence to back this claim up.

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