The Biggest Lie

The Left would rather forget its old slogan, “Bush lied, thousands died.”

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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7 thoughts on “The Biggest Lie”

  1. VDH, Just a note to say your daily articles are like manna from heaven. Thanks for the integrity, guts and determination to use your intellectual gifts for our benefit. There is life, breath and hope in the truth.

  2. For the Leftist there is no truth. Only politically useful bromides to be forwarded or erased as needed. The fallout from the Post Modern school of epistemology where truth is a construct that serves the needs of today’s poltical Mafia, the Democrat Party. The only comfort I find is that reality always gets the final say. The nihilism, hedonism and corruption of Leftism ultimately spells its doom. I just hope they suffer before the end comes and the decent segments of humanity are far away and well provisioned.

  3. Professor Hanson,
    My FAQ-style explanation of the law and policy basis of Operation Iraqi Freedom is at . It’s my (latest) attempt to set the record straight and I would appreciate your feedback.
    Sample excerpt:
    Bush cited properly to Iraq’s noncompliance as Clinton had done for ODF, but Bush also cited the intelligence, despite that the intelligence could not trigger enforcement. Propagandists pounced on Bush’s error of presentation to shift the burden of proof from Iraq to the US, but the mistake does not change that the only legal way to know Saddam had disarmed was Iraq proving compliance with the standard mandated by the UNSC resolutions. Saddam’s noncompliance was confirmed by UNMOVIC, which imputed the continued possession of proscribed weapons by Iraq, whereupon Bush properly applied the operative enforcement procedure at the decision point for OIF.

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