The Biden Doctrine and the Middle East

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the inflation optimism on the Left, anti-Israel diplomacy, our intelligence community, normalizing diplomacy in Iran, and who is really culpable for the Hamas-Israel war.

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7 thoughts on “The Biden Doctrine and the Middle East”

  1. Here’s a thought. Don’t put US naval forces in the middle east. Why must the US always put a target on its back by interjecting itself where its not wanted?

    If I hear one more talking head connect US National Security to the middle east I’ll puke. Until the national security threat is taken seriously on the US southern border, I could give a rat’s ass about the middle east.

    1. Tweeter, Israel is our ally and one doesn’t turn one’s back on an ally in their time of need. If we need help at anytime Israel will be there for us. Our country is a mess by design and cunning by those who hate America. If they take out Israel then they know the Middle East will fall in to line and it will make it that much easier to destroy America.

  2. I am a Canadian, living in British Columbia, and I enjoy listening to your opinion. If you came to Vancouver to give a talk, you would outsell tickets to your show, faster than useless Michelle Obama did.

    1. I remember all the times Israeli armed forces stood shoulder to shoulder with US troops as we waged losing wars ( on their behalf, or ours?) in the ME for 2 decades. Oh wait…they don’t do that, ever. They have used their IC to blackmail US politicians, denied flyover to our aircraft, and interfered in our elections. For whatever reason they allowed this attack to happen, and I think the result will be a million+ Palestinians being moved to my neighborhood…again hurting the US and helping Israel. I support Israel biblically, but I do not support their government, nor sending my sons or money to once again save their political class from the repercussions of their policies.

  3. I love to listen to everything thing that you say because it is always spot on. You are absolutely correct our southern border is our greatest threat to our national security. Every single group that hates us is here within our borders. The Chinese, the Cartels, the Afghans, , the the Iraqi, the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Middle Eastern people, the Venezuelans etc you understand where I’m coming from. They are all hatching plans to attack the US from within but Biden and his administration think this is just a climate migration. This is the biggest BLUNDER In his administration and the Biggest THREAT to the NATIONAL SECURITY OF OUR NATION and we all are going to pay for it.

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