Israel’s Critics and US Policy

Join Victor Davis Hanson’s news roundup with cohost Sami Winc for a look at Hamas’ hospital hoax, protestors in the Capitol, millions of dollars to Gaza, our oil reserves depleted, Venezuelans crossing the border flown back, and Trump’s trial.

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24 thoughts on “Israel's Critics and US Policy”

  1. Thank you for great podcasts, as always! Now palestinians holds hateful rallies in Sweden, Denmark, England, France…
    “Denmark took 321 palestinians 1992, years later 64% had been convicted for crime, 71 of them sentenced to prison. Most of them were on soc. welfare or early retirement benefit. 34 % of their 999 children were convicted for crime, 14 % to prison.”

  2. Please don’t think I am an “Angry Reader” but I do find myself disagreeing with Professor Hanson more lately. So I would like to ask one question with several subsets.

    WHEN professor?
    First let me preface my subsets of question with my reasoning.

    Kevin McCarthy worked a backroom deal with Biden to do away with the debt ceiling for nearly 2 years. Even the reasoning that they will cut $1.5 Trillion only holds true is they adhere to the spending limits after 2025. McCarthy promised the House would get back to 12 Appropriations rather than a continuing resolution or worse yet an Ominbus of 3000+ pages. I could continue but just these two make my point.

    WHEN will you say enough spending? Often you point out that the US spending is NOT sustainable and we are now more than $33 Trillion in debt on just the funded liabilities. Who can calcualte the unfunded!

    WHEN do you allow a person to go back on his promise before you say they cannot be trusted? Even Gomer Pyle (old TV series) was smart enough not to be fooled a second time (once shame on you, twice shame on me).

    McCarthy had to be vacated as Speaker if this House was going to turn things around. That Matt Gaetz was the catalyst should not make him the bad guy. As for a follow on plan, that would be up to the entire GOP House congresspersons to get a Speaker that has not fed the manure for the past 20 years.
    We the People deserve better than Kevin McCarthy and the spending deals that put my grandchildren in debt.

    1. Well said and written, my comment was the “Angry Reader” response although I too hold Professor Hanson and crew in the highest regards. The Debt service is no longer manageable when the bonds are selling at 50 cents on the dollar, its pretty simple…. The Establishment GOP dont care they are trying to bank enough Lobbyists cream before the bottom drops out, I 100% gave Kevin the credit when he worked a deal with Gaetz then sat back and watched Kevin used car salesmen break every agreement, 10 months in and still no impeachment of myorkus or a single subpoena to Hunter all while letting DOJ and White House weaponize every single angle against the only guy that will drive enough voters to the polls ORANGE MAN, YOU know SAMI the voters that didnt show up in the MIDTERMS when TRUMP wasn’t on the ballot………………………


      I don’t think any conservatives disagree that the debt is a serious issue. I think there is disagreement on whether this is the time to have it as a top strategic goal for our movement, more important than maintaining the one piece of the federal government where we hold control by a slim margin. Was it worth it to the so-called Freedom Caucus to make common cause with the Leftists on the choice of speaker? Was it a wise tactical move? Or would it have been better to have worked more as a bloc and stood behind McCarthy, warts and all, to maintain that slim control against the immediate future when we might increase our control by gaining more seats in the House and Senate? And was this the right time to foment the divides in the conservative side, when each new day under Biden brings more and more activity on the part of our enemies around the world?

  3. Robert Westmoreland

    Victor Davis Hanson and Charles Krauthammer are the most lucid, learned , and compelling social and political commentators I’ve read in my fairly long life. It’s nearly absurd to call either a “columnist;” that’s a little like calling Washington a distiller. Krauthammer was a genuine theorist, as is Hanson, whom I believe has the powers of analysis and synthesis of James Burnham.

    Fantastic podcast.

  4. Great podcast (Oct 20) as usual but I disagree on a couple points.

    You rightly describe weak leaders as appeasers. I see McCarthy as an appeaser who for 9 months just bowed to Biden’s every irrational decision: Border, spending, war, political persecutions, the list is long. Compared to Pelosi McCarthy’s been a wimp.

    So Gaetz is the bold leader who complained then took bold action. I’d rather see a powerless house than one that’s doing nothing but empowering Biden’s Lunacy and destruction of America.

    I also enjoy you often mentioning your family farm. The perfect example of how challenging it can be to lead a successful business. I think we agree there’s no tougher job than running the mighty USA. So I cringe at the pool of inept people vying for the job and I have to disagree that these candidates, polling 40% less than the leader are viable.

    I don’t see lightweights DeSantis, Haley, newcomer RFKjr capable of leading this complicated country in the right direction. The predators around the world and our corrupt deep state will crush them to submission and we’ll end up bankrupt fighting WW5.

    I think Trump, warts and all, did it before and can right this ship again. It will take bold leadership to leverage the slim majority in the house to support him and cary him to victory even if it takes vacating the next 3 speakers to get there.

    Not an angry listener rather a respectful fan I’m looking forward to ‘THE END OF EVERYTHING’

    1. WELL WRITTEN DAN I, I agree 100%…. Its hard for me to not get overly emotional when I post(see above DANTE) sometimes I wish Victor Hanson podcast was required listening to all Voters.
      Shortened attention spans of non political people who vote is the biggest challenge we face, A wise man said “there are no solutions only tradeoffs” -TS
      IMO Nothing the world needs more than a platform to see/hear the discussion of these tradeoffs from all sides, the Left are using that lack of dialogue to control and destroy western society

  5. In total agreement with Mr. Westmoreland’s note!
    The most learned capable observer of all our “Tragic Comic Opera” in the “District of Corruption.

    None of the congress critters represents the people who elected them instead of their corporate owners.
    The great idea to have the congress critters in NASCAR style coveralls with the patches of their corporate owners on the uniforms is a superb idea.

  6. When Nikki Haley pulled down the Confederate flag in South Carolina she doomed any large scale support from the South. Combined with her desire to import people from Gaza after the mass murder attack on Israel; she’s shot herself in both political feet.

  7. Great podcast…
    VDH carries great knowledge and insight of History, relating it to present day….He continues to tell it like it is…refreshing& candid….
    Victor please keep it up…be the voice of the People…..this is our hour of need and enlightenment …

  8. Where to even start with this one, Sami you are nice lady I respect your credentialed educated well experienced opinions but you live in a bubble when it comes to what drives voters The list of CONs Professor Hanson listed off dont drive voters to the polls anymore and Victor calls MAGA last but its the most important bridge to what hes missing the independents that are populist but identify as Americas First we, like MAGA, HATE NEOCON WAR MONGER BULLSHIT ARTIST McCarthy Hemmer, rogers, types WHO BLATANT LIE and obfuscate the voters and bend over for lobbyist’s roll all the grift into CRs/Omnibus status quo DEATH…. VICTOR oddly left out the most important ISSUE GAETZ PUSHED BACK ON (after Kevin said bring it) WE CANT SERVICE THE DEBT!!!!! we only bring in 5 trillion!! the budget as it stands 7.9 trillion NOBODY is buying our BONDS anymore!! Bank of America just announced they lost 162 billion on US bonds selling 50 cents on the dollar, ANOTHER CR INTO OMNIBUS IS DEATH!

  9. What’s the rambling about, Victor? I listened to 5 minutes of you rambling and just can’t take it anymore. Talk about being incoherent. I am sure you’ll make great points at the end if we can sit through all the inconsistencies you want to ramble on and on about. Okay we know you are brilliant. Let’s keep it simple so my 10 year old mind can understand and repeat the talking points.

    1. PHIL what are you Rambling about, maybe turn back on FOXNEWS for some cowslop shiny toy “news”,, Nothing you just said makes any sense There isn’t a more coherent studied culturally politically relevant Podcast available these days than Victor and crew. I may disagree with some of the less volatile takes from Victor and crew about the path the House(Gaetz) has taken to expose the dysfunction Victor certainly doesn’t mince words.
      Thank you Professor Hanson and Team you provide important critical info on the trouble we are in.. PLEASE IGNORE THESE TROLLS

  10. So insightful. Thankful for this man. My spouse served under General Flynn, he was an honest
    wise boss who knew how to lead and encourage
    his troops.

  11. Just an observation on the Trump situation discussed near the end of the podcast.

    The Trump trial(s) are discussed here as almost a fait accompli in terms of conviction(s) – not on all indictments, but at least on one or more. “If there’s a way to get out of it, they would have thought of it” (54m 53s). The crazy Jacobin tactics of the Left are then used to support the idea that indictments will be never ending until something sticks.

    The judicial system is warped – in the venues where the trials are currently being conducted. – the DOJ and FBI are also warped – all doing the bidding of the current Biden administration to prosecute their likely 2024 election opponent. However, convictions can be appealed, all the way up to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

    From what we’ve seen of Trump, he will pursue appeals, if necessary, all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has 3 relatively new conservative judges appointed by Trump during his term in office – we’ve seen their impact in some recent decisions e.g. Roe v Wade. Ironic, that it may be only there where Trump can get a fair trial.

    I suspect Trump will win the primary, and run for the general election in 2024 – successfully, due to the dismal record of Biden and the Left. I don’t think Haley can win the MAGA vote – de Santis can’t win the MAGA vote without Trump’s endorsement, which Trump won’t give if he’s still in the primary race.

    1. Hober,

      Do you think for the good of the country and the party Trump should drop out? The way he’s being treated in the judicial system is utterly disgusting, so I completely sympathize with him. But, sadly, he’s becoming unviable as a result.

      I recently heard Ron De Santis being interviewed on John Solomon’s podcast. He was so well versed on a range of issues and spoke intelligently and honestly.

      Trump and his hardcore supporters have a sense of entitlement when it comes to the nomination. I think this is a mistake. Like Icarus who flew too close to the sun, I think Trump could come crashing down to earth while taking the whole country with him.

      1. Ron,

        Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. I think two things on the point you’ve raised.

        1) The Democrats and the institutions they control have experienced no negative consequences for their Jacobin tactics over the last several years (both Trump’s and Biden’s election and following terms) – they control the Senate (albeit barely) and the White House – with that reward, and no negative consequences, they are only incented to keep doing the same.

        2) As we’ve seen with Robert Mueller and the Russian Collusion Hoax, and John Durbin’s subsequent misadventures, even when they are found out the Jacobin’s have no remorse, and they gleefully plot their next extra-constitutional maneuvers. No consequences – at least not yet. I do think the 2020 extra-constitutional bypassing of state election laws, the FBI and media suppression of the Hunter laptop story, the Zuckerbucks etc – all could have had an effect on the 2020 election (many people polled have said so).

        With the current 91 Trump indictments across 4 courts, and the gag order placed on him , it’s clear that the Jacobin’s know no limits as they hound and prosecute Biden’s currently leading opponent for 2024. It seems that Republicans may be finally waking up to (2) – we’ll see.

        Ultimately, I think only the people can correct this mess – at the polls in 2024 – and only if they want to. I agree with you that there are heavy risks involved, but there must be consequences or the nation is doomed.

  12. I really enjoyed the part of proportional response. It would have saved a lot of American blood and treasure. While striking the country really responsible for the attacks. But of course, the evil bush clan was in power and would never attack brother “bandar bush”. Heck I “believe” they were on the same side anyway.

  13. Notes:

    1. Gazan response to Hamas terrorism largely supportive. Those who oppose their actions would stay quiet for fear of punishment.

    2. Biden gives Gazans $100 million dollars during the war.

    3. Leftist protest in the Capitol Building should be punished like the January 6th incident.

    4. Democrat representative Jamaal Bowman of New York pulled a fire alarm to disrupt the House vote regarding the funding the government.

    5. Biden drains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to an all-time low supply of 17 days to gain political advantage such as when he attempted to cancel student loan repayment.

    6. Biden sends back illegal aliens from leftist countries such as Venezuela and Cuba because when they get to America they will support conservative politics.

    7. Biden pays Iran 6 billion dollars for four hostages.

    8. Democrats implore Israel to not take military action against Hamas.

    9. Democrat party consists of those on welfare and the very wealthy whereas the working class votes Republican.

    10. Make America Great Again agenda should be to enforce border laws, treat China with reciprocity (to deter it from imposing tariffs, buy land in America, permit 330,000 students to study abroad, steal patents and copywrite), and exercise fiscal responsibility (pay down the 32 trillion dollar debt).

  14. Correction: Biden pays Iran 6 billion dollars and 5 jailed Iranians in exchange for 5 American hostages.

    (Iranian windfall expected to allow its government to fund terrorism.)

  15. I don’t know, Uictor, if you’re getting a lot of blowback from Gaetz supporters, it’d be wise to consider what you’ve been saying that has drawn so many to your blog. Live by the Populist sword, die by the Populist sword.

  16. world on fire shoves the most disengaged into the arena .. no escape from reality

    denial & isolation fail to insulate the most demonstrably ‘indifferent’ among us .. no hiding

    we all become targets of terrorism ..
    speech police ‘persons of interest’ ..
    simpletons relegated to abject servitude ..

    beneath some guise of perceived absolute power ..
    willfully deployed by self-absorbed plutocrats

    until now ..

    great unwashed takin’ it to the streets via ..
    peaceful pushback & organized opposition to the pandemic of overreach ..
    NOT on my watch brother .. enough

    happy warriors in the fray pursuant to the liberating therapy of genuine truth ..

    1st Amendment rocks & the 2nd preserves ..

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