The Biden Clan’s Con Is Coming to an End

Despite years of Biden family and media disinformation, we are finally learning that Joe Biden really did fire Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin for looking into state corruption involving the oil company Burisma and Hunter Biden—and ultimately Joe Biden himself.

As Vice President, Biden, in his own words, bragged that he had threatened to cancel the deliverance of American foreign aid to Ukraine unless Shokin was dismissed.

So what is the Congress to do now—un-impeach and exonerate an innocent impeached Donald Trump, and instead impeach a guilty Biden for essentially the same allegations?

After all, the Left redefined the impeachment bar in 2019 as leveraging foreign aid to Ukraine to benefit one’s political career.

And that is exactly what Joe Biden did to ensure his son could continue to raise millions for the Biden family with foreign governments, while being shielded from political consequences.

An impeached Trump also was accused of using the power of government to go after his likely 2020 presidential rival by suggesting that Joe Biden and his family were corrupt, and should be investigated by Ukrainian officials for fraud and bribery.

Despite Joe Biden’s denials, Trump was right: there was plenty of evidence to link Ukrainian unwarranted payoffs going into Biden family coffers.

So Trump in 2019 had good reasons to ensure that none of the Bidens were still burrowed deeply into the Ukrainian payoff machine.

In contrast, Joe Biden had far less grounds to unleash the full powers of government against his probable 2024 rival ex-president Trump.

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is not charging Trump with bribery of the Biden sort. He does not allege that Trump gave special foreign policy preferences for those foreigners who paid his family for such services.

Instead, Smith argues that Trump unlawfully took out classified presidential papers—although Joe Biden did nearly the same.

Biden kept quiet about his vast removal of classified documents for over a decade. Not until Trump was being investigated did Biden suddenly notify the government of his illegal removals.

In contrast, a combative and boisterous Trump fought openly and constantly with federal archivists over which of his papers at his Mar-a-Lago estate were truly classified.

Prosecutorial leaks floated all sorts of unproven nefarious agendas that had prompted Trump’s disputes over his presidential papers.

But no one to this day has seriously asked why senator and then Vice President Biden secretly and weirdly removed and kept such sensitive material for years.

Recent reports allege that Hunter Biden may have been treated with kid gloves by prosecutors, partly because Hunter’s lawyers had threatened otherwise to call Joe Biden to the stand as a favorable witness.

Government prosecutors under pressure from the White House apparently balked at  the nightmare of a befuddled president of the United States testifying under oath about the supposed innocence of the very guilty Hunter Biden.

In truth, the former drug addict Hunter has played lots of such strange games with his own family.

In his laptop communications, Hunter whined that no one in the family appreciated his hard work at family grifting.

He sounded petulant that his father forced him to fork over half his income to the Joe and Jill Biden household.

At time of universal scrutiny of Hunter, the last thing any sane first son might do would be to HAWK his own childish paintings at exorbitant prices to those wishing to buy influence with his father the president.

In effect, Hunter was almost daring the White House to stop his blatant grifting artistry.

Instead, the Bidens moved Hunter into the White House, apparently to keep him under closer watch.

Hunter is still out of control. He could take the family down with him unless President Biden continues to shield him from prosecution.

Ironically, the double standard used by Biden and the media to hound Trump has only raised new questions of fairness.

Why had the Biden family—with its far greater legal exposure—never faced such serial indictments?

A Republican House of Representatives had ended prior Democratic protection given the Bidens.

And the Ukraine war has again turned attention to the Biden-Burisma connection and Hunter’s shaking down of Ukrainian officials.

Finally, Joe Biden can no longer work a full day. He mutters. He stumbles. He serially lies.

He hijacks solemn occasions commemorating national tragedies by trying to one up the grieving with his own self-absorbed stories—most of them irrelevant and narcissistic half-truths.

If a cognitively and criminally challenged Biden cannot finish his term, we will finally learn the full story of 15 years of Biden family corruption.

The Bidens will lose the only impediment—Joe Biden’s political machinations—left in the way of an honest, full-blown felony investigation into what is likely the most corrupt presidential family in American history.

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47 thoughts on “The Biden Clan’s Con Is Coming to an End”

  1. Love your thought patterns.
    Is a Ukrainian prosecutor the same as our attorney general? As far as I can tell they would be considered the same level!

  2. Robert Provenzano

    My heart is heavy in believing that I may soon be grieving the loss of our constitutional republic. It seems that those in DC, with little effort for opposition from GOP Republicans, are pushing a last resort for a We The People counter revolution. The TRUE insurrection visibly began with Obama (although it has been in the works for fecafes), and has been completed with Biden. They’ve done it: They’ve taken over as authoritarians. God help us.


      We already lost it. As Mark Levin puts it, we are in a post-Constitutional state at this point.
      The question now is whether we can restore it, or is it gone for good?

  3. Thank you for the eloquent post and it’s sadly all true. I too, like so many, many others, want to see the Bidens prosecuted for their blatant corruption. It’s almost as if they’re proud and flaunt they’re corruption by thumbing their noses at all decent Americans who are being financially raped daily by this rotten no good bunch of posers who took up residence in the WH illegally. Karma, karma, karma. I’m a strong believer that what comes around goes around. Thanks again for great reporting.

    1. Yes, karma = what comes around, goes around.
      It’s gonna be especially fun to watch, IF we can take control January 2025.

  4. Regarding the last sentence, I believe you are overly optimistic. The powers that control our federal government will fight to no end to continue their control over “our democracy.” They might give up good ‘ol Joe, but not the rest, or not without vast collateral damage to our constitutional institutions. Their lust for power and control has damaged this republic very deeply. And somehow the majority of our citizens either have not noticed or don’t care.

    1. S correct TJ, if anything I have learned in Business- the bureaucracy goes on and on, they offer up a sacrificial lamb or two and then the average american who has a job, family, business and just day to day life to deal with starts to get comfortable with the a very tiny success and then the all and powerful bureaucracy re-boots and gets more powerful. I just dont believe that the everyday american will take it all seriously and fight the system long enough to get real change. We are just to spoiled and distracted with BS.

    2. You are so right. The deep state controllers will throw their puppet under a bus in a minute. What ever is required to keep control, they will do it. Including allowing a war between the people or with foreign countries. Just like the king did.

    3. This all began right after the US imported Nazis in Ooeration Paper clip because they held the science in the Atomic bombs used against Japan. The Nazis infiltrated every level of every government and now we have incredible corruption in our once great Republic. Ushered in by our own gov’t through adopting Nazi children ( GHW BUSH) to senator families. Olacing them then in high political office to further downgrade our national precious document, the US Constitution. That not having been enough to destroy us, they banned God from all public life. And infiltrated our education system through yet another useful idiot, Carter, who further broke the States Supremacy status by setting up the Dept of Education. Sold to the citizens as a way to “unify” education across all 50 states… it unified the dumbing down of all students into the teeming mass of uneducated people we have today! Solution: destroy the Dept of Ed and revert to tge original Constitutional mandate that education be under the rule of states and their legislatures! Thus the Nazi/Communist destruction CLOULD be stopped! Other things that MUST be done is kick the commie UN out! Destroy the building and remove all the infiltrators usinf if! The UN was and is a grand OWG wet dream of other demoncRAT FORMER presidents, seeking not world peace, but One World Rulership while as the parasite it is, sucking the lifeblood out of America and other nations, Americz being the lifeblood. Kill that monster and all other NGOs!

  5. HolocaustSurvivor

    Biden is not the President, because he was never elected. He’s a dictator who stole the election, and he’s funding a Nazi army in Ukraine. Biden is a Nazi war criminal.

  6. Was this a misprint or am I reading this wrong where Dr. Hanson writes “So Trump in 2019 had good reasons to ensure that none of the Bidens were still burrowed deeply into the Ukrainian payoff machine.”? Seems the opposite was true. No?

  7. Joe Biden could walk into the reporter room, draw a gun from his holster, and then shoot Peter Doocy in the head — and the legacy media would not report on it. Maybe not even Fox at this point.

    Exaggeration or reality? Hard to tell.

    Yet they create fictional narratives all the time based on zero facts and made-up sources.

    The protections of a free press should not be given to these known liars. They know that their job is not to report the news but to spread propaganda for their own gain.

    What does it take to put Biden in jail? Any Biden, take your pick.

    It likely won’t happen in my lifetime.

  8. All our national issues are caused by the abandonment of ethics. Those with no moral compass outnumber those who know right from wrong. It is the citizens that are responsible. The grifting, the theft, the lying, the idea of political correctness to avoid honesty, the greed, the laziness, welfare, ignorance, irresponsibility, cheating, the path of least resistance, lowering standards, excuses for bad behavior, not hurting anyone’s feelings. The list goes on and on. We are no longer a proud nation because we have lost the things to be proud of.

  9. Long time listener and first time commenter. Simply a thank you from a man who greatly respects your work and your contribution to others.

  10. Not so fast – I think McCarthy is guiding the House panels into pinning down the exact money transfers through numerous shell co.s to definitely show how Hunter & his cronies got the “Big Guy’s 10%” of the multi million dollar shakedowns. It didn’t end at Hunter, as the lead Democrat apologist for Biden on investigative committees had to admit. They want a clear record of bribes funneled to Jurassic Joe. Mere association wit bad actors and actions beneficial for those paying racketeering by VP now POTUS is not crystal clear proof – those can be explained away by blundering policy decisions, which for 0lde Joe is par for his course. Hopefully by the time Trump’s trails start a House Impeachment panel can convene with questions in the vein of like ” just how did you spend more and acquire property worth more than you reported on your income tax?”

    1. I gave no trust in McCarthy who loves to have dinners with WEF. schwab “ you will iwn nothing and you will like it”. Meanwhile desr Kevin rides in luxury as does his mentor Schwab

    2. Many of US hope and pray that you are right, BUT remain ‘doubting Thomases’ when it comes to Kevin McCarthy!

  11. Consequences. Our country will not be healed from its corrupt parasites until the many who pathologically leech us of our National dignity and sense of fairness go to jail. Only then will trust, confidence and judicial fairness be restored. There must be consequences.
    Until then, expect more of the Deep Administrative State’s Kabuki theatre of influence peddling and psy-ops.
    In the 2004 film National Treasure, the FBI agent played by Harvey Keitel exhorts repeatedly that “somebody’s gotta go to jail” as he seeks to untangle a Gordian knot of subterfuge in stealing the Declaration of Independence in order to locate great treasure for personal gain.
    His lamentations are a clarion call for much higher stakes of non-fictional crimes.
    Somebody’s gotta go to jail and we all know who it is. And others.
    No consequences, no healing, no country.
    And our treasures will have been stolen.


    Considered in the context of 250 years of American history, the only choices that should be offered to Joseph Biden are would he like a cigarette? And, should he hang with or without a blindfold?

    Murmur your “yabbuts” to yourselves. Biden’s hanged corpse sends the unambiguous, inarguable message that betrayal of this nation means you forfeit your life. Anything less sends the whispered, deceitful message Democrats long to hear: “…next time, we may succeed!” And they very nearly did.

  13. My wife of 30 years fled Castro’s Cuba. We have people in our circles that still, right now, defend and support what Castro did. I’ve always been a voracious reader of fiction and history. Since 9/11, I’ve read the pertinent histories of Israel, WWI, WWII, China’s Cultural Revolution, and now I’ve started Edward Gibbon’s colossal offering The History of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. There seems to have always been two types of people throughout all of human history; those who foster and promulgate self-reliance, and those who constantly require the security of the nanny state. The nanny state ALWAYS ends poorly.

  14. Extremely surreal banana republic politics in a country that used to detest and prevent such crimes

    Justice can’t happen fast enough

  15. Thanks again Victor for another clear summary of the biden abominations. I juxtapose your desire for the truth with the total indifference to the truth demonstrated by the charlatans posing as reporters during “presidential press conferences”. Most of these “reporters” , with very few exceptions, sit there content to listen, nod and submit. Does one only become a tenured reporter if one can consistently accomplish all three? Please continue your quest for truth and justice.

  16. Hunter had to be the worse son between he and Beau. Hunter had the computer from hell, and he has to be the son from hell, it is epic Biblical. I have to suspect that Joe Biden is overcompensating for something in the family’s past. He is staking his reputation, his Presidency, his families and the United States on this. But Victor I am not certain even with the overwhelming evidence that he will be convicted of anything. The Republicans have been out played by the Democrats for the last three years, they have been one step ahead, they played long game. I think the possibility of fixing this divisiveness in not possible, it has already tipped. Everything has become political, I believe we are seeing the beginnings of another Civil War, it will go from words to kinetic far worse than Jan 6th and it will again be brother against brother, family against family, neighbor against neighbor. History will say that the words of strife started in 2022. There will be no nation after the next Civil War, not country builders, no unifiers, no Abe Lincolns, OVER from within.

  17. Without citing sources, just more partisan opinion. Should be labelled as such. Might be 100 percent false.

    1. Pay attention and stop being lazy; these are proven facts.

      Biden fired the Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating corruption; it’s on video when Joe Biden bragged about it.

      It’s a fact that the Biden LLCs received millions from Ukraine, China, and other countries.

      It’s a fact that Joe knew and participated in these business dealings, now confirmed by the alias emails.

      These are facts; you can ignore and deny them but that doesn’t make them partisan opinions.

  18. Joe Biden has been in the public spotlight of political activities for nearly fifty years and avoided the scrutiny of the press and his constituents. Like the broad daylight smash and grab robberies now ongoing in our large democratically run cities, the Biden crime syndicate will never receive the justice they deserve.

  19. All of this will be hidden away by the appointment of the special prosecutor and we may hear of it agian in 2032 if the country still exists. If not impeachment then the election next year are our only hope. Hopefully everu candidate and the RNC are filling lawsuits in every state negating ballot drop boxes and restricting early or absentee votes. It is not who votes that matter, it is who counts the vote that matters. Stalin knew this well.

  20. From Another Eeyore.
    I’ve yelled into the atmosphere on the new X, formerly Twitter, and by the way, I call my posts there Xerks, pronounce with a “z” sound, and if you come up with a really big Xerk, it’s a BaXerk! But alas, I have no audience.
    And so I am hopeful that those that are conservative and do have a broadcast audience on X, or a podcast, etc. will openly call for an information to be drawn and an indictment to be filed against the five prosecutors breaking the law to go after former President Donald Trump i.e. Garland, Bragg, James, Willis and Smith #IndictGarlandBraggJamesWillis&Smith for malfeasance in the abuse of their office and/or position and abuse of process.
    Everybody is fond of saying that you can indict a ham sandwich; these five’s contortions of the legal process to harass the former President are no ham sandwich.

  21. Fair Comment

    I find myself asking this question more and more lately, “liar or stupid”.

    Dr. Hanson – or should I say “Juan Hanson”, thank you for another excellent commentary. It is frustrating that so many of our citizens seem to be cheering on these tyrants and their corrupt agencies.

  22. I hope someday a complete list of les noms de plume used by the 46th President of the United States will become available. So far none seem to match the absurdity of Mitt Romney’s “Pierre Delecto.” On the other hand the stakes were not as high for the Senator from Utah, since he was not engaged in hiding bribery or treason.

  23. There’s always hope.
    However, our Manchurian zombie-in-chief is highly protected by well-placed and well-paid-by-CCP quislings in every branch of government & finance and all social power structures.
    They’ll probably just disconnect his implanted batteries around Sep-Oct 2024 for another November steal with different faces.

  24. NotPropagandized

    Would be a relief if the justice-dial got turned toward more legitimate justice and less coverup, corruption. It’s hard to imagine that a successor DOJ and FBI and IC and Admin-Deep-State and Dim-Media-Regime would actually right the ship at all. There is no substitute for winning, victory.

  25. Going forward I feel I am front seat full view of a sinking ship…and I can’t help…What can we do to stop this dysfunction. We must start repairing our nation for our children and the future of our country .

  26. In Joey’s world, a father’s “love” for son carries no price, all the while his pathological brood Hunter blackmails a hopelessly corrupted Pops, parasitically, while they bank future wealth and indulgence for the entire family. The web of deceit has spun the spider with no place to hide. Palpable arrogance of each comports the same result — one crack head, and the other cracked open. As our country teeters through this national calamity, lessons will be learned, and heads must “roll”. The future of our Constitutional Republic depends upon it!

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