Always One-Sided or How the Left’s Mind Works

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they talk about Biden’s email aliases and foreign policy, destruction of southern monuments, the passing of Jim Buckley, and the left-leaning university archaeology going anti-Semitic.

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19 thoughts on “Always One-Sided or How the Left's Mind Works”

  1. Thanks for a blast from our collective American past. Kinji Shibuya – Lucha Libre L.A, TV – Saturday Night from the Los Angeles Olympic Boxing Ring. He had a big mouth and wrestled dirty as the ultimate Japanese villain but we sansei kids in the 1960’s thought he was great. Hated and feared, he had a loud gravely voice and wouldn’t take any sh!t from anyone. What I didn’t like was when my friend Dean would imitate him the next day by jumping out from nowhere at church, yelling out “Kinji Shibuya’s revenge” and head butt me on the forehead.

  2. So Jack, no offense, but most people listen to hear VDH, not you rambling along. Could you please get out of the way? Thanks.


      On the contrary, Jack’s interaction with Professor Hanson helps make the broadcast. I’d much rather hear Jack’s comments than Sami’s.


    When I use a pseudonym, I like to use “Rusty Shackleford”, or “Philo T. Farnsworth”. “Ron Swanson” is another good one.

  4. It was fascinating to hear a critique of u’s from a former insider. What will be their tip point? When they have to dip into their deep reserves? Will more than one generation be lost to woke’s misplaced values? When will China stop sending their students here for an ‘education’ – When they realize they do better research at home?

  5. The conservative takes on last night’s GOP debate and Trump/Tucker interview were so predictable and hilarious. In a nutshell, they said the two front runners Trump, and V did the worst, in that reverse order. lmao

    I am sure H will provide similar commentary.

    Trump’s interview was really interesting and funny.
    I did not watch the debate, but I don’t need a PhD in politic to know who won. V pictures/clips were all over the internet. The conservatives accused him of being on drug, and a jerk. HAHAHA. These nice guys are super revealing when their side loses.

  6. Dear Prof. Hanson,
    I never miss a podcast because I learn so much from you. I’m a 71-year-old retired mechanical engineer who spent 30 years in Silicon Valley. I now live in the middle of family farmland in SW Montana with my lovely wife of 44 years.
    I would like to ask you to comment on the topics raised by James Freeman of the WSJ in his Best of the Web column of August 24 (link below). He wrote about the NYT suggesting that (because the left has destroyed our trust in how U.S. elections are conducted) we should just get rid of voting and use sortition. (William F. Buckley famously suggested something similar for very different reasons.) The NYT then went on to completely mischaracterize Athenian democracy. In rebuttal, Mr. Freeman quoted historian Donald Kagan. Again, your perspective would be most valuable to me and, I’m sure, your other faithful listeners.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and keep you safe.
    Robert C. Hall

  7. Dr Hanson .. many thanks & kudos for yet another tremendous lecture ..
    very much appreciate your vocal, heartfelt support for James Webb’s piece ref the priceless Confederate Memorial at Arlington in the WSJ

    We’re both looking forward to your dinner lecture at Hillsdale on 10/6 .. we shall see you there
    KEEP ON, KEEPIN ON kind sir

  8. As someone who had the honor of working on a Senate committee staff for Jim Buckley, he was the most pleasant and thoughrtful senator of that era. A true gentleman, he would have been re-elected if his opponent had been Bella Abzug, but, alas, the Dem leadership pulled Moynihan into the race just in time, from their point of view. Moynihan talked big and accomplished little, just the opposite of Jim Buckley. HHB

  9. Does anyone know where these historical monuments are being removed to? As an artist and resident of Florence, Italy, I tremble to think they will not be preserved SOMEWHERE. Besides their representation of the political sentiment of a moment, they are works of concurrent human craftsmanship and artistry. Btw, what would be left of the layers of civilizations in this country if we were to decide to “disappear” what we deemed negative by today’s standards? Heavens! Just think about all the coliseums that would have to go. The splendid Fascist architecture all over Italy? Italy is constantly digging up (literally) its past and building museums around what’s found….

  10. From Another Eeyore.
    I must say that I very much enjoyed the Lucha Libre sidebar from Thursday’s podcast. My comment today, however is on a different topic. One that I previously directed to your staff member Jennifer as I think it so important.
    Victor, I’d like to have a conversation and it will start something like this:
    Since your conclusion from writing The End of Everything is that last among the failings of a society heading to extinction, was that they held onto the false hope that someone, something would come to save them, does it follow for you then, that if the next election is as flawed as the last, that that is to be our end?
    But as I think past your possible answer, it brings on the discussion that I hope to have one day.

    Fingers crossed. My cell number is 561-709-9035.
    Very respectfully,
    Steve Hudson (Not a farmer, but my first job was picking apples from a three-legged ladder.)

  11. VDH, you mentioned that you had a discussion with some children/students at Stanford regarding cancel culture. Of course, they look at history in the terms of today’s moral standards — even if today’s moral standards are not all that — opposed to the standards of previous generations. I would throw at them the case of Barack Obama. There is no argument that he is an anti-semite and racist. I would say to them; should we cancel Barack? That may help them put their idiotic argument into perspective.

  12. I am disappointed that an organization I choose to follow is allowing itself toget involved in the trivialities of the upcoming Presidential election. The past debate was a lot of fun but reality?
    How can conservatives support a man who invaded our Capital in order to destroy our democracy? How can conservatives support Trump when he supports Putin and announces he will stop military aid aid to Ukraine when they know the damage that their support of Hitler led to WWII and made it worse for us? I know, a meaning of conservatism is that we cannot change our minds! But you, the intelligencia of the conservative movement must lead not follow. Mike Mitchell

  13. Dr. Hanson – I enjoyed listening to your discussion of the removal of Confederate statues and monuments. My family is from Alabama, as is my wife’s, and I have lived all my adult life in the South. This recent eradication of the statues and monuments dishonors a national agreement made to reunite the soul of the South with that of the United States, and on some level, it’s as if the welcome given to the returning prodigal son was conditional after all. As you say, the motives for supporting the Confederacy were varied and not simply to maintain the institution of slavery, and recognizing this fact also recognizes the tragic element in the attempted secession. Ironically, this symbolic attempt to kick the prodigal son back out of the household may also contain a tragic element.

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