The Audacity of Weakness

Obama’s morally confused foreign policy is making the world more dangerous by the day.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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19 thoughts on “The Audacity of Weakness”

  1. “Amid such moral confusion, who is the American enemy and who is the ally? “…

    Asking the same question, I might ask “What forces are at play we fail to recognize?”

    I can think of a three items right off the bat, we simply can not bring ourselves to discuss and investigate.

    (1) The youngster “Barry Soetoro” worked with another youngster, Andrew D Basiago (pronounced Bah-shah-go), now an independent Presidential Candidate posted on Facebook under Andy2016. According to Andy Basiago, now a practicing Environmental Attorney, who can also be found on many YouTube interviews, Andy and Barry, were both conscripted and served as children in a highly classified operation as Chrononaughts. The record of their association is so astounding, there is a high probability their joint record is not recognized, and it is very significant as to who controls our President. Even I probably would have never believed the story-record, were it not for a youthful encounter of my own as a Vietnam jet fighter pilot, encountering a 3000-ft diameter (+- 500-ft) flying craft at 125,000-ft above the Kagoshima Volcano in Japan in 1965. The same craft was seen again the following year on a night time raid by an entire B-52 crew. I was unwilling to climb my aircraft (an F4-B) above 60,000 feet without a pressure suit for fear of The Bends…bubbles in the blood forming). So… dig into what Andrew Basiago has to say about President Obama, listen to some of Basiago’s testimony, and deal with it as best you can. Or continue to ignore it at democracy’s risk.

    (2) When we read the Federal Budget and determine that military spending has been cut by any given percentage, know that we are not being shown the multi-trillion-dollar annual spending, secretly financed by the plundered Federal Reserve Bank, for the benefit (?) of our split-away civilization, running advanced DARPA projects including our own anti-gravitic craft, reverse engineered and sometimes guided by ET-technology trades. Some pretty reasonable people including including the likes of Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Richard Nolan, Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell – 6th man on the moon, Dr. Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D – Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion.. are all saying the same things: Reality is somewhat different than what we are told.

    What bearing does all this have to do with the question of leadership’s moral confusion?

    The President (as was several of them) was placed in office by these very forces that have been running this world. It’s part of the reason their seems not to be a difference worth a tinker’s damn between Republican’s we put into office and Democrats we put into office. They are controlled by these powers! It is the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), the same SSG Bill Clinton complained to reporter Sarah McClendon, wouldn’t let him do it. Until we rise to the occasion and start speaking truth to each other on a much deeper level that we have dared to research before, we will only see each other as sadly ignorant, and immense talent and intellectual brilliance, caught inside the box of history where we remain and are kept blind to greater truth.

    (3) Finally, we are afraid to give credit to alternative media, cite their work as worthy, or use their findings to thread our own research which we might then confirm on our own. This is our true, blameless failure as our discoveries bring inevitable scary change. For example consider the excellent work of the penny-ante operation known as “The Corbett Report.” The kid does his homework for gosh sake, better than any script reading anchor on mainstream media. His deep analysis on ISIS is a worth while investment of my time IMHO. There are False Flags underway everywhere and not one mention in mainstream media.

    This is the box others have built for us to live in. We can open the lid if we have the heart.


      The interplay of points (1), (2) and (3) was to first find a child carrying the right DNA and immerse him in the Christian and Islamic cultural influences emphasizing the radical edges not the mainstream center, then insure that he could be entrusted by running him through extraordinary elite-training tasks, develop a strong sense of entitlement as a chosen one, explain to him he is being groomed to become a President, open all the necessary doors and place him into office. The goal is to then place this President in a politically supportable position to actually start WWIII. Then from the chaos and the ruble bring about the final phase of the New World Order. Their master plan is not quite working out. The good guys seem to be winning instead.

        1. My comments do not imply that anyone is a willing participant in these deeper game strategies of the ruling occult manufactured chaos. Only that their epoch is ending and a golden age is beginning and that the powers of good are prevailing.

  2. On Feb 19, 2015, I sent the IBD an e-mail calling for the impeachment of our President based upon what our impeccable Four-Star Admiral, James A. “Ace” Lyons stated on the podium at the National Press Club in January 2015 (the clip can be found on the current Michael Savage website) and I quote, “the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated into every one of our national security agencies, including all of our intelligence agencies.”

    Based upon your above article, this seems to be even more relevant today; or at least, the re-establishment of the House of UnAmerican Activities Committee.

  3. VDH,

    Fine article, and excellent title.

    And I wouldn’t even comment except that I had to acknowledge the entertaining madness of Mr. Buckley’s off-the-wall comment, above.


  4. >> gobbling up the Crimea and eastern Ukraine <<

    Could we just stop with the "evil Putin" stuff?

    Crimea and eastern Ukraine would be indisputable and undisputed parts of Ukraine had the U.S. not stupidly worked so hard to bring down the elected government of Ukraine. Period. Obama and the graceless Nuland dabbled in geopolitical something or other there and never once gave any kind of assurances to Mr. Putin on the Black See naval base that even Valerie Jarrett would agree is, like, you know, a major strategic Russian asset. This is just diplomatic Romper Room. Where is Mr. Rogers when you want a firm realist to run things?

    The U.S. similarly was meddling in Georgia for reasons having nothing to do with the national interests of the U.S.

    Please cease and desist from the "gobbled up" and "sliced off" rhetoric. Next it will be Russian "naked aggression" when NATO forces — rushed to the Russian border for no reason bearing on the advancement of the interests of the U.S. than I can discern — engineer some "incident."

    Ditto as to the supposed use of chemical weapons by Assad. It's anything but clear that he ordered their use. And just before the inspectors were to arrive? Oh, please. It's more likely that the "rebels" used them.

    A little more skepticism on these points, Prof. Hanson, please. U.S. foreign policy is anything but coherent these last few years and it's a safe assumption that if we're doing anything in the diplomatic or military realm outside the three-mile limit of the U.S. these days, it's just part of a Pee-wee Herman movie. Or should be. (And God bless, Pee-wee, let it be said. He makes more sense to me than this freak we have for a president, though they're neck-and-neck on the entertainment value of what they do.)

    Otherwise, right on the money.

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  6. Wonder which country or terrorist organization will make a move against the U.S. before the nation replaces Obama with a strong minded common sensed President who will actually HAVE a coherent foreign policy?

  7. Annual deficit’s expected to rise in the coming years toward the trillion mark again? Received the following on good authority years ago and posted here around 6 months ago. In the USA, it’s finance. In China, it’s manufacturing and outright thievery. And in Europe, It’s slow decay. Each year the truth in those three statements becomes more clear, (Revisit in 1 year). With the World power structure in place and the 100 trillion in World debt that has been rung up, hard to explain away how all this runs it’s natural course to anything but a chaotic end………..The wisest counsel will be received like a fart in the wind, unpleasant and soon forgotten, unheard to the bitter end. But thank-you Mr. Hanson, ” The Jewels on the Crown represent all those you helped along the way”.

  8. Prof. Hanson, can you please explain one thing that I just don’t–for the life of me–get? I understand what you’re saying about the current president and his beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, motives, plans, intentions, policies, outlook, ET AL. However, I’m having a very difficult time understanding how ONE MAN can do ALL OF THIS by himself within the governmental structures and systems and processes upon which I’ve assumed this nation was based and under which it ostensibly operates. Maybe I’m ignorant or naive. I thought (ie, was taught) the US of A was constructed in such a way as to avoid this kind of unilateral-authoritarian-accelerated abuse. I see what’s happening…But how is it possible? What am I missing? I’m no slouch when it comes to deeply studying and deciphering history which makes this phenomenon all the more baffling and distressing…to me. Is there someone or something behind or beneath this single individual (however charismatic or en-titled) in the shadows that I haven’t yet reckoned? Is he merely the figurehead/mouthpiece of some hiding-right-in-front-of-my-eyes force? Or is it merely catastrophic happenstance? Can you please explain this riddle — how one man can do so much in so short a time in a huge pluralistic constitutional democratic republic? How? And what is the realistic remedy, if there are any? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank You, Sir.

  9. “” Chinese economic activity has probably slowed to less than 3% “” from zero hedge. Genghis and the russian bear ride again—— 2016 elections crucial.

  10. VDH:

    U.S. foreign policy is lacking in the Obama Administration. What are the roots of decay? I enjoy lecturing to my students about the deep-rooted causes of the Civil War dating back to the colonial times. From the late 18th century onward, the two regions developed differenty. U.S. foreign policy like the Civil War still has scholars debating. Two distinct Americas couldn’t reconcile their differences. U.S. foreign policy and the lack of it among the Obama Administration shows the differences as Americans are divided, among leadership. The belief in Obama’s Popular Sovereignty would create a better U.S. foreign policy seems undercut in terms of policy. At first glance, Obama’s Popular Sovereignty of U.S. foreign policy seems reasonalbe and democatic. But, in practice his Popular Sovereignty foreign policy is a disaster. The result during the Civil War was the same violence. Kansas, like Syria for instance, was little more than a bloody, armed caldron of tension by the late 1850s. Mr. Obama seems to be embrassed by the Winston Churchill of Israel. Nixon’s foregin policy of old needs to be studied in great details by the next American President. The legacy of a president is their foregin policy. President Obama’s foregin policy is as scary as the surrender of Vicksburg. His policy is ravaging the U.S. relations just like in the summer of 1864 when Gen. William Sherman began to a campaign to take Atlanta. With such a weak foreign policy will Obama led the American people on a “march to destruction,” destroying the value of American people and U.S. Foregin Policy?
    Jared William Carter
    Caruthers, CA

  11. We still have two more years with the knuckle-head at the White House, if ever there was a time for an attack on the USA, that time is upon us during the remaining tenure of the knuckle-head in chief. The next president, hopefully will have a clear level head on how to deal with evil doers.

  12. Ed Seegmiller

    Name me another democracy in the world that is a mirror image of the United States of America. Israel! Have you ever been to Israel? If so you feel you are in the USA. The only democracy in the middle east for sure. I believe that with the effort Israel puts forth to be a democracy & example of freedom we must assist & partner with them throughout their difficulities. Evil cannot stand the presents of freedom and the two nations that form that alliance of freedom is of course Israel & the USA. I stand for Israel!.l.

  13. The big lie that American forces in Iraq caused terrorists to fill the ranks has since been proven false. Of course some did, but overall compared to the withdraw of American forces it’s not even close. During the occupation of Iraq since 2003 there was a max of 5000 to 10,000 foreign fighters with a total including local insurgents of 30,000. Over 20,000 were killed by American forces all by negating any foreign gain.

    ISIS has drawn over 20,000 foreign fighters with total man power near 100,000. Kurdish forces put ISIS numbers at 200,000 fighters. The CIA is the only entity low balling ISIS numbers.

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