The Arena at Home and Abroad

Join Victor Davis Hanson as he responds to questions from cohost Sami Winc about the war in Ukraine, U.S. adversaries and their window of opportunity, the US economy, and the January 6th Committee.

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10 thoughts on “The Arena at Home and Abroad”

  1. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, and probably come off sounding like a jackass, maybe I am a jackass. One thing that appeals to me about Victor is he doesn’t talk about himself much. Maybe because I listen, watch, and read everything of his, I find it tiring hearing about his home renovation, covid recovery, or mishaps while traveling oversea when it does not add to his analysis.

    Victor has so much good stuff to say, he should not waste a second on these fillers. I think when you use the same eloquent and intensity to discuss the importance, and the mundane, you hurt yourself. Just my 2 cents. Please forgive me, and keep this private.

    Jackass, Phil

  2. Barbara Humphreys

    Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham: milk toast washed down with small beer. If this is the best “leadership” the Republicans can come up with, it will be the same old same old after November. They are part of the problem, not the solution. Am I hopeful they will be gone and that we will get some vision and can do in the Republican leadership? No. To paraphrase Abba Eban, the Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  3. Victor, until state voting law is changed the nothing changes in 2022 ! Please tell me that voting laws have changed in red states at least ?

    MQ U.K.


      It’s not that laws were changed, at least, that they were changed in the normal way we learned in civics classes. Here in Pennsylvania, for example, the laws were ignored or circumvented by the governor and his bureaucracy, and by our Commonwealth supreme court, which refused to support challenges to those violations. The Left/Progressives gamed the system.
      Mollie Hemingway’s “Rigged” is an excellent look at what happened in 2020.


    Two notes for Sami….

    Since Ukraine declared its independence in 1991, it’s just “Ukraine”, no definite article. The name goes back to a root that means “borderland”, like “march” in English. With a definite article, it suggests that it is a borderland subject to some other sovereign state. It may seem like a small thing, but it means something, especially to Ukrainians.

    Bob Vila’s name has one L and is pronounced “vee-la”, not “vee-ya”.

  5. The ambassador from Ukraine to the USA once told me that Ukrainians don’t like their country called “The Ukraine” as it means they are a region in another country. Perhaps we could ask Ms. Sami Winc to call the country Ukraine?
    Thank you for the podcasts.

  6. Stephen William Mc Dougall

    Hi Victor,

    Never thought you were such a war hawk. You are so on the wrong side of the Ukraine situation. The West goaded Russia into this war, the sanctions have backfired on the West and Russia has won the war. He will take Odessa and if you keep poking him he will take all of the Ukraine.

    1. If you think of Victor as a “War Hawk,” you should see his discussion with the Goodfellas at Hoover Podcasts. Also, switching to the personal pronoun in the last sentence is a bit confusing. Is there a missing sentence or two about Putin specifically that ended up being excised before you posted?

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