Elites and The Lobster Bucket

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler in a conversation about Biden’s prospects in 2024, our wayward elites, victims of communism, and Boris Johnson’s policy for farms. We need to re-evaluate leadership in America.

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12 thoughts on “Elites and The Lobster Bucket”

  1. Carmel Aucoin

    Especially appreciated the ‘fish’ story ….. we, in Canada, at the time of the 1995 referendum had a ‘lobster’ analogy story. The premier of the province in a speech spoke about the population who voted for the ‘yes’ side would be like lobsters in a trap, never to be able to get out again, ending in the breakup of Canada. All on a happy and fun note which is how sure they were of winning. The separatists yucked at it…… but the opposition jumped on it. The separatists lost but not because of this alone, but by which hangs another real-life story which to this day has not yet been made public.
    Keep telling stories …… it’s the stuff of which life is made of.

  2. I think the biggest reason we vilify Hitler more than Stalin or Mao is because Hitler’s regime kept good records.

  3. Barbara Humphreys

    On the lobster bucket, dump them into the pot. I’ll bring the clarified butter and utensils.

  4. Ok, so the Western Way of War really does shipwreck against the glacier of Nuclear Weapons. No more Shermans or Churchills. No more Unconditional Surrender Grant. They’ve gone the way of the dodo because Vlady Putin is a Bolshevik zealot with the religious fanaticism of a schismatic Russian Orthodox and has half the codes to enough nukes to blow up the planet. Cutting a deal might be the wise choice, except that he’s looking for an offramp about as much as the Iranian mullahs are. So what happens when he doesn’t stop pushing? There doesn’t seem to be an answer except to keep feeding the beast until he or his successor roll their tanks into a European country that we do give a sh@@ about and then what -nuclear war? Need some sort of answer to that, or at least the start of one.

    Also, most Ukrainians speak Russian. The idea that Eastern Ukraine is somehow more Russian because a higher population of Russian-only speakers lives there misunderstands the nuances of Russian language, Russian ethnicity, Russian citizenship, and Russian patriotism.

  5. Speaking of ELITES, I just saw a Washington Examiner article ” Gaslighting: Obama installs propane tanks at mansion” …. 3 tanks with total capacity of 2500 gallons of propane. A FOSSIL FUEL!
    I bet he’s not the only walled, guarded, Greene elite with large such back up systems.

  6. Extremely lucid appraisal of where the white house stands. Nihilistic was the term that was introduced in an earlier podcast. Sovietization is scary but we’re now seeing it the 2 systems of justice that the administration is flouting. It has to stop.

    Thank you Mr Hanson for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Love Dr H and Sami.
    Please VDH never again say we cannot finish the southern wall.
    Just sat the Left WON’T.
    Trump proved we can build it and they won’t come.

    IRT your 17Jun podcast.


  8. Paul Stinchfield

    I personally prefer “crab bucket” to “lobster bucket”: It’s the more commonly used metaphor, its syllables have a better rhythm, and it allows the lobsters to stick to what they do best: make memes for Jordan Peterson.

  9. Paul Stinchfield

    “I think the biggest reason we vilify Hitler more than Stalin or Mao is because Hitler’s regime kept good records.”

    As I understand it Stalin’s regime kept very thorough records (as did the Soviet puppet states) which were opened to scholars after the dissolution of the USSR. Do those archives not include records of all persons consigned to the Gulag or execution?

    I suspect that Mao’s regime kept detailed archives as well, but of course whatever archives exist have never been made public. Have there ever been defectors who had access to such records?

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