The Amoral Nature of the Pawn Strategy

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online – The Corner


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5 thoughts on “The Amoral Nature of the Pawn Strategy”

  1. Exactly! Gibbon said it best “The Arabian who is in harmony and copious of style will not reach, in version, the European infidel.” Obama and Presidents proceeding him are not tainted by color but with no power and will not be tided to a Middle East with a female belt of chastity. The joint names of Justinian and Thedora and magistrates of Rome would have put an end to this terror. Rome was lost because of crisis on and finally inside their borders. Mohammed and the rise of Islam and the Hamas are that of the factions of Hippodrome. The virtues of Ancient Rome, like those in the Middle East are lost thanks to the license of barbarians. Obama-an foley lacks Julian’s March of success. Hamas has no license to kill in the post modern age of Antonines.


  2. All very true.

    I notice that the media sympathetic to HAMAS etc. refer to a certain proportion of the Palestinian casualties as “civilian.” The BBC is particularly given to this sort of statement It is obvious that there is no way to determine that a dead Palestinian is a civilian; indeed, even formulating a definition for “civilian” in these wretched partly-guerilla partly-civil wars is difficult. For one instance, is an unarmed man who helps smuggle a missile into Gaza a “civilian”? He is in some sense a combatant. Regular armed forces have logistics branches, and whether armed or not logistics personnel are combatants and are treated as such. In fact they are often primary targets.

    And so I treat references to “civilian” deaths as clear indicators of bias and partisanship.

  3. Vdh, hits his target again also in responding it the latest column Director Robert Rodriguez who knows cinema and gore, knows Planet Terror…is fiction. The savagery by the Hamas is a rip roaring stabbing at the Decline of the educated in Western Civilization. Why use ones fits when you can use ones wits. Why is terror in the Middle East and what is being done to Israel being allowed without at least a stab at peace talks. A box of popcorn and a front seat premiere of a showdown between an army of flesh eating mutants for the sake of spectacle is more on the lines of the Disney film the Apple Dumpling Gang compared to real life. Real machetes being used to kill the innocent shows no screen heroines. Stupidity is calling can America stay out? The American Cowboy needs to ride in with the Calvary.
    Savior General of the Middle East cannot ride into Israel. Where has the presidency of the John Wayans gone to Hondo????

  4. I keep anticipating a Mexifornia 2 what I enjoy most about this post is that subsidizing Mexico continues to be our downfall. It is sad that Mexico is such a beautiful country rich in Natural Resources but poor in education. Our welfare state must and can do more than a wizard like Harry Potter. Citizenship is a must before arrival along with education. Partnerships must be built before entry. An attack on Alderaan is better suited than Mexican American relations causing Harrison Ford to break his ankle. The Cartels are the Darth Vadars and the Storm Troopers of Mexifornia. President Obama must use force and convince Jerry Brown to. If not the result could be carbonate and two many illegal Hispanics named Chewy!!!!

  5. The unacompanied children debacle suggest a perfectly constitutional tactic for states to attack illegal immigration.

    These days it’s considered felony child endangerment to let children play outside unattended or leave them in the car for five minutes while mommy dashes into the mini-mart. Given that, it follows that undocumented parents who hike their kids across border deserts in July or entrust them to cartel-controlled coyotes ought to be prosecutable under state law for endangement. That would send a very deterring message south of the border.

    Of course, California isn’t interested in sending such a message, but Arizona and Texas might.

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