The America Left, the War in Gaza, and Other News

On this news roundup episode of the Victor Davis Hanson Show, join Victor and co-host Sami Winc as they discuss the war in Gaza and how it will most likely be an extended war, the America left, the pro-Palestinian protests and much more.

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6 thoughts on “The America Left, the War in Gaza, and Other News”

  1. I appreciate the way you tie all the issues together: the current events with the historical and the political puppetry most commentators miss. Do you see the rise of a third party in the US, given the level of dysfunction of the DNC & GOP? Thanks for your contribution to our sanity. Norm

  2. Victor,

    Have you written anything on Gen Petain and his decision making in WW2? Was he really a traitor? I find that hard to believe based on my knowledge of his heroism at Verdun.


      The French court found the evidence sufficient to convict him of treason for his role in the surrender to Nazi Germany and the establishment of the Vichy regime. They sentenced him to death, but commuted the sentence in light of his age, and his service in the first World War.
      Were his countrymen mistaken in their verdict?

  3. As a longtime college teacher, historian, and journalist, I regard Victor Hanson as a national treasure and applaud his bravery in keeping his message before the public. As one with years of experience in radio, I think this is the perfect medium for him, and I think that Sami is the perfect colleague. Much is at stake!

  4. Thank you Victor I enjoy history .I was in high school during desert storm ,1992 senor year us history was a required class .we watch desert storm on TV for class us history live .

  5. Stephen Alexander

    Dear Mr. Hanson,
    As a devoted follower of all you write and say in your podcasts, the only logical observation I can espouse is that you are a National Treasure.

    Stephen Alexander

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