Not So Angry Readers 11-24-2023

From Several Not So Angry Readers:

Dear Professor Hanson,

For years I eagerly awaited your various posts and television interviews. Your gift of clarity and conciseness is rare. I admire your writing.

I was and remain disappointed in you as regards lack of outrage over the stolen election of 2020. Most of what we are suffering as a country and across the globe are a direct consequence of that well-coordinated and successful crime. You are far too intelligent not to be fully aware. For the sake of our country and culture, please stop pretending and put your gift to work righting the wrong before it’s too late.


Paul Donahue

Dear Paul Donahue,

Thank you for your sincere criticism.

However, I think you may have mischaracterized my position on the 2020 election. I too was worried about interference in the conduct of the balloting, but not about claims, for example, of Sidney Powell or Lin Wood or others about alleged Dominion computers mis-tabulating voting results or actual Election Day malfeasance of a magnitude to alter the Electoral College results.

Instead, on numerous occasions I have pointed readers and listeners to a revealing and triumphalist essay in Time Magazine by Molly Ball. She in detail boasts how the Left created a “conspiracy” and “cabal” (her words not mine) to warp the 2020 election in a multidimensional effort of suppressing news accounts deemed “misinformation,” modulating the street protests, organizing corporate America, and changing some key state voting laws under the guise of Covid, etc.

In other words, the election was problematic even before Election Day due to multifaceted forces that conspired to transform balloting in many states from a traditional 60-70 percent in-person, Election-Day vote to a 2020 60-70 percent non-Election Day ballot—while early and mail-in-balloting traditional rejection rates plummeted.

The result was far less scrutiny of suspect non-Election Day balloting at precisely the time when they were cast in record numbers—and all to the detriment of conservative candidates.


Victor Hanson

Dear Mr Hanson

Thank you for all you do! I love and appreciate your podcasts, articles and books!

Can I ask you a quick question?

When the protesters say ‘Free Palestine’ I have no idea what they mean. I’d understand if it said, ‘Free Palestine from Hamas’!

What do they want to ‘Free Palestine’ from?

Thank you!

All the best,

Norm Levy

Dear Norm Levy,

The pro-Hamas useful idiots who shout “Free Palestine” take the slogan to mean the destruction of Israel and its replacement by a “free” Palestine encompassing what is now the West Bank, Israel, and Gaza.

They assume that all three of these states would be combined into one Palestinian “nation”—albeit with exemption given to the current 21 percent Arab population of Israel that would not be wiped out or “forced” to leave in the manner accorded Jews.

The original Hamas charter makes its agenda for the destruction both of Jews and of the state of Israel more or less clear.

All the best,

Victor Hanson

 Mr. Hanson,

Thank you for being the light of sanity in this crazy world. I’ve been a big fan for some time but recently found your Podcast via Megyn Kelly.

In this current culture of the loonies running the asylum, you’ve been such a valuable countermeasure to their insanity.

Our family consists of three boys (17,14,and 10) who we try to instill our values. I can say that even they see the wrongs of the left’s ideology. I truly believe there is still hope because of kids like mine.

Keep up the great work.

Stuart Joy

Houston, TX

Dear Stuart Joy,

I share your belief in the redemptive value of the next generation who are eager for an education and values antithetical to those of the current Left and on campus.

Americans, during the Biden catastrophe, and especially after October 7, finally have seen the other face of the one-eyed jack Left. And the moral bankruptcy they glimpse explains to them the current erosion—rampant crime, homelessness, open borders, energy stagnation, high inflation and interest rates—of the United States and what needs to be done to save it.

Let us hope that traditionalists and conservatives can unite and at last stop the madness.

Victor Hanson

Selma, CA

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23 thoughts on “Not So Angry Readers 11-24-2023”

  1. Dear Professor Hanson:As a medical school professor, having treated over 50 seriously ill hospitalized (ICU) patients with SARS-CoV-2 ARDS patients on ECMO, I was naturally curious to the study referenced in your November 23 New COVID Vaccine Study podcast. I’ve listened twice, went online to Blade of Perseus, and simply cannot find the medical journal reference to any study which supports your allegations of a lack of safety, less efficacy than what was initially published in the NEJM, nor the direct mortality (or even indirect mortality) risks of the vaccine. I do agree completely, and have stated publicly on social media, that the mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine but represents gene therapy in that viable viral mRNA is introduced into and hijacks the cell’s protein synthesis biochemical machinery to create unnatural spike proteins (i.e. NOT found in Nature) and receptor binding domains, and the body’s immune response to these proteins are what renders immunization, which HAS been demonstrated in randomized trials to improve the risk of death and severe disease (ventilator, ECMO requirements). Parenthetically, it’s the innocent bystander injury from the body’s immune system on cells which express these spike proteins/RBDs that causes myocarditis, for instance. Please: give us the name of the journal article, authors, publication date, etc. so that we can pass this on. I admire your serious, critical thoughtfulness and that you’re a student of the classics. Best, M. A. Wait MD

    1. + Hello, Dr Wait. I hope that your concerns and questions might be answered by accessing (despite Internet censorship and reputation disparagement) the work of other esteemed medical doctors, especially Dr Peter McCullough (Internist, cardiologist) of Dallas TX, Dr John Campbell (nurse instructor) from England, and Dr William Makis (oncologist and endocronolagist) of Canada. There are very few medical authorities who have more excellent and honest scientific education, experience and integrity. I am very grateful for these esteemed scholars, including, of course, “our” Victor Davis Hanson. Sincerely, Ruth Davis Lasseter
      Here are a few random links:
      Dr John Campbell:
      Dr Peter McCullough:
      Dr William Makis:

  2. I’ve been looking for a forum to ask this question and I respect you probably the most out of anybody.
    What I don’t get is why nothing has ever been done to those who have accused President Trump and been shown to be wrong. Books have been written, years ago, like “Follow The Money” and “Secret Empires” and “Red Handed”. Yet nothing happens.
    However the worse is that A former President’s house is raided for secure documents, even though the Supreme Court declared that a President decides what is classified and therefore can posses secure documents while a Vice President and Senator if forgiven what for not only he’s not allowed to posses but to even get documents out of the “SCIF” should have been impossible.
    But time marches on.

  3. Dan from St pete

    Thank you for your brilliant writing.
    I would love to hear your thoughts about the spiritual realities of the political battles here in the US and elsewhere.
    I have a nagging feeling that the exact same devils that tempted Jesus in the desert are now controlling Biden, xi, Putin and the rich oligarchy class.
    What do you see, and what can we do about it?

    1. Billye Miles-Seale

      Pray.. and keep our eyes open. We need to change our minds, i.e., repent of all foolishness. How do we know what is foolish? Ask God for wisdom.

      1. I’ve been around awhile (don’cha hate people who go around saying “I’m such-and-such years old, and—“) and just wanted to add that:

        1. Never in my lifetime have I heard so many people use the words/terms “demonic” and “spiritual warfare”… and
        2. I grew up thinking “How did the Germans let this happen?” And here we are, all over again, and now I see–we are threatened (MAGA, “White Christian Nationalists,” blah-blah-blah) with the same treatement unless we keep a very low profile.


  4. A ray of hope also exists in South America with the recent election of Xavier Milei of Argentina. Coupled with Bukele of El Salvador, and the last election in Ecuador there seems to be some potential for hope in those countries formerly ruled be hard leftists. News this morning is that Trump will visit Milei in Argentina. Hopefully, it is true because the tree of freedom in our hemisphere needs some watering. Of course, Biden and his nursing staff interfered with Brazil’s last election and were able to help that communist hold power. Hopefully, enough voters here will vote to follow the voters of Argentina and El Salvador and kick the leftists out to the street.

  5. Dear Doctor Hansen,
    In connection with Paul Donahue’s concern, what is the solution, other than to go back to same day, in person, ID verified voting? Is there a legal way to make that a national standard? Or, is there some other method you would propose? Reading your response, seems to leave little hope that there is a solution. Otherwise, as do so many others, I very much appreciate your making your prolific output available to us.
    Duncan Mason
    Palo Alto, California

  6. If you listen to the professional Left, they will tell you what their intentions are because they are proud of them. Only later will they try to retract them and label their detractors as “deniers”, etc. The Time article you posted is a perfect example. Unfortunately we have many political prisoners sitting for years without so much as a hearing for the simple crime of asking questions about the 2020 election, which was riddled with evidence of wrongdoing to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention. It’s a very bad situation and one that I am not convinced we will vote our way out of, given how little has changed since 2020.

  7. Howard Glickstein


    Your first article after 9 11 was the first explanation that helped me to understand what had happened. I’ve never stopped reading your columns and books. You are a beacon of light in a dark time, indefatigable, focused, eloquent, insightful and always there. You and your work are a blessing for which I am very grateful. Thank you!

    Howard Glickstein
    Kailua Kona, Hawaii

  8. Leslie Guardanapo

    Dear Dr. Hanson, Because of my infatuation with your other-worldly overview of this planet, I have neglected to seek an answer to a nagging question I have about you. When I watch your face as people ask you about what the outcome of this nightmare might be, you always answer that you have hope that we can turn it around, but I see something in your eyes that seems to contradict that. Is your public position that you must profess hope, but in reality you don’t? Somehow I imagine you behind the scenes cursing our plight! I feel that annihilation by AI is the logical outcome of a species that has degraded itself to our level.

  9. With the latest attack on Thanksgiving it occurred to me that along with all the other traditional American holidays (Columbus Day, Independence Day, Christmas, etc) the DNC activists are trying to erase the things that help define America – what’s next apple pie, baseball and Mother’s day?

    1. FormerBaseballFan

      “They” have already subverted baseball, what with pitch clocks, and the National League becoming the Other Communist League by adopting the ‘designated hitter,’ so no managerial decisions need happen, and old, non-competitive players can remain for years as long as they can slap the baseball hard enough to transform baseball into football-type scoring. The only way it could possibly get better would be for basketball-level scoring, you know, like up into the high double-digits… .

  10. Victor,

    Thank you for these “not so angry reader” questions. After the last two were published, I’ve sworn off reading them – too much foul language. You are a great American. Thank you for being a voice of reason for those of us who remember what America was and pray that we can make our way through this mad period we are in now with our country, values, traditions and families in tact. God bless you and yours!

    Jill Clark

  11. To Professor Hanson,
    Why can’t you do a special talk or podcast or video on Chicago? After all, it is the most corrupt city in America. Chicago never went through a period of true reform.
    Chicago’s MARXIST mayor, Brandon Johnson, defends criminals and is totally indifferent to the suffering of crime victims. Johnson only cares about lining the pockets of the militant teachers union who put him in office. He is a puppet for the CTU.
    More taxpayers than ever are leaving the state of Illinois because of its crooked leaders, high taxes, out-of-control crime, high unemployment, awful public schools, pension debt……..
    I was born and raised in Chicago. I was very naive. As soon as I wised up, I moved out of Illinois.
    Sincerely, Sharon Duffy

  12. Victor,

    Thanks for your regular podcasts and commentary. I enjoy them and consider them to be poignant and accurate particularly in matters of warfare and foreign affairs. However I must comment on the Nov 23 episode with you and Jack Fowler. Jack purported to present data on the complications and lack of efficacy of the Covid vaccines without providing source information. You commented that you are not an immunologist or epidemiologist. You should have ended your commentary there. As a physician it appears to me that the rest of your comments were not fact based. You were vaccinated and suffered covid and long covid. It is my understanding that covid vaccination may lessen the severity of long term covid. We will never know what the result would have been had you not been vaccinated. My wife and I have received 5 “jabs” and have not yet had covid ,that we are aware of. That is despite treating actively positive Covid patients as a surgeon after having been vaccinated. Those two examples illustrate why our personal experiences do not necessarily provide verification of the pathway to provide the best public health policy. That is the way policy was created in the early 20th century but no longer. Below are two examples that I believe demonstrate the unequivocal value of covid vaccines.
    The first is an all cause fatality rate in Great Britain comparing only vaccination status Note that this would include deaths caused by the Covid vaccine. Clearly the vaccina

  13. The rest of the note that did not transfer:
    Clearly the vaccinated are protected.

    The second is the same type of information, though only Covid cases in the US.It clearly shows the efficacy of the Covid vaccine.

    In addition I have continued to practice as an otolaryngologist treating mostly the complications of Covid. I provide long term airway support for Covid patients via trachetomy. It is unusual to see those complications in vaccinated patients. In addition I see patients who require heart, lung and liver transplants as a result of Covid. Note that those patients do not appear in the Covid death statistics but their problems are life altering.
    It is my understanding that both Drs Bhattacharya and Atlas criticized public health policy in regard to prolonged lock-downs but not the provision of vaccination focusing first on the most vulnerable. ..I agree with those thoughts. It is true that there have been problems with the first Covid vaccines that are being sorted out over time. It is rare to have a medical intervention of any type that does not have a down-side. I believe the overall results have been beneficial.
    If you have information that contradicts these facts on a population based basis I would appreciate you reporting them. You have many followers who hold you in high regard and they deserve to have the best information available..
    I consider Katelyn Jetelina, MD, a knowledgable epidemiologist. She provides regular updates on Covid that are evidenc

  14. I consider Katelyn Jetelina, MD, a knowledgable epidemiologist. She provides regular updates on Covid that are evidence based.

    Warm Regards
    Thomas O Wildes, MD, FACS

  15. Dr Wildes: Perhaps you did not find the links that I provided on this commentary thread? Mine was the first response to your posting. Kindly familiarize yourself with these other colleagues in the medical world and leave off hounding Dr Victor Hanson. While I am truly glad that you, a fellow human being (along with your wife), did not have any adverse effects from the mRNA jab, countless others did have severe and lethal effect. My family members are among this sad list of those who took the jab, under mandate from employers, and suffered severe consequences. I have researched this, along with other medically trained members of my family, and, although we are still not in agreement as a united family, we recognize that something is not right in the prevailing narrative from the past three years.

    It is difficult to have a helpful dialogue with a medical doctor who ignores other evidence and, based on his own limited experience, prioritizes his stubborn bias before any other evidence presented by more qualified scientists and doctors, such as Dr McCullough, Dr Makis, Dr John Campbell and, as I forgot to mention the address to the European Parliament in May 2023 by Dr David E. Martin:

    Finally, everyone might benefit from the information contained in the recent testimony of Dr Claire Craig on Dr Campbell’s You Tube Channel.

  16. I mistakenly conflated the medical doctors Wilde and Waite. Both doctors are singing the same chorus, in tune with Dr Fauci, but I apologize for not having clarified that there were two doctors on this commentary feed; I should have waited before answering so wildesly.

  17. I always look forward to your podcasts and articles, and seeing you on Fox. I think of the line from the song Mr. Bojangles – “he looked to me to be the eyes of age”, i.e. you know and see a lot.

    Question – how do you survive at the Hoover Institute with your open mindedness, common sense, and placing current events in the perspective of history? You do not seem aligned with the woke-ness and narratives that Stanford University pushes, and their attempts to give certain trajectories in history new definitions.

    I have lived in California from birth, 60+ years ago to today. It has definitely decayed from a “Golden State” to an “Olden State”. Crumbling infrastructure, education, social cohesiveness; just about every measure of a functioning society. I think our current Democratic Party political class is running a campaign similar to Operation Fortitude in WWII, but with the goal of not taking down an evil regime (Nazi Germany), but instead to install one that is more like it. By it’s nature the GOP platform (small government, people can make decisions in their best interest) is not about government taking over people’s lives, which puts it at a disadvantage to the Democratic platform (people are their own worst enemy, big government controlling all aspects of life is the only solution).

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