Tanks in Ukraine and in History

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about tanks in Putin’s war with Ukraine and then examines the history of tanks.

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7 thoughts on “Tanks in Ukraine and in History”

  1. My mother worked at the factory where they made the P39. Around the office, they called it “the flying coffin.”

  2. Discussion of the cost of a Javelin antitank missile ($80,000 each) reminded me that when my son was an Army lieutenant, he excitedly told me he had been given command of a platoon armed with Javelins. “Cool!” I said. “Will you get to fire one?” “No,” he replied. “They cost too much. My guys have to train with them in a virtual environment.”

  3. I am surprised he dismissed tank destroyers such as the M-18 Hellcat, the fastest armored vehicle of WWII. They were quite effective actually although I agree that McNair was wrong in dismissing heavy tanks until the end of the war when of course he was dead and had no say.

    It was a matter of getting tanks to the ETO. They had to be small enough to put on a railcar and then on a ship. The Sherman fit that role. The Pershing could never be delivered in that numbers.

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