Looking into the Cauldron

Victor Davis Hanson talks with Sami Winc about the State of the Union address, Ukraine, China, Iran and Germany.

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6 thoughts on “Looking into the Cauldron”

  1. Aha! A little more of the Great Sami Winc (18th Countess Lehktor, She Who Holds Sunnybrook Farm in Temenos, Child of Zeus)’s crv is revealed! By now, she has developed a mystique of Spartan proportions! Watch out Victor, this is how regimes get toppled… on a serious note, great pod cast today. The rythm was excellent, the material was copious, and it’s good to see the two hosts having fun.

  2. Thank You .Always you say things others don’t dare say in public .In Europe Union.Even in Estonia .They talk about it behind closed doors or with friends.The EU is Germany and its laws take precedence over our Estonian laws.So – the Germany is back……And the russian Impire is back.And Estonia is between again…..Piret from Estonia

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