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Equal Justice Now and Then

After some thoughts on the Vineyard and war in Ukraine, Victor Davis Hanson response to cohost Sami Winc’s inquiry into the history of justice and current unequal justice and anarchy. Share This

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The Death of the Humanities

A liberal arts education was once a gateway to wisdom; now it can breed ignorance and arrogance. by Victor Davis Hanson // Defining Ideas  The humanities are in their latest periodic crisis. Though the causes of the ongoing decline may be debated, everyone accepts the dismal news about eroding university enrollments, ever fewer new faculty positions, …

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A Summer With Virgil

by Bruce S. Thornton Defining Ideas “To read the Latin & Greek authors in their original,” Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “is a sublime luxury.” Fortunately, for those who don’t read Greek and Latin, the great works of Classical literature are available in first-rate translations. The following five classics are some of the best works from …

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It’s the Philosophy, Stupid

by Bruce S. Thornton Advancing a Free Society The Democrats’ position in the negotiations to raise the debt limit and deal with runaway government debt can be summarized in one mantric phrase: the rich must “pay their fair share” in taxes. Share This

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