Stoicism and Nonsense: Roman Philosophers and Managing Modern War

Join the weekend edition with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for a look at Roman philosophers, the Ukraine War, the Senate declining to impeach Mayorkas, and NPR’s radicalism.

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15 thoughts on “Stoicism and Nonsense: Roman Philosophers and Managing Modern War”

  1. A Canadian Listener

    In recent podcasts, when referring to Christine Blasey Ford, Dr. Hanson has referred to her by the given name of “Susan”. The use of the incorrect given name was not challenged by the podcast’s host(ess).

    Thank you.

  2. Professor Hanson, like all of us cannot find a coherent message or plan for Ukraine/Russia because there is none. When Russia amassed forces on the border, it was going to be a ‘minor incursion’ according to Biden. Then the story became Russia only wanted to protect those Russian speaking people in the Donbas/Lansk region. Now we have to defend Ukraine because Putin wants to take Kiev/Kyiv and return the Soviet state Gorbachev relinquished. Notice that we now use the Ukrainian spelling to show our solidarity with Ukraine.
    Remember that the US suggested Zelensky evacuate but Zelensky’s response “The fight is here, I need ammunition not a plane ride”. Not long after the US and NATO began supporting Ukraine but did so with minimal effort; planes that had to come from Poland since Ukraine had no pilots qualified in the modern jets, tanks that could not be maintained by Ukrainian soldiers. I could go on but the point being there has been poor planning and a complete incoherent message since Feb 2022.

    1. Jackie mcdonald

      Well, that’s a better name than she deserves! She is a liar, fraud, and simpilton who talks in a baby voice! I have no respect for women who accuse men of false actions, because she does not agree with their opinions! This pathetic women is a sad example of wanting their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of anothers good name! So again Susan is a compliment to what she deserves to be called

  3. Are we actually in one war let alone 2? Certainly the US is funding bothconflicts; some say we are funding both sides of both, directly in the Israeli/Iran conflict while directly for Ukraine and indirectly with Russia in the price of oil stuffing Putin’s coffers.

    I would go with what Speaker Johnson promised when he first became Speaker, no Ukraine funding without securing our Southern border. I agree with representative Burchett (TN) that this is not the time to vacate the Speaker but they do need to hold him to his promise of securing the border.
    In essence, shut the US government down. I believe we will lose more republican voters as Congress continues to borrow on the National Debt just to give away $$ to the Military Industrial Complex using Ukraine and Israel as cover. Then there is the continued handouts to illegal immigrants. The GOP may actually have better results in November by showing they have a spine and keep their promises even to the point of shuttering the doors in Capitol. Essential personnel and operations will still function for the rest of this FY and well into the next!

    1. I agree , however lets put up with spineless , until Trumps elected! Because we have to stand together till then! Then we can all
      Petition to have him removed! Our party has to many false Republicans , but now is not the time for inward fighting, or we will wind up with a dem as speaker! And we can’t afford that!!

  4. Our UN-opened border = Homeland’s Insecurity. The Medusa-headed US gov’mint invests its people’s future in Ukraine’s war as part of the Great Global Reset with AIPAC’s approval. “Russia has put America just where China wants them,” as Alexander Mercouris of The Duran put it.

    Please stop saying, “I’m sure all of our listeners agree with you, Victor.” I don’t always. Any gov’t that won’t protect its own border should not be allowed to continue governing. Shut it down! Throw the overpaid bums out!

  5. I’ve heard some conservative commentators (not VDH) say that dismissing the richly deserved impeachment charges of Alejandro Mayorkas will actually help Republicans if Trump is elected president, as a Democratic House may impeach him immediately.

    But the downside to this new world we find ourselves in is a bit more frightening: If Biden wins reelection and the Democrats retain the Senate then Biden will become a dictator, as he’ll will be neither indicted nor impeached.

    I’m sure George Soros and the son of George Soros are laughing with delight.

  6. An after the fact of the 95 billion passage: Mike Johnson, another weak sister, threw the money away without demanding anything the Republican voters wanted; no border lockdown, criminal deportation, tax cuts or getting the Left off of our only presidential candidate’s back.

    Just another sad excuse of a rollover and play dead, chairwarmer.

  7. Dr. Hanson, I am just reading Dominion No by Tom Holland. I was wondering about your opinion in regards to his coverage of classic history and its intersection with Christianity.?

  8. I can’t shut the government down is a terrible belief. If the government can’t shut down, if you can’t live without the government…..your just a serf for the state

  9. Epicurean and Stoic philosophers both confronted the apostle Paul about his teaching about Christianity in Acts 17. Paul informed them that the God who created the world, directs its affairs so that men will seek Him and know him personally. God creates, rules, and one day will judge.

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