From the Pre-Socratics to Kari Lake and Bibi Netanyahu

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc analyze pre-Socratic philosophy, the Kari Lake recording, Trump speeches, Texas’s constitutional crisis, and the anti-Bibi campaign by the Biden administration with the help of Bibi’s own war cabinet.

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8 thoughts on “From the Pre-Socratics to Kari Lake and Bibi Netanyahu”

  1. Nick Piccininni

    Prof Hanson- Always looks forward to listening to or reading your musings. I have to respectfully disagree with your advice to Trump to be magnanimous and take the high road. It doesn’t work. I am a New Yorker (born in Brooklyn) and been following Trump for over 30 years. The simple truth about Trump is that he is authentic and calls out the BS. In NH, Haley was trying to pull a Bill Clinton and reframe the results. Fine. But don’t expect a stunt like that to go unnoticed. Politics is a rough business. What has infuriated the left and the RINOS is that Trump fights back. This may not what university dons, media moguls, tech billionaires or the permanent hysterical class want; but the vast majority of America gets it. We want someone to fight for us. Because we have all have had some government type speak to us in that condescending human resource voice tell us how they are screwing us and there is nothing we can do about it. So if someone doesn’t like Trumps tone, I would ask them to hold that thought and consider who they want to fight for them when the ruling class kicks your kids out of school so they can house illegals, arrests you for not social distancing, has the FBI investigate your church, teaches your kids hateful racist doctrine or tells you to shut up and eat bugs. But maybe that’s just the New York in me.

    1. Nick, you should read Newt Gingrich’s January 25th commentary on It is entitled “The Longest General Election”.

      In it he offers a prescription for a Trump landslide victory by using a sandwich as a model. It offers great Gingrich insights, as usual. I only hope Trump follows his advice.

  2. Another fascinating and highly important discussion.
    Thank you for the treasure.

    With regard to the early part, Jessico Bowman’s investigation of a powerful, wealthy, leftist wack group financed again in part by Soros going all out to stop the popular choice of the GOP is unnerving. One might wonder whether the offer made to Kari Lake was not rooted in that group.
    They appear seditious. If it looks like a rat, acts like a rat, smells like a rat; it must be a rat.

    What won’t they do?

  3. Victor, in this podcast I heard you give your most full-throated endorsement of a Donald Trump presidency ever. And I agreed with every thing you said. He is, indeed, our best hope to redirect our country to its former greatness.

    But I must wonder, why is Thomas Sowell so silent on this issue? I know he is retired, yet so much hangs on this election. Issues that Sowell has always supported will not be fulfilled unless Trump wins this Fall.

    In 2015 Trump had no record, and his style of campaigning was a total turn-off to Sowell. I understand that. It was a turn-off to many of us who now call ourselves Trumpers, as well. But can’t Thomas Sowell admit that he was wrong about this man as president, like so many of us have done, and endorse him.

    You are his friend, and likely you still have lunch with him from time-to-time, I would bet. If he won’t publicly share his view on him, please get his permission for you to do so.

  4. I live in Israel. Outside of his façade Bibi is a right leaning centrist. A conservative in Israel or Europe is a liberal in the USA essentially.

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