Resisting Immigration Reform

Identity politics rejects ending illegal immigration and reforming legal immigration. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online  We are fast approaching what promises to be the year of “comprehensive immigration reform.” In the manner of the “Affordable Care Act,” it will not be comprehensive nor will it reform immigration. All sorts of new trends have …

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Illegal Immigration: Who Benefits?

Why does the well-off California suburbanite stand shoulder to shoulder with La Raza? by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Why are over 11 million foreign nationals residing illegally in the United States? Share This

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The Tangled Web of Race

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online A number of commentators have openly sympathized with multi-murderer Christopher Dorner, who shot seven innocent people, killing four of them. Apparently, the late Dorner was a voice in the wilderness crying out against the racist injustice of the “system.” Share This

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Winning the Latino Vote

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Over the last three weeks, I think I have read most of the post-election op-eds written on the Latino vote. I have studied exit polling, read sophisticated demographic analyses, and talked to as many Latinos in my hometown as I could. The result is that I would not …

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Learning from the Election

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media 1. Populism The Republicans have only won the popular vote since Ronald Reagan’s presidency on two occasions: 1988 and 2004. In both instances, even the patrician Bushes were able to paint their liberal opponents as out-of-touch Massachusetts magnificoes. Lee Atwater turned Michael Dukakis, the helmeted tank driver, into a bumbling …

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The Latino-Vote Obsession

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Postelection panic among conservatives about the Latino vote has reached the point of absurdity — and mostly reveals the naïveté of detached political grandees who know little about the ideology and motivations of those they are now supposed to adroitly woo. Republican postmortems have focused heavily on the …

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Anatomies of Electoral Madness

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media “Gonna be some hard times coming down.” —Kris Kristofferson, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid One way of making sense out of nonsense in this new age is simply to believe the opposite of what you read. I have been doing that and it often works. Share This

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The Academic Establishment Goes After Bruce Bawer

by Bruce Thornton Frontpage Magazine Bruce Bawer, the intrepid international journalist and Freedom Center Shillman Fellow, has just published The Victims’ Revolution, an expose of “Identity Studies” in American universities. These are the programs predicated on the allegation that certain minorities in America, mainly women, gays, blacks, and Latinos, are victims of continuing prejudice, bigotry, sexism, …

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Tuning Out a President

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Tuned-out Presidents Somewhere around early 2006, the nation tuned out George W. Bush for a variety of reasons, some warranted, but many not. Share This

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