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Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc as they discussion topics that have grabbed VDH’s attention recently: Hispanic voters turn red, agriculture, and his recent research on covid.

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20 thoughts on “Topics Tickling the Mind”

  1. So enjoyable to share in Ms. Sami and Victor’s discussions – thank you!

    I am lobbying for a Sami Winc Bio to be presented somewhere here on The Blade of Perseus… I thoroughly enjoy the interaction and insights brought forth in your relationship with Prof. Hanson.

    Hope springs eternal… :^)


    1. Wayne, I think Ms. Winc can’t reveal her identity for professional reasons. I’m sure the unofficial biography is fairly accurate though. 😉

      Re old Selma: 80s and 90s suburban and rural New England wasn’t far off from the world Victor described. The immigrant families of the last 100 years embodied the civic virtues Victor treasures as well as the religious communities. I noted a vast difference when I moved from there to SoCal in the 2000s. Jack’s seems jaded after Covid lockdowns in Milford, but you 2 (3? 6?) Should really take a road trip through New England sometime. Make sure to bring hot sauce in your luggage!

  2. I think Victor and Sami are right about Mitch’s motivation. I’m interested, though, that they didn’t spend more time analyzing why he has these motives. Mitch wants a united Republican Party that can govern. He is afraid of a deeply fragmented party that will fall into infighting and lose power after 2 years of being outmaneuvered by a fearful and disciplined Democratic Party. He also remembers how the public turned on Gingrich’s coalition in the 90s when they investigated all the misdeeds of the Clintons culminating in an impeachment. Rightly or wrongly, such hearings will eventually be seen as a failure to govern effectively. (See Ferguson’s brief analysis in the last Good Fellows Podcast “BYO Topic”)

  3. You could hear the nostalgia in Professor Hanson as he talked about his family life, neighborhood farms and childhood friends. I also caught that, while it appeared to be 3rd person, some of the discussion was his immediate family, his daughters plight came through. Here is a man who has vast experiences some good, some great and some quite less than that. His discussions always come through as humble and honest. Thanks Professor (Doctor, writer, columnist, pundit and protaginist) 😉


    The decline of civic responsibility, which is true, is accompanied by the death of what may seem a small thing, but an important one: The thank you note. When was the last time you received a thank you letter, even a thank you e-mail? I’ll bet it has been a while. Get one from your grandchildren, bet not. From friends, rarely. We have good friends who paid for the college education of a grand nephew. Tens of thousands of dollars. Never a thank you. Raise society: Bring back the Thank You Note.

  5. Excellent description of illness but is it the effects of Covid, VAX or both ? Seeks Dr Bakhdi has set out histology of VAX on, called it a genocide, and is facing prison for doing so !

    You are doing well – the positive attitude is the hallmark of surviving many chronic diseases !

  6. Barbara Humphreys

    Mitch needs to go. Lindsey needs to go. Kevin needs to go. Time for Republican leadership that represents the new Republican party, which is the party of parents, the working man and woman, and those who still value our national traditions and values and support those representatives who support them. Mitch put himself ahead of those he represents. He needs to be gone. Lindsey and Mitch: milk toast and small beer.

  7. Karin L Barendrick

    re: long covid. My understanding is that the covid virus has spike proteins and that the covid “vaccine” is primarily composed of spike protein. That having both is like a one-two punch. Is there correlation between having this double “dose” of spike and having long covid? Dr. Shoemaker in Canada spoke about the 80 doctors that died suddenly in Canada in 60 days.
    From Dr Trozzi’s blog: Dr. Shoemaker presented a litany of shocking statistics. “We now have 80 doctors between ages 25 and 55 who have died in the last 60 days in Canada. And it’s only the physicians who are getting third and fourth shots which are dying suddenly,” he said. Doctors, he explains, are taking the shots for all the right reasons; because they are told to do so. They have been led to believe that it will protect their patients because they’ll work to reduce covid. But none of this is true.
    Those who get 3 or 4 jabs are the ones dying suddenly?! Why isn’t this shouted from the mountain-tops? Does the number of covid vaxes received+infection correlate with long Covid?

  8. This broadcast was fantastic and it was assuring and took me back to my early days, I am 75 years old and they were the good ole days. What Destruction can happen between November 9th and January 2nd if the red wave throws all the buns out???. What can be done to save the United States??

  9. It is very encouraging to hear someone address the issue of racial equity, diversity and inclusion without fear. I’d like to know more about G.A.R.E.: Government Alliance for Racial Equity. It’s housed on-campus at, surprise, UC Berkeley. I’m not sure what role it plays but its tentacles are far reaching.

  10. This Podcast was fantastic and Took me back to the good ole days What can happen to the United States between November the 9th and January the 2nd if there is a red wave???

  11. Fascinating discussion on all the topics! Very interesting to hear how farming and society have changed, the trade-offs that occurred
    Thank you!

  12. There is no such thing as too long, too obscure for VDH that I don’t enjoy listening to or gain some knowledge I feel all the better for. Keep up the good work.

  13. When Victor discusses growing up in Selma it reminds me so much of growing up in a very small city near El Centro, California. It was so different then, and by that, I mean good. IMHO we both were privileged to say the least.

  14. Even if a family wants to take care of a mentally deficient relative, they might not be allowed to. I remember reading about a San Francisco area mother who tried to have her son committed into a mental establishment only to run into a liberal organization lawyer who took her to court and stopped it. The story ended as the son wandered off into the bushes while the lawyer was driven away in his chauffeured limousine.

    I believe we have lost (or are losing) the ability to distinguish between pleasure and happiness.

  15. Has the agriculture environment that VDH speaks of been lost because people of the west are no longer following Jesus Chrst?
    Vestiges of the cultural impact of Christianity long ago left the America of the 50s. I am praying for revival in Christian faith. Thank you for remembering a virtue filled culture.

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