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Listeners Ask Questions: Part 2

 Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler field more listener questions, answers to which include a critique of technocracy and address the current crisis of demography. Share This

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War’s Paradoxes II: From the Peloponnesian War to ‘Leading From Behind’

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media 1. Why Did Athens Lose the Peloponnesian War? It really did not in a way: Athens no more lost the war than Hitler did the Second World War between September 1939 and May 1941. Instead it was defeated in a series of wars (only later seen as elements of …

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The Rise of Faux Diversity

by Bruce Thornton Defining Ideas In Fisher vs. University of Texas, the Supreme Court heard legal challenges to the University of Texas’s admissions policies, which allow consideration of an applicant’s race in order to promote “diversity” among the school’s students. Such racial preferences are widespread in university admissions. In 80 percent of elite schools, they amount …

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Are We Becoming Medieval?

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online A tourist mecca like Venice now boasts that it dreams of breaking away from an insolvent Italy. Similarly Barcelona, and perhaps the Basques and the Catalonians in general, claim they want no part of a bankrupt Spain. Scotland fantasizes about becoming separate from Great Britain. The Greek Right dreams …

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The New Reactionaries

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Starting in the 1930s and continuing after the war, the Democrats offered a liberal critique of, or perhaps enhancement to, the Republican vision of rugged individualism. A modern American state now had the capital and the moral ambition to smooth the rougher edges of capitalism by insisting on …

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‘Exceptional’ America

by Victor Davis Hanson Defining Ideas Accepting inevitable national decline is the new pastime of both the media and government elite. Some of the pessimism revolves around current federal financial insolvency. Share This

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The Moral Dimensions of Illegal Immigration

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media The New Old Debate Over Illegal Immigration The debate over illegal immigration is mostly fossilized. We know the predictable contours. Share This

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California Abandons History for Melodrama

by Bruce S. Thornton Advancing a Free Society Just when you think California can’t get any wackier, the state legislature steps up and proves you wrong. Share This

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