Listeners Ask Questions: Part 2

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler field more listener questions, answers to which include a critique of technocracy and address the current crisis of demography.

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4 thoughts on “Listeners Ask Questions: Part 2”

  1. I wonder if anyone still has the clip of Dick Cheney saying maybe it’s time for the “rule of men” instead of the “rule of law.”

  2. The government’s official policy has been national and global depopulation since NSSM-200.

    Capitalism at this stage desires declining populations. A smaller family has more disposable income for discretionary consumption of resources. An aging population consumes more resources from the health care industrial complex. Working women — the majority of the workforce, voters, and college graduates — pay more income taxes to states and the federal government. Then again companies refuse to hire certain races openly and via government affirmative action policy. And then the politicians routinely print money out of thin air and violate the social contract for years on end flipping people’s lives on and off like the psychopaths they are in order to institute digital ID and social credit scoring vax passports and forced masking to divide the masses for population-level medical experimentation in RNA transfer — which has shown potential in the Swedish study to convert to DNA in the liver.

    Marrying and starting a family at say 23 has already wasted half a woman’s prime birthing years from 15 to 35. I realized a while ago I was ready at age 16 to start a family. Socially or materially? What did I have to offer a 15 year old girl? Nothing, I was stuck in school and part-time jobs. Now I have no debts to this society and to these women which are openly hostile to me. They are a threat, a danger.

    1. Diane M. Wozniak

      Dear V.N.
      When you view your personal goals as a “debt,” you’re already defeated. Your goals should feel like your dreams — or passions — with a reasonably flexible target date. Life is a journey, not a destination.
      Work on you first, and you will attract like-minded friends … and more.

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