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Trump Booted From Colorado Ballot

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Sami Winc on this news roundup as they discuss former President Donald Trump being removed from the ballot in Colorado, a record number of illegal immigrants coming across the border, the shocking sex act in the Senate chambers, New York considering reparations for decedents of slaves …

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Will Partisan Lawfare Destroy Trump?

Trump Derangement Syndrome became Orwellian with the recent ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court. It approved the erasure of Trump from the Republican primary ballot in Colorado, by invoking Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. That ossified clause was intended to bar any ante-bellum federal officials who joined the Confederacy from again holding federal offices after …

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The Demons of the Modern Rampage Killer

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media As of now we know little about what conditions drove, or proved useful to, the Aurora suspect to murder and maim [1]. But given the worldwide incidences of so-called “rampage killings,” the culprit was not the particular gun laws of Colorado. Share This

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